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"If I don't like myself, how will anyone else like me?"
— Tristan Milligan.

Tristan Milligan
Degrassi CAST Tristan
Full Name Tristan Milligan
Nickname(s) Big Red (By Bianca)
Tris (By Owen, Tori, Maya, and Miles)
Mr. Shy and Reserved (By Maya)
Gay (By Luke)
Honey Bunch (By Maya)
Tristie (By Zoe)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1997 (retcon 1998)
Hair Color Platinum Blonde (Bleached) Maroon (Formerly)
Family Owen Milligan (Brother)
Unnammed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Dog

Unnamed Cat

Relationships Grant Yates (Attraction)
Fab (Former Attraction)
Campbell Saunders (Former Attraction; Deceased)
Adam Torres (Former Attraction; Deceased)
Maya Matlin (Kissed)
Dave Turner (Kissed)
Tori Santamaria (Kissed)
Miles Hollingsworth III (Former Attraction; Kissed)
School(s) Degrassi Community School
Affiliation(s) Degrassi Drama Club
Degrassi Basketball Team
Yoga Club
First Episode Dead and Gone (1) (1128)
Portrayed By Lyle Lettau

Tristan Milligan is a sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi Community School. Tristan is out, proud, and has his eyes set on running the school. From school musicals and dance committees, to top of the Power Squad pyramid, he wants it all. Fiercely loyal, Tristan is a good friend to have, even though his mouth can land him in sticky situations. Like his personality, his heart is big, which often finds himself searching for "Mr. Right." Tristan is best friends with Tori Santamaria and Maya Matlin. He is also good friends with Zoë Rivas, Winston Chu, and Miles Hollingsworth III, who he used to have a crush on. Additional friends include Jenna Middleton, Dave Turner, Zig Novak, and Campbell Saunders, before his death. He is labelled as "Drama Queen." He is portrayed by Lyle Lettau.

Character History

Tristan in Season 11
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Season 11

In Dead and Gone (1), Tristan was in the same room with Bianca and Drew at Grade 9 Orientation while they were arguing. Tristan interrupts them, demanding to know why he could not get on YouTube. He tested Bianca's patience and she informed him that just because he was new, that doesn't mean she won't stuff him into a locker, which seems to frighten Tristan. He was later seen attending a science class.

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In Underneath It All, Tristan and his best friend Tori warn Maya Matlin that Zig Novak is bad news. He was assigned by Ms. Oh to play the French horn, which he did not seem happy to be about. He and Tori were seen watching Maya and Zig. Tristan tries to back up Tori and says she only commented 50 times on Zig's Facerange wall, as it sounds better than 100.

Tristan asks for Owen's advice.
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In Can't Tell Me Nothing (1), Tristan faces a dilemma concerning Tori picking to spend time with Zig over himself. In desperation, he approaches his brother, Owen in the weights room on how to break Tori and Zig up so

that he can spend more time with Tori. Owen has no desire to allow the school to know that Tristan's his brother, and despite finding Tristan's dilemma pathetic, he eventually suggested that he tells Tori that Zig thinks that she's fat.

Later in the music room, Tristan lied to Tori about overhearing Zig calling Tori curvy to some of his friends at the skatepark. However, when Tori began to cry, Tristan admited that he was lying in an attempt to sabotage their relationship. Tori was obviously mad at this lie. Tristan later creates two notes, one for Tori and one for Zig, both instructing the receiver to meet at the Dot at a specific time. When they both arrive, Tristan reveals that he created the notes. They assemble at a table, and Tristan

Tristan at the Dot with Tori and Zig.
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attempts to re-establish the friendship between him and Tori, and to establish one with Zig. He suggested that they put on a musical performance to the song that Tori and him wrote at Summer camp at the upcoming Degrassi Coffee House musical gala.
Tristan, Tori, and Zig performs half a heart, till I'm with you, together.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (2), Zig doesn’t see a spot for him in Tristan and Tori’s two man cabaret show Half a Heart. Tori tries to convince Tristan that Zig doesn’t have to be in the performance with them, but Tristan wouldn’t hear it. He thought if Tori had to choose between her bff and bf, Zig would win. Zig tries to work with Tristan and suggests a rap. Unfortunately, Tristan saw this as an insult to his creative masterpiece. Zig tells Tristan that his song was campy and Tori admits that she thinks they should leave Half A Heart as a good memory from their summer camp performance.

