Trish is a recurring character in Season 9. She was a senior and captain of the Power Squad in Season 9 and briefly dated Declan Coyne. She was portrayed by Kyra Azzopardi.

Character History

Season 9

In Beat It (1),

In Beat It (2), she asks Clare Edwards and Jenna Middleton to join the Power Squad. They are surprised that she would ask niners to join. She tells them that a lot of the players' girlfriends are on the squad. While not knowing about Jenna and Dave Turner's plan, Trish comforts Jenna when she was pretending to be heartbroken because Dave broke up with her. She tells Jenna that there are many singles on the team.

In Waiting for a Girl Like You, Trish is seen dating Declan Coyne. When Declan tries to woo Holly J. Sinclair about meeting the Dalai Lama, Trish walks up to Declan and asks if they're still going to have their date. He awkwardly shifts in his chair, and she turns to Holly J., guesses that he is using the Dalai Lama story, and walks away.

In Somebody, Declan tries to kindly end his relationship with her, but Trish says he's the player, everyone says he is and walks away. Later on, she is mentioned by Ethan when he says they are going to get a hotel room after the game.

In Heart Like Mine (1), she is seen washing cars at the car wash. At the Athletics Banquet, she is dancing too close with Ethan McBride at the Athlete's Banquet, so Marco Del Rossi forces some space between them.

In Heart Like Mine (2), she is last seen with Jenna watching the police escort Coach Carson out of Degrassi.


  • Trish was captain of The Power Squad for season nine.
  • Trish was the only minor character ever to become Captain of the power squad.
  • Her relationship with Ethan is considered "endgame" since both characters left the show in the relationship. The other couple like this is Wesley and Hannah.
  • Trish is the second 'Trish' in the Degrassi Franchise, the first being Trish Skye.


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