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“Time Stands Still (2)”
Season 4, Episode 8
Can. Airdate

October 12, 2004

U.S. Airdate

December 10, 2004

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Time Stands Still (2) is the eighth episode of Season 4 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. It originally aired on October 12, 2004 on CTV Television and on December 10, 2004 on The N. The episode shares its title with a song of the same name by Rush.


Rick's public humiliation makes him homicidal, which causes him to come back to school armed with a gun and looking for revenge. As innocent people are caught in his path, the unthinkable happens, and everyone at Degrassi faces fear and tragedy.

Extended Overview

Rick heads to Degrassi with his dad's handgun in his backpack, despite being given permission to go home until everybody has calmed down and the issue has been resolved.

Toby tells him to do this, but he responds that this is the one day he wants to actually be at Degrassi. Mr. Raditch also tells him he can go home.

Seeing Paige, he reaches for the gun in his bag until Paige tells him that she thought that the prank was sickening, childish and out of line.

Realizing that she is right, he puts the gun away, apologizes for hurting Terri and leaves the cafeteria. Rick decides to forget his plans and places the gun in his locker.

Still covered in paint, he goes into a restroom and begins to clean up. When Spinner and Jay walk in to the same restroom, Rick hides and Spinner and Jay begin talking about the event.

Noticing Rick is in one of the stalls, Jay turns the blame from themselves to Jimmy, and Spinner goes along with it, both of them implying the prank would have been impossible without Jimmy.

Rick approaches Jimmy, with his backpack back in his arms. He is unaware that Jimmy intends to find whoever pulled the prank on Rick and bring them to the principal.

Jimmy asks Rick how he's holding up and says he has Rick's back if anyone bothers him again. Rick replies, "You stabbed me in the back."

Jimmy is obviously confused and tells Rick he defended him & then Rick pulls the gun out of his bag.

With the gun pointed at him, Jimmy freezes for a second and backs away slowly. As Rick closes his eyes, Jimmy turns to run away before Rick fires.

The bullet hits Jimmy in the back, knocking him to the ground. As other students are running away, Craig walks down the hall to see Jimmy lying on the floor.

Rick finds Emma with Toby and Sean and says that he is sorry he kissed Emma, the gun in his hand at his side.

They turn to run away, but Rick demands that they don't turn away from him. Rick starts saying how Emma flirted with him and made him think she cared about him when really it was a lie.

Sean calmly tries to reason with Rick and tells him that it's just going to make his life worse, but Rick replies that it is too late because he already shot someone.

He lifts the gun, pointing it straight at Emma, but Sean gets in front of her and grabs the weapon. While Rick and Sean fight, the gun goes off which kills Rick, but Sean is alright.

Jay, Alex, and a clearly guilt-ridden Spinner are in the halls talking about what happened with Jay telling Spinner that he thought it might have been him.

Spinner responds that it was Jimmy, and knowing that someone will find out he wants to go tell, but Jay stops him and tells him that he needs to shut up. Into which Spinner responds that Jimmy's is his best friend.

Jay tells him that if Jimmy lives or dies he was Spinner's best friend. Spinner tells Jay that they might have killed Jimmy and Rick. 

The parents of the students are scared for the children as they are surrounding the school. Hazel, Paige, and other juniors are still locked in a room since the school is in lockdown.

A teacher calls Hazel into the hall to tell her the horrifying news that Jimmy had been shot. She begins to cry as the other students are brought out of the school.

Jimmy is in the hospital as Hazel, Paige and Spinner visit along with others. They find out that he is paralyzed from the waist down and they are saddened.

That evening, Craig, Caitlin, and Joey watch the story on the local news, as do Sean and Ellie.

Hazel and Paige are at the hospital while a guilt-ridden Spinner cries in his room.

Toby, Ashley and their mother go over to the Simpson-Nelson house to watch the news.

A devastated Ashley asks what kind of person would do what Rick did and wants an explanation for who he was if he wasn't "some psycho." Toby runs out and Emma says that he was Toby's friend.

The episode ends with Toby going to a vigil at the front steps of Degrassi. He is joined by Emma, and the two tearfully embrace.

  • The title of this episode is named after the song "Time Stands Still" by Rush.
  • This episode mark the last time Jimmy walked, because Rick shot him, leading him to be in a wheelchair.
  • This episode marks the second shooting in the Degrassi franchise (first in DTNG). The first being in Showtime (1)
  • One of the 3 three shootings on DTNG. The other two were Danger Zone and Dead and Gone (2).
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Rick, as he dies in this episode.
  • The scene where Jimmy gets shot is used in Aubrey Graham's montage for the season 6 and 7 opening credits.
  • This episode was played on the same day Dead and Gone (2) premiered, which also had a shooting.
  • Jay and Spinner admit to the prank later on, but they don't tell anyone Alex helped set it up.
  • Aubrey Graham appeared in a PSA for gun violence prevention that plays alongside this episode during commercial breaks. It can be watched here.

  • Toby: Raditch is going supernova he's gonna find out who did this
  • Rick: And what? Give Em detention
  • Toby: I'm just saying, I think it'll be cool if you skip the rest of the day
  • Rick: Toby... this is the one time I actually wanna be at school
  • Jimmy: How you holding up ?
  • Rick: Good
  • Jimmy: Good...kinda surprised to see you this afternoon
  • Rick: Yea I bet you are
  • Jimmy: I'm really sorry about everything, and if those guys give you any trouble, *I got your back.
  • Rick: You stabbed me in the back!
  • Jimmy: What ?
  • Rick: You set the whole thing up
  • Jimmy: Come on Rick, I defended you...
  • (Rick pulls out the gun)
  • Jimmy: Is that real ?
  • Rick: This whole time you pretended to be my friend... you made me do this
  • (Rick shoots Jimmy)

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