Owen finds Tristan outside of the school crying, and waits for the coast to clear. Tristan explains the cause of his tears and Owen suggest that he skip the performance. Owen reminds Tristan that when Tristan was 7 he put on a play for the entire neighborhood. Owen admits that the standing ovation was a result of Owen’s verbal warning to beat the snot out of anyone who didn’t clap. Even with his brother ruining a great memory (but also showing that he cares), Tristan decides to forge ahead with Half a Heart. While Tristan is onstage performing, someone threw food at him. Unable to watch her best friend booed, Tori runs on stage to complete the half of Tristan’s Half a heart song. Zig also joins them for his rap part. The trio received a standing ovation from the crowd

Tumblr m397xy9Kos1rq0050o5 500
Tristan and Zig
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In Need You Now (1) Tristan tells Tori she killed her audition for Power Squad, and when Tori doesn't make it tells her to talk to Marisol.

In Smash Into You (1) Tristan was seen giving secret admirer letters to Adam, with the help of Tori.

In Smash Into You (2) Tristan shows up on the double date with Tori, Zig and Adam. But he finds out that Adam is not gay, but is transgender. Tristan then has a talk with Adam about high school relationships.

During In The Cold, Cold Night (1) Tristan was seen in band class with Tori.

During In The Cold, Cold Night (2), Tristan was seen at the winter concert, laughing at Maya's failed attempt at the trumpet.

Season 12

Tristan in Season 12.
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In Come As You Are (1), Tristan was first seen with Maya and Tori as they are excited about going shopping for new clothes. They all talk about their plans for the semester and Maya reveals she is joining a band, which he and Tori are excited for. When she asks for him to join also, he says that his schedule is full. When the hockey team makes fun of Maya's breasts without her knowing, he begins to tell her while Tori stops him. Later he is seen at the mall with Maya, Tori, and Zig, telling her that she doesn't need to worry about her body. When the girls talk about Maya needing bigger breasts he tells her that she is not getting a boob-job.

In Come As You Are (2), he walked to his locker and sees Tori in Maya's shirt asking what's going on. The girls say that it's just girl stuff and he then compliments Maya's hair.

In Gives You Hell (1), he sits in French class with Maya. When their teacher tells Campbell that he needs a group, Tristan pinches Maya's arm, raising her hand and Campbell joins them. He is immediately infatuated with Campbell and makes it obvious, yet Campbell shrugs it off. Tristan meets Owen in the weight room who asks what he wants. He begins talking about Cam and Owen immediately says he's not gay and wouldn't be interested anyway which causes Tristan to angrily leave. The next day, Maya asks if Cam requested him on FaceRange too. Tristan says that it's worse than he thought and says he made a bad impression. Maya says it'll all be ok and leaves, while Tristan discovers that Maya left her FaceRange logged in onto the computer and begins talking to Cam through it. At lunch, Cam walks up to Tristan and Maya, asking if she'd like to borrow his Lost DVD. She is confused and Tristan improvises. When Cam leaves, he tells her he's been using her account and that it's been magical. She tells him to just go up and talk to him. Tristan takes his lunch to the table with Cam and his teammates and asks if there was room for him. The hockey team laughs as Cam says he's at the wrong table and Tristan walks back to Maya, upset. Later he is shown talking to Maya and Cam walks up and apologizes, giving Tristan hope and asking for Maya's password again.
Tristan with older brother Owen
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In Gives You Hell (2), he continues to talk to Cam through Maya's FaceRange account in exchange for doing her French homework. Cam meets the two in French class and wishes Maya good luck in which Tristan states that they are both trying out for Romeo and Juliet. Maya "remembers" and glares at Tristan. Later that day, Tristan is seen auditioning with Tori. He performs and Eli says that they'll find something for him.

