1. Marisol smokes weed she finds in the couch of Jake's cabin.

2. J.T.and Toby's "ecstacy trip", even though they only took aspirin.
Kelly and emma

3. Peter on meth, he goes through the complete cycle of a junkie in one episode, this can only happen on Degrassi.

4. Drew gets high with Bianca DeSousa and her friends, and gets caught which made the Panthers lose their game.

5. Ashley actually does take ecstacy, she loses her boyfriend, her best friends, her popularity and her dignity.

6. Paige gets high and tells the lady that's interviewing her for Banting that she's stoned.

7. Spinner tells Ms. Kwan he's going to get high when he ditches class and ends up bugging out on a bench with Darcy.

8. Alex gets high with Jay and ends up not doing some errands Paige had asked her to do, causing a heated fight between the two.

9. Manny does coke to try and fit in with Craig's friends, making a fool of herself.

10. Emma makes weed brownies to fit in at college, long story short her boyfriend gets kicked off campus.