The Way We Get By (2) is the thirty-sixth episode of Season 10 of Degrassi. It aired on February 25, 2011.


Drew’s friends think Bianca is bad news, and they’re not wrong. Riley finally comes out to his mom and she's not happy about it. Alli is having second thoughts about being friends with Malika, when things go terribly wrong for her.

Main Plot

Drew is still pissed off at the guys for making Bianca feel unwelcome after the last game. He tells K.C. and Dave that they need to try harder with her, so the guys all agree to have a triple date. Drew invites Bianca to The Dot, where the date is, at which point she asks why would she hang out with people who don’t like her. Things are going okay, but when Bianca tries to give Jenna a compliment it comes out as more of an insult and Jenna fires back at her. Mad at his friends, Drew takes Bianca up on her offer to hang out with her in the ravine with some of her friends who want to party. Some of these friends come with shrooms. Even though the championship game is in a few hours, Drew decides that hanging out with this kind of crowd would be a good time to try drugs and get high. Drew flips out on Bianca when she looks at the clock and tells him that he’s going to miss his game. He screams at her that his friends are right about her and then takes off. He makes it in time for the game, but Dave and K.C. can tell he’s high. Mrs. Torres shows up and asks him if he's high or not. Drew answers yes. Without Drew the Panthers lose the game. Drew tries to apologize to K.C., but K.C. doesn't wants to stay friends with him. The next day, Drew apologizes to Bianca who doesn’t seem mad at all. Bianca asks him to go hang out with her and Drew reluctantly accepts her offer, and they both walk down the hallway.

Sub Plot

After Mrs. Stavros walked in on him and Zane making out, he knows that the time has come to tell his parents he’s gay. Unfortunately, Riley’s mom pretends that she didn’t see anything and refuses to listen to Riley. Riley tells Zane about his mom’s reaction and decides that he will force his parents to listen. Riley decides to be subtle by leaving a gay magazine and a picture of him and Zane on his bed and then goes for a run, knowing his mom will clean his room. Riley gets back from his run and his mom pretends like nothing was on his bed. Out of ideas, Riley confronts his mother and tells her that he’s gay. She refuses to listen and storms out of the room. Riley comes home the next day to meet up with his dad for their father son baseball game tradition, but Riley’s mom told his dad that he wouldn’t be going. She said she assumed that since Riley was gay he wouldn’t like things like ‘sports’. She then told him to never tell his father about his ‘confusion’. Riley explains the situation to Zane. Zane tells him to give them time, just like how it took him a lot of time to realize he was gay. They agree to go on to see a game the next day.

Third Plot

After Malika agreed to sleep over: she instantly bolted for her boyfriend’s house. She promised Alli she’d be back by dawn, but when the Bhandari’s woke up Malika hadn’t come home. Thankfully, she walked in the door before the two girls were caught. At school that day Malika and Alli get out of class by telling their teachers they want to pray. Malika uses this as a cover for her smoke break. She asks Alli to hold her cigarette while she gets something out of her bag when Mrs. Bhandari arrives. Malika punks out and instead blames Alli, telling her mom that its Alli's cigarette. Alli tries to tell her mom that the cigarette wasn’t hers, but Mrs. Bhandari doesn't believe her since her boiler room drama. Distraught, Alli gets comfort from Sav, who is the only person in her house that believes her.