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Season 15, Episode 7
Can. Airdate

January 12, 2016

U.S. Airdate

January 15, 2016

Prod. Code



Sarah Glinski


Eleanore Lindo

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#ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin is the seventh episode of Degrassi: Next Class.

Main Plot

When Grace realizes she isn't gay, Zoë retaliates by making out with her crush, Zig.

Sub Plot

Miles wakes up in a park and he realizes he needs help.

Third Plot

Maya wonders if she's messed up her one big chance after being turned down by a music producer.

  • This episode is named after a lyric from the song This Could Be Us by Rae Sremmurd.
  • Grace reveals that she is not gay and has had feelings for Zig.
  • Zoë sleeps with Grace and makes out with Zig in this episode.
  • Zig cheats on Maya with Zoë.

  • "Black or White" by Olivia Scriven
  • "Dreamers" by Willa
  • "Mariachi Romantico" by Tim Devine
  • "Star Spangled" by REMMI
  • "Yes" by Olivia Scriven