Todd was the man legally in charge of K.C. Guthrie while he was at the group home.

Character History

Season 9

In Heart Like Mine (1), he asks K.C. about how his basketball team is going, and gives K.C. his new team jacket. He questions if Coach Carson bought the jacket for him, and reminds K.C. that curfew is still 9:30 PM. Later, Coach Carson calls Todd and tells him that he will drive K.C. home later and asks to extend his curfew.

Season 10

In 99 Problems (1), Todd is seen with Jenna and K.C. at K.C.'s group home. He congratulates and praises K.C. for his recent academic success and overall improvement. Todd extends K.C.'s curfew by an hour, which pleases the couple.

In Better Off Alone (1), Todd, as well as his mom are in K.C.'s group home discussing taking custody. K.C. says he cannot waste the time and says he simply doesn't want to go. Todd says group homes are for people that have no alternatives. K.C. talks about how his mom is a junkie, but she claims she's been clean for two years. K.C. continues his personal attacks on his mom, and seeing how it's hurting her, Todd decides he wants to talk to K.C. alone. He promises to inform Mrs. Guthrie about the decision tomorrow. K.C. and Todd are talking about the custody situation, and how he has to go back to his mom. K.C. asks if he can stay at his mom's for a week and if things get rough he wants to come back to the group home.