Later on, Tristan is seen looking at the cast listing to discover that his name is nowhere on the list. He messages Cam (still from Maya's account), saying that he didn't make it and that he is depressed. Cam bumps into him asking where Maya is and says he is so mad for her and that she should tell the director off. Tristan agrees and finds Eli to complain. Eli then tells Tristan that he wants him to be Juliet. Tristan asks that he's going to play a girl, and Eli tells him that the character's new name is "Jules." This leaves Tristan very excited that he is going to be in the lead for the school musical.

Later on in the day, accidentally tells Cam that he's the lead from Maya's account which he forgot to log out of. When Cam walks up to Maya & Tristan, not only does he congratulate Maya for making Juliet, but is also told by  Maya that it's not her, and Tristan says it's him. Cam is confused and Tristan explains the whole situation, saying that now that everything is cleared up, they can all have a fresh start and be friends. Cam tells the two that they will never be friends and leaves Tristan upset with Maya saying that he'll come around.

In Got Your Money (1), Tristan meets Dave with Eli and reveals that he will be Dave's Juliet. At practice, he watches as Dave struggles to make it work and complains that they had been doing the same scene for an hour. He then goes on a granola break to let Eli and Dave talk. At a later practice, he watches Dave pretend to be 'gay' and gets offended. At another practice after that, he perfectly performs a musical number with no problems with Dave.

In Got Your Money (2), he was seen taking promotional pictures for the play with Dave. Luke and the hockey team begin heckling them and he watches as Eli tells them off.

In Closer To Free (2), he was heard singing in the background with Tori while Clare and Eli were talking.

In Waterfalls (1), he was seen in class with Tori and Maya and listens to them talk about how Cam asked out Maya. Maya asks Tristan if he is ok with her going out with Cam since she was aware that Tristan previously had a crush on him. He then tells Maya that he has a new love for music and theatre and to "catch Cam as fast you can." Later, he was seen rehearsing for the musical with Tori.

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In Waterfalls (2), he was seen in French class texting Maya with Tori about Maya's earlier date with Cam. When he reads about her embarrassing moment, the teachers takes his and Tori's phones, reads the conversation aloud, and makes them repeat it in French.

In Rusty Cage (1), he was seen in class with Cam, Maya, and Tori talking about karaoke night at Little Miss Steaks. He tried to convince Cam to come but was shrugged off like the others. At Little Miss Steaks that night he was seen watching Zig perform and later dances with Tori when Cam and Maya perform.

In Rusty Cage (2), he was seen watching the Ice Hounds game with Maya and also cheering for Cam. When Maya was worried about Cam's absence the next day, he told her there's probably a reason why and for her not to be jealous.

In Sabotage (1), he is seen rehearsing with Tori and Dave for Romeo and Jules. Once they go on break he tells them that there is a contest at the mall for a guest role on West Drive. All three of them agree to go and say that the role is theirs. He is later seen at the mall for the contest. You never see him audition but he has a number on so you know he did. It is announced that Dave is the winner and Dave offers to buy him, Tori & Zig pizza to celebrate.

In Sabotage (2), he is seen walking through the halls with Dave and Tori talking about Dave's upcoming role on West Drive. When Alli approaches them both him and Tori leave.

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In Scream (1) , he was seen trying on his outfit for Romeo and Jules and telling Eli that the outfits got mixed up. He was then practising for the play with Dave and Tori and said that Dave and him will wing the kissing scene on opening night. Then he is talking to Tori about how he has never been kissed, and when Zig comes up and says that there still time for him to find someone before the play, Tori tells him Zig doesn't no how hard it is to be outed and Tristan tells her hes right and he has to find someone before the play to be
his first kiss. In the all way, he is watching people walk by, looking sad when he spots Fiona and Imogen. He watches them for a minute, and finally walks over when they are kissing. He asks Fiona when she started liking Imogen, how she knew she would go for a girl and Fiona and Imogen give him advice. Fiona says he is such a button and Fiona and Imogen lock arms with him while Fiona says he is cute, nice, and polite and that Dallas can learn from him and they all walk away. While practising for the play, he falls and looks lost and tried to get back on stage, while trying to get his mask he touches Fabs hand and they share a moment. He later tells Tori and Maya about his moment with Fab.

