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Top 10 Greatest Songs Used in Season 10

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1. Break It Up by These Kids Wear Crowns (Love Lockdown, Part 1)

2. Shark in the Water by VV Brown (All Falls Down, Part 2)

3. Could It Be You (Punk Rock Chick) by H*Wood (Love Lockdown, Part 1)

4. Little Pieces by Palour Steps (Still Fighting It, Part 2)

5. Hotblack by Oceanship (All Falls Down, Part 2)

6. Sweet Sixteen by Wherewolves (All Falls Down)

7. Diamonds by Stef Lang (Love Lockdown, Part 2)

8. Better With You by Five Times August (Better Off Alone, Part 2)

9. Tonight I Love You by The Latency (Umbrella, Part 2)

10. Daydreaming by Nat Jay (Umbrella, Part 2)