The love triangle between Tristan Milligan, Miles Hollingsworth III, and Zoë Rivas began in Summertime, and developed during the thirteenth season. Miles is the center of this love triangle.

Love Triangle History

Season 13

In My Own Worst Enemy, Tristan develops a crush on Miles and ponders with Maya about thinking he is gay. Zoë overhears and says that she has her eye on him as well and believes he is straight, clearly wanting him as well. Later, Tristan kisses Miles, who is surprised but insists it isn't a big deal. This leads Tristan to believe that Miles returns his feelings. Back at their building, Tristan excitedly tells Maya about how they kissed and is convinced that he'll ask him on a date. But then, just as he says this, they sees Zoë on Miles's lap on the couch. Tristan, upset, walks off. 

In About a Girl, Tristan pretends to be sick to skip class so he doesn't see Miles and Zoë kissing each other. Maya convinces him that they won't kiss in class, but they walk in to see them doing just that. Heartbroken, Tristan leaves once again, angering Maya. For Tristan's sake, she tries to get his revenge by dumping a bucket of water on Zoë and Miles, but it fails. Maya then tells Miles that he hurt Tristan by leading him on, and Tristan hears the whole thing and is devastated. 


  • Miles has been kissed by both Zoë and Tristan.
  • Zoë and Tristan both had a crush on Miles.
  • Both Miles and Zoë were in a love triangle with Tristan's best friend, Maya Matlin.
  • All three are members of the LGBT community.


  • Start: My Own Worst Enemy (1304)
  • End: Cannonball (1306)
    • Reason: Tristan was able to move on and, instead, develop a close friendship with Miles.