In Scream (2), Tori asks if Maya and Zig know where Tristan is, because no one can find him. When Maya says 'Way to go Tris', Tori starts wondering if they're having the same conversating. Maya explains that Tristan got a note on his locker and a flower from his secret admirer and that he went meeting him. Tori is upset that Tristan risks to get late for the play to meet a guy he bearly knows and she wants to get him out of there, but Zig says that this might means his first kiss and they shouldn't ruin it. When Adam walks in class he asks if anyone have seen Tristan, but no one has. Then Becky starts wondering if it isn't her brother Luke who have something to do with Tristan's disappearance. When Tori, Maya and ZIg walk in the hallway they here Tristan's phone ringing in
Tori kisses Tristan
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Luke's pocket, so they approach him, but he acts like he didn't hear a phone, so they tell Owen about Tristan's disappearance and he wants to help find his brother so he threatens Luke until he says where Tristan is. When they find Tristan he's really sad, because he's starting to realize that no one loves him, but then Tori tells him that he's in a room with four people who love him (Tori, Maya, Zig and Owen). To prove that he knows what love is Tori kisses him. Now he has had his first kissed with his best friend he can go on stage and kiss Dave. He rocked the stage and to make it even more better, Fab talks to him for the first time.

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In I Want It That Way (1), Tristan, Tori, and Maya are all taking a yoga class together. Tristan expresses interest in Fab to the two girls. During yoga, Tristan has trouble doing the exercises, and Fab tells him about a modified position he could use that would be easier for him. This offends and upsets Tristan, as he thinks Fab called him fat. Later, the three of them go shopping together. Tristan expresses his unhappiness with his weight, saying that Fab basically called him fat during yoga. He says that he wants love and thinks that maybe he isn't finding it because of his weight. Tori suggests that he goes on a diet, but Maya disapproves of her suggestion. Tori and Maya try to get him to try on a shirt to make him feel better, but he says that not even retail therapy could help him. The next day, Tristan tells Tori and Maya that he plans to go on a cleanse diet. Maya protests the idea, but Tori decides to do the diet with him. Tori and Tristan vlog their cleanse diet online, trying to lose 7 pounds in a week, but Tori tries talking to Tristan one last time about how the diet might not be a good idea. He tells her that if he can't even like himself, then no one can, which convinces Tori to participate with him.

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In I Want It That Way (2) , Tristan succeeds in losing 7 pounds in 7 days and goes to talk to Fab about helping him with his yoga which he agrees to. Later when they go to practice, Tristan has a heart attack. He appears later in a hospital but it wasn't major.

In Tonight, Tonight, he is seen in french watch Cam take his oral exam. After Cam passes, he claps for him. Tristan also seems to have recover from his recent heart attack.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), he and Tori walk by Maya and Cam and he makes a snide remark about Maya and Zig being on the same team for spirit week.  He later warns Cam that Zig will do anything to steal Maya away from him.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2) , he is seen grieving over Cam's death.

Tristan talking to Katie about her break up with Jake.
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In Ray of Light (1) , he is seen with Maya and Tori at lunch when Katie joins them.  He and Tori welcome her and tell her that Maya will be performng at Little Miss Steaks that night.  Katie asks if she can join them and they accept.  While Maya is performing, Tristan asks Katie is she broke up with Jake, or if Jake broke up with her.  She responds by telling him and Tori that she wanted to go to Standford, but made a bad decision to do so, causing the relationship to end.  Tristan and Tori seem shocked and give each other a look.  When Maya is done, they all congratulate her and Maya tells them that a manager gave her his business card so she can perform there whenever she wants.  Because of that, Katie flips the manager, leaving Tristan, Maya, and Tori shocked.

