Tiny-Lola-Shay Love Triangle
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General Information
Intimacy Level Friends, Mutual Crush (Tiny and Shay)
Best Friends (Shay and Lola)
Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend (Tiny and Lola)
Love Triangle Started #NotOkay (1504)
Love Triangle Status Unresolved
The love triangle between Tiny Bell, Lola Pacini, and Shay Powers began in the fifteenth season of Degrassi. Tiny was the center of the love triangle.

Love Triangle History

Season 15

In #BootyCall, Lola sees Shay talking to Tiny, and comments on her new crush. Lola tells Shay that she has no chance because Tiny likes butts, and Shay has a small one. Lola comments that Tiny tweets and likes photos of girls with large butts, showing she is following him closely on social media. At Miles's pool party, Tiny asks Shay to be his lab partner, and Lola accepts for her, saying Shay is "#blessed". Later, Tiny returns Shay's clothes to her, and mentions he didn't see Lola's picture because he doesn't follow her on Hastygram.


Lola asks for Shay's blessing to date Tiny.

In #NotOkay, Tiny asks Shay out on a date, but she is forced to turn him down because she isn't allowed to date in high school and she didn't want to introduce Tiny to her parents. Lola later calls Shay, and tells her Tiny asked her out to a movie. She reveals that she is in love with Tiny, and asks Shay if she can go out with him. Shay gives Lola her blessing, but ends up crying after she hangs up.

In #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness, Lola freaks out when she unknowingly makes Tiny think that she uses a vibrator. Shay seems very disinterested in Lola's problems about Tiny.

In #NotAllMen, Tiny and Lola are making out in the hallway, and Shay comments that they should have to do that off of school property. Lola tells Shay and Frankie that her and Tiny have been talking for 2 weeks, and she wants them to hang out as a group. Shay makes Frankie come because she still has feelings for Tiny and does not want to be alone with Tiny and Lola. Shay doesn't want Lola to know that she has a problem with their relationship, and Frankie tells her that she doesn't have right to be upset because she chose not to go out with him. Shay tells her that she is doing the same thing as choosing to be upset over Winston.


  • Lola's feelings for Tiny were foreshadowed by how closely she followed him on social media.
  • Lola hid her feelings for Tiny at first.