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Montage of TTC

Toronto's transit system in short TTC as seen in some Degrassi episodes.


Real De Grassi Street in Toronto's East Chinatown.

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and is the largest city in Canada. Ontario is the most populous province in Canada and is a part of Eastern Canada.

Much of the cast was born in Toronto, while others come from all over Ontario and Canada. The Degrassi Franchise is filmed in Toronto.

Degrassi is located in downtown Toronto at the heart of DeGrassi street, which is located near the intersection of Dundas and Broadview Street (East Chinatown). An actual high school is located on the corner of De Grassi and Gerrard St. East, however it's called Eastdale.

Degrassi is filmed at the Epitome Pictures Studio,
Epitome Pictures Studio.jpg

Epitome Pictures Studio

which is located in Scarborough, Ontario. Much of the shooting happens there, while earlier

The beautiful Toronto Skyline

episodes of Degrassi were filmed both at University of Toronto and Centennial College campuses, and earlier still at Vincent Massey Public School on the west side of Toronto.

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