In Ray of Light (2), Tristan is seen in the video yearbook making faces with Tori.  

Tristan comforting Tori while she is crying.
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In Karma Police (1) , he watches Tori tell the class that she wishes she could go back in time and help Cam before he committed suicide. Tori is in tears and Tristan runs to her and comforts her. That annoys Zig and he tells her that she didn't even know him for that long. Tristan gets angry and reminds him of the time he cheated on Tori by kissing Maya. Then, he watches Zig tell the class that he wishes the assignment didn't exist and storm out of the room.

In Karma Police (2), Zig apologizes to Tristan, Tori, and Maya for his actions and Tristan forgives him. 

Maya and Tristan talk about meeting boys at Drew's campaign party.
In Zombie (1), Tristan is seen filming Eli's zombie film and appears to be the lead actor. The next day, Maya sees Tristan down the hall and walks toward him, but then trips into his arms because she's wearing high heels. Tristan asks why she can't wear sneakers instead and Maya tells him that she wants to change her look because she wants to meet cute boys. Tristan agrees to it and Maya asks him about Fab and he tells her that he's not into him anymore because he thinks Fashion Week is shallow. Then, they both receive an invitation to Drew's campaign party. Maya realizes that it's a senior party and cute boys go to them and they both agree to go. Tristan questions her on why she wants to meet boys so bad and she tells him that she doesn't have a boyfriend anymore, which makes Tristan very concerned. 

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When Maya's mother sees her raunchy outfit and finds out she's attending the party, she tells her she can't and Maya calls Tristan in front of her mom and tells him that she can't go, but then she leaves the room and tells him that they will be going to the party. They then arrive and seem awkward being there. Then, Maya goes and gets an alcoholic beverage and offers to Tristan and he rejects. Then, Tristan sees Dave and tells Maya he needs to say hi to him, leaving Maya mad. Tristan then is seen hanging out with Dave and Drew and Dallas tell the two of them why they should vote for Drew. Zig arrives at the party and asks Tristan if Maya's okay, and he looks over at her while she's intoxicated and says she's fine and says she's had a few coolers.. When Zig offers to walk her home, Maya rejects him and Tristan tells him that he'll make sure she gets home safely. After Zig leaves, Maya drinks more coolers and goes crazy, leaving Tristan frustrated at Maya's behavior.

Season 13

Tristan's new look in Season 13.
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In Summertime, Tristan appears to have dyed his hair blond. Maya and Tristan begin to walk into Degrassi for their meeting about their trip to Paris this summer when Maya sees the new kid, Miles, gets distracted then walks into a board that Drew and Dallas were working on. Tristan is excited that Maya would be his new BFF since Tori and her family moved away. They get into the classroom where the meeting is alongside many people such as Alli and Jenna. Then suddenly, the new girl, Zoë who happens to be the star of the show West Drive, appears. Madame Jean-Aux introduces her and says that she will be joining the class going to Paris. Tristan is excited when Zoë tells him that the whole cast of West Drive watched his blog that he did with Tori. She also tells him that there is this concert that night and they should go. Then Maya tags along. Zoë, Tristan, and Maya are seen going to the concert together and Tristan and Zoë seem to be bonding. Zoë says that they don't have to wait in line since she is a star but only her and Tristan gets in because the security guard thinks that Maya is under 13 so she couldn't go in so she has to go out back. 

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Later, Miles, Maya, Zoë, and Tristan are seen backstage when Tristan mentions that last year, Maya has two guys fight over her. Miles asks what happens but Maya quickly says nothing happened. Then Zoë makes a comment that is Maya ditched Tristan for some boy in Paris then she will be by Tristan's side. Maya then retorts by saying that Zoë's character is off West Drive. Tristan is shocked and says that can't be true. Zoë then stomps on Maya's foot making her spill her drink all over the sound board which stops the concert. The four teenagers get in trouble and are sent to concert jail. Maya and Tristan talk and she says that he has been ditching her for the whole night. He says he was afraid that she was going to ditch him for Miles. She says that isn't going to happen and they wants to go home but doesn't have any money. Miles then walks over and gives her his credit card and tells her his pin. She thanks him and she and Tristan goes home.

