In No Particular Order:

  • Manny trips when about to tell Sean not to come to Spike and Snake's wedding.
  • When Rick pushes Terri and her legs fly into the air.
  • When K.C. yells "You told me.... to play BASKETBALL!" in response to Jenna nagging him for not building the crib.
  • Riley calls LGBT a sandwich. (Lettuce, Bacon, Tomato and... Gorgonzola?)
  • Manny and Jane's fist fight.
  • Craig when he's at the soup kitchen.
  • When the guys in the lifeguarding course agree Chantay is the hottest girl at the course.
  • Fitz saying to Clare, "SHUT UP, BITCH!" at Vegas Night.
  • When Sean lashes out and smashes a lightbulb and the man in the wheelchair zooms in and shouts "SEAN!" xD