Full Name Tomas
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Job Producer
Affiliation(s) Ryan's Planet
Local Heroes
First Episode Holiday (1) (311)
Last Episode Goin' Down The Road (1) (421)
Portrayed By Billy Khouri
Tomas was Caitlin Ryan's boss when she worked on her show, Ryan's Planet.

Character History

Season 3

In Holiday (1), he stops into Caitlin's office, and they agree to meet in his office to review a few items. Caitlin reveals that Tomas is her boss and that he is gay.

In Holiday (2), at the work Christmas party, Tomas gives Caitlin corporate plane tickets to Montreal, and hugs Caitlin in front of Joey Jeremiah, who looks slightly jealous at this.

In The Power of Love, Caitlin reveals that Joey asked her to move in to Tomas. Tomas then tells Caitlin that she has been granted a 9 month world tour over her documentary of UNICEF's HIV and AIDS series. She initially turns it down to him. Later in her office, Caitlin talks to Tomas about the tour, but he leaves when Joey enters the room.

Season 4

In Goin' Down The Road (1), Tomas watches Caitlin's interviews with Kevin Smith, and he tells her to try to use Kevin's position as a celebrity as much as she can. Tomas later takes the Kevin Smith segment away from Caitlin since she failed to produce anything interesting, which causes Caitlin to quit her job.


  • He is gay.