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The next day, Tristan and Maya are at the Dot having breakfast and when they get the bill, Maya takes out Miles' credit card and uses it. Then she says she should return it to him but Tristan thinks it is a bad idea. Maya says her mom already thinks she is a badass so she decided to why not be one. Tristan and Maya get on the bus to go to Paris and sit next to each other. Miles and Chewy get on and Miles assumes that he'll spend the summer with Maya and she tells him that she'll actually be spending it with Tristan. Tristan and Maya laugh after Zoë tells her that she doesn't want Miles and Maya involved with each other.

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In All I Wanna Do, he arrives in Paris with Maya and they are both very excited. He sits in his room and appears to be roommates with Miles and Winston. He stares at Miles as he changes and Miles catches him and Tristan lies and says he was thinking about his "girlfriend", Maya. He later gives Maya flowers in front of their class and Maya pulls him away to tell him that Miles and Winston will accept him, but Tristan assumes that they won't feel comfortable with a gay roommate. Maya then kisses Tristan in front of everyone, grossing Tristan out. 

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Tristan later puts a sheet over his bed so Miles and Winston don't feel uncomfortable with him. Miles questions him about it and Tristan accuses him of bullying him for laughing at him earlier. Miles tries to tell him that they were only laughing because they knew he was gay and he was pretending to be straight. Tristan is still angered and walks out of the room. When Tristan comes back, he finds the sheet gone and there's a mint on his pillow. He assumes that Miles is kicking him out of the room, but Miles removed the sheet because he is perfectly fine with Tristan as a roommate and is looking forward to spending time with him over the summer. Tristan is satisfied and they hug. 

Tristan comforting Miles.
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In My Own Worst Enemy, Tristan enters the hotel lobby with Miles. Tristan goes to talk to Maya, and he tells her that he is happy with how his Summer is going so far. Maya asks Tristan why he is all of a sudden friends with Miles when yesterday they were enemies and Tristan says that he has a crush on Miles. Maya says that she doesn't think that Miles is gay. Zoë overhears, thinking that Tristan and Maya are talking about Winston, and Tristan tells Zoë that they were talking about Miles. Zoë tells Tristan that she wants to date Miles and that she shouldn't underestimate him. Madame enters and tells the students that she wants everyone to buy French food for the rest of the class to sample and that they should be in groups of two people. Miles agrees to be partners with Tristan, which Zoë is angered by.

Tristan and Maya are shocked to see Miles and Zoë together.
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Tristan and Miles go to a restaurant and Tristan orders food for them. Tristan says that the waitress is cute but Miles says that she's not his type. A hip hop song comes on and Tristan says that he likes the song. Miles says that he knows a dance to the song and Tristan is surprised that Miles is a dancer and that he took a hip hop dance class because his sister was a tap dancer and he had to go to the dance studio with her anyway three nights a week. Tristan tells Miles to show him the dance but Miles says he doesn't remember. Miles explains that when his father found out he was in the dance class he made Miles withdraw from the class. Miles says that his dad doesn't get him and Tristan says that he understands and that he's sorry. Miles thanks Tristan for being "easy to talk to" and Tristan kisses Miles. Tristan apologizes but Miles says it's alright and they proceed to go to find more food. He tells Maya that he kissed Miles and Maya asks if they are dating now. Tristan says he doesn't know and that he needs to ask Miles out first unless Miles asks him first. Tristan says all his dreams are coming true but they walk in on Zoë sitting on Miles' lap. Maya says that she can't believe it and Tristan, upset, leaves.

