These quotes are in no particular order.

1.  J.T.: "Hey Liberty, GIRLFRIEND!" (Secrets and Lies)

2.  Jay: "We are here to celebrate sweet spontaneous loving! Gavin, do you still take Emma to be your wife, no matter what curveballs fate chucks at your head? and Emma.. kind of same deal? (...) then by the power invested in me by the fact that you two are already married.." (Degrassi Takes Manhattan; The Heat Is On)

3.  J.T.: "If elected, I, J.T. Yorke will do what a real politician will do - absolutely nothing." (Family Politics)

4.  Craig: "So when in doubt you kiss Craig?" (Moonlight Desires)

5. Blue: "Theres no I in team." Holly J.: "There is in BITE ME!"

6. Spinner: "All I know is that I ate some healthy food and now I'm the sex superman." (Weird Science)

7.  Darcy: "Well, sorry for changing, it's a good thing you've still stayed the same. You're still a bitch." (Live to Tell)

8.  Clare: "You're a terrible principal!" The Shep: "And you're a little bitch." (Causing a Commotion)

9. Snake: "Joey Jeremiah spends his summer dating Caitlin, and fucking Tessa!" (School's Out!)

10.  Paige: (after Ellie kissed her) "..Ew?" Ellie: "Yeah that was weird.. and bacony?" (Don't Stop Believin')

Additional Quotes

11. Jenna: "This isn't just about cravings and playlists, K.C., this is real!" K.C.: "You told me to play BASKETBALL!" (Drop the World)

12. Eli: "You liiiike her." Adam: "Stop it." Eli: "You looove her." Adam: "Do not." (When Love Takes Over)

13. Jake: "What does she think you'll do?" Clare: "...Homework." (Should've Said No (1))

14. Manny: "I'm gonna be an actress. Like, Academy Award winning. And you can sell this for a million dollars cause I'm gonna be FAMOUS!!!" (Venus)

15. J.T.: "What’s the matter Sean? Huh, you jealous? You want to be my other guinea pig boy? Oh, and what about you Toby? My, my, my you’re a furry little one. Yeah I’m sure you do." (Hot For Teacher)

16. Ellie: "I don't know, get Dylan to use Spinner as a hockey puck tonight?" (Pride (2))

17. Spinner: "Excitement makes me fart." (Drive)

18. Riley (Referring to LGBT): "Is that a sandwich or something?" (Beat It (2))

19. Eli: "More breeaad?" (Dead and Gone (2))

20. Dylan: "What is this hug the homo day?" (It's Raining Men)

21. Caitlin: "You were fucking Tessa Campanelli?" (School's Out!)

22. Katie "Starts with B and rhymes with... actually it doesn't rhyme with anything... sucks for her!" (Nowhere to Run)

23. Spinner "Dude, you got a girl pregnant and you're just walking around like lalala gonna be a dad no shlabooggle?" (Accidents Will Happen (2))

24. Spinner: "Last night, I asked my mom what my culture was. She pointed to the globe and said I was from Earth."