Toby Dynamite is a Degrassi Mini, a part of the second season of minisodes, that aired in the sixth season.



Heather Sinclair is presenting her speech for student council president, promising a variety of things, before performing a song on the trumpet for her skit. While she is on stage, Archie wishes Liberty luck with her skit, to which she expresses confusion over, as she did not know the contestants had to prepare one. Toby, who is standing next to Liberty, is angry that no one told him and Liberty about having to have a skit. Archie goes on stage to present Liberty onto the stage, and Liberty tells Toby that she didn't want to be president anyways. Toby says to her to listen to her heart, as that is what he does. Liberty says that she will tell the audience that she has nothing to say, before walking on stage to the podium. She greets the audience and tells them she doesn't have much to say, but says that if anyone votes for her, then their wildest dreams will come true, before exiting the stage, concluding her speech. Backstage, Toby puts a cassette into the cassette player, and starts the music. Toby walks on stage and begins to dance for Liberty's skit. When the music ends, Toby swiftly walks offstage, but the audience gives him a roaring ovation.


  • Toby is wearing a "Vote for Liberty" shirt, a parody of the "Vote for Pedro" shirt from Napoleon Dynamite.
  • This mini is a parody of the famous dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Toby also performs this dance in Bring It On in the exact same outfit.


Degrassi Mini 211 - Toby Dynamite02:52

Degrassi Mini 211 - Toby Dynamite

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