13x05 09
Tristan faking sick.
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In About a Girl, Tristan and Maya are talking before class, and Tristan insists that he is sick and wants to skip. Maya knows he's lying, and Tristan reveals that he can't stand to see Miles and Zoë kissing all the time. Maya encourages him to attend class saying that "it's not like they're going to make out in class" only to walk into the classroom to see Miles and Zoë kissing against a desk. Tristan is upset and leaves the room. Tristan asks what she's doing and she tells him that Miles and Zoë are sucking face outside and that she's going to douse them with water. Maya then pours the water off the balcony and goes back in the room. Maya and Tristan then hear a woman yelling in french, and go onto the balcony only to find that she poured water on their french teacher, who gives them both detention. 

13x05 35
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The detention consists of them scrubbing the school floor with sponges. Tristan leaves saying that he is going to get some rubber gloves. Miles enters saying "What kind of crazy person dumps a bucket of water on a teacher?". Maya admits that the water was meant for him and "his girlfriend". Miles says that Zoë isn't his girlfriend, and Maya replies "Oh so, you just makeout with whoever?", Miles says "Whoever asks nicely; so ask away". Maya scoffs at him and says that she wouldn't kiss him with her dog's lips. Miles asks "So you're just hellbent on stopping me from kissing someone else?". Maya says "It was for Tristan. You kissed him, Miles. You got his hopes up and now you're making him watch you and Zoë grope each other in every nook and cranny of the entire school. You know he can't even stand to come to class anymore." Miles looks up and then away. Maya turns around to find Tristan standing there. Tristan looks at Maya and then walks away. 

13x05 50
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Maya enters Tristan's room to find him with the sheet up covering his bed. Maya says "Special delivery. One best friend who's really, really sorry". Tristan ignores her. Maya says "Tris, please talk to me. I really didn't mean to tell Miles. Tristan asks her why did she then. Maya replies saying "He kept saying that I liked him". Tristan pulls back the sheet and asks Maya if she does. Maya says no, and Tristan replies "But you still had to sell me out to prove your point?". Maya says that's not what happened, and Tristan tells her that it is and that "This morning I could pretend I wasn't feeling well, now Miles knows I'm just a lovesick puppy. It's mortifying". Maya insists that she can fix this. Tristan replies "No thanks. We're done" and pulls back the sheet. Maya asks him what that means, and Tristan says "I'm not going to sign for your best friend package. Return to sender". Maya, distraught, leaves.

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In Cannonball, It is raining outside when Maya and Miles go to find Tristan in the evening, and he is carrying a black umbrella. He stops by a fast food place, making Maya upset, and offers her a fry. When Maya looks like she is about to cry and says she doesn't know what to say to Tristan even if they find him because she is a terrible friend, Miles assures her that it's okay and to walk across the street where Tristan is, He gives her the umbrella and leaves. In class, Maya and Tristan are doing a presentation on the pillory as a form of public humiliation, and Maya suggests Miles try it out. Tristan jokingly asks if anyone has any rotten fruit to throw at Miles. When the bell rings, Maya and Tristan almost leave Miles stuck in the pillory. When Miles calls to be let out, Maya stays back and asks quietly why he was so nice to her the other day. Miles says she caught him on a good day. They stare at each other for a little bit before Zoë interrupts, telling Miles he promised to take her out to this fancy restaurant. Miles seems slightly reluctant. Maya lets him out of the pillory, but before he leaves the classroom following Zoë, Miles tells Maya he'll see her around with a smile.

In Honey, he is seen in class listening to Madame Criquet about going to a fancy French restaurant. He and Maya laugh and whisper to each other about how they're going to order their food. Then, Madame tells the class about the attire they need to wear and they aren't supposed to wear vulgar t-shirts. Tristan then convinces Maya to go on a fashion montage with him. 

Degrassi13 may15th ss 0078
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Tristan and Maya go on their fashion montage and are seeing trying on hats and posing. They go across the street and see a dress in the window. They both decide to go to dinner very dressed up to show up Zoë. When they arrive at dinner, Miles seems flattered by how Maya looks, which angers Zoë. Zoë then spills her drink on Maya's dress on purpose, angering everyone. Tristan then takes Maya into the bathroom to clean up. They come back and Miles informs them that he ended his relationship with Zoë because of how she treated Maya. Maya looks back at Zoë who looks very angry and in tears. The next day, everyone leaves Paris and Maya looks very tired. She kisses Madame goodbye and gets on the bus. She complains about leaving at 4am and rests her head on Tristan's shoulder to go to sleep. Tristan then tells her to sleep with one eye open because Zoë is starring back at them crying. 

