"Wait.. You're the guy we rolled last semester. Oh! Man, I'm over that, alright? How about a peace treaty?"
"Not unless you say you're sorry."
"Fine... I'm sorry I called you a digi-weiner and kicked your ass."
"You stood there while your friend stabbed my friend to death!
— Johnny and Toby in Standing In The Dark.

The conflict between Toby Isaacs and Johnny DiMarco began in Season 6.

Conflict History


The conflict between Toby Isaacs and Johnny DiMarco began in season 6, when a group of Lakehurst students, including Johnny, attacked Toby after school, breaking his arm. The tension between the two escalated when Johnny's friend Drake Lempky stabbed and killed Toby's best friend J.T. Yorke, and while Johnny was present at the scene of the murder, he did nothing to prevent it. When Johnny transferred to Degrassi in season 7, Toby refused to let his grudge against Johnny go. Liberty Van Zandt eventually convinced Toby that Johnny was not to blame for J.T.'s death, and Toby decided to make peace with Johnny. However, Johnny had no interest in mending fences with Toby, and their conflict was left unresolved.

Season 6

In What's It Feel Like To Be a Ghost? (2), Degrassi begins a feud with Lakehurst High, and J.T. sets up a fight between the two schools. Toby doesn't want to fight, so J.T. tells everybody to leave before the fight begins. However, Toby is then beat up by Johnny and his gang.

In Rock This Town, Johnny witnesses Toby's best friend J.T. get stabbed by Drake Lempkey. Despite immediately saying, "What the hell did you do?" and being obviously affected by the death for years, he just runs off with his criminal friend. He left Liberty Van Zandt to find the dying body of her lover.

Season 7

In Standing In The Dark (1), Johnny originally proposed a peace treaty to Toby after he remembers him from the previous semester. Toby however refuses it, asking for an apology instead. With much reluctance, Johnny apologizes for what he had called him earlier and beating him up. Toby then reacted almost violently, bringing up J.T.'s murder and his killer, causing Johnny to simply walk away.

Later, Toby creates a podcast calling Lakehurst out, specifically Johnny. Toby soon realizes his mistake after a conversation with Liberty and attempts to take him up on his offer of peace, However, Johnny is long over the idea after hearing the podcast, now he is very much ready for war between the two student bodies. And his Lakehurst buddies are right behind him

In Death Or Glory (1), Johnny is seen picking on Toby in the lunch room, where Spinner intervenes.

Throughout the rest of the season, Toby often calls Johnny a barbaric and irrational while the latter continues to talk bad about the nerd.

Season 10

In Hide and Seek (2), Johnny admits how messed up he was from J.T.'s death and regrets being to mean to his loved ones.