'5. Time Stands Still'
Rick only wanted someone to listen to him. It was his struggle and his struggle alone that made this episode the creepiest and most compelling of the first generation.
9. Accidents Will Happen
Both Manny's decision to get an abortion and Craig's struggling with wanting a family brought this episode out of the deep.
8. Shout
The intensity of Paige breaking down and telling Ashley of how she was raped is a tearjerker.
7. Our Lips Are Sealed
Emma's breakdown and subsequent heart attack is one of the most intense moments of all time.
6. My Body Is A Cage
When Adam was thrown through the glass door by Owen, intensity ensued. When Adam could not bring himself to burn the picture of himself when he was a girl, the tears strolled down our faces.
5. What's It Feel Like to Be A Ghost?
4. When Doves Cry
Degrass's first real issue based episode broke new grounds when Craig admitted to Joey that he was being beaten by his dad, as well as when he tried to kill himself in front of the train.
3. Tears Are Not Enough
The first signs of Craig becoming bipolar are prevalent as his dad is killed in a car accident and he pretends as if he is happy with it.
2. Standing In the Dark
God-loving Darcy being raped is a storyline fascinating enough, but when Darcy tries to slit her wrists her breakdown becomes the best of the series.
1. What A Girl Wants / Breakaway
Fiona being thrown down the stairs and hit by Bobby makes us feel for her. And when she tries to cover up the whole thing by saying that she is the one who is crazy is the moment when this episode became the best of the series.