In This Is How We Do It, Tristan is seen in the assembly with Maya talking about Miles, Maya tells him she wants to focus on music, not boys causing Tristan to make a comment about her getting contacts. Later, Tristan is seen in class laughing with Maya when Miles walks in and is shocked to see Zoë. He then watches Zoë splash her drink on Mr. Perino and calls it her go to move. He is then seen walking in the hallway with Maya and Miles talking about music and basketball. Zoë approaches them and he watches Miles tell her off, and follows him and Maya.

Tristan you got me
Tristan at the Beach Bash with Maya.
DivinePLAdded by DivinePL

In You Got Me, Tristan, Miles and Maya interrupt Zoë talking about Drew at the ticket table to purchase tickets for the dance. He is shocked when Zoë reveals she and Drew are together now. At the dance, Tristan is seen walking in with Maya, Miles and Winston.

In You Oughta Know, Tristan is seen during the basketball practice. Coach Armostrong says that results of the tryouts, including the staring lineup, will be sent in e-mails this afternoon. Miles tells Tristan he wants to be a starter, otherwise his dad won't be satisfied. Miles also invites Tristan to his home after school, and Tristan says it sounds good.

Later on, Tristan is seen walking into a classroom with Miles and Maya. Tristan displays about his basketball skills and Maya says she forgot about his tryouts. She also says that she never took him for an athlete. A moment later, she sees how Tristan stares at Miles and asks if they haven't establish that Miles doesn't play for Tristan's team. Tristan responds that he doesn't want a boyfriend, but a guy best friend. He also tells Maya that Miles invited him over after school. Maya responds that he invited her too, because it's a party. Tristan says that at least it's a start.

That same day, Tristan is seen at Miles' house with him and Winston. Tristan tells Miles that he loves his house. Suddenly, they both got e-mails from the basketball team. Miles says that they got in. Tristan is happy, but Miles says to screw this and leaves. Tristan asks Winston if he said something inappropriate, but Winston responds that when it comes to Miles, it's always unknown. Tristan goes after Miles and they sit by the pool. Miles is mad that only seniors are the starters and says that his dad will be pissed off. Tristan thinks that he'll be happy, because his son made the team, but Miles responds it's not his style. He also says that he needs something which will give him an edge. Tristan asks if he's talking about steroids.

Tristan you oughta know
Tristan listens to Miles complaining about his father.
DivinePLAdded by DivinePL

A moment later, Tristan is talking to Maya about Miles' idea. He says that he told him not to do steroids, but he doesn't want to listen. Zoë approaches them and asks what are they talking about. When she finds out about the topic, she says that it's not a big deal. Tristan tells her it is and that he feels like Gatsby Garcia in one of "West Drive" episodes. Zoë then suggests Tristan to do the same as her character.

The next day, Tristan is seen in the changing room. He gives Miles a tiny bag of steroids and says he got them from his brother. Miles hugs Tristan and thanks him. He then wants to leave for the practice, but Tristan sits down on a bench. Miles asks him if he's coming and Tristan responds that he'll be right there.

In Everything You've Done Wrong, Tristan is seen cheering at the basketball practice after Miles' layup. Dallas approaches them and says that Miles did a great job, so he transferred him to the starting lineup. Miles thanks Tristan and says that he couldn't have done this without him. Tristan responds that he's very happy for Miles, especially because he doesn't have to take steroids anymore. Miles says that he can't stop now and the other guys wants them too. Tristan is shocked that Miles told everybody and says that he can't run around Degrassi and give out drugs like candy. Miles says that he didn't tell them who he got the steroids from and that he'll handle the distribution. He also says that he'll be the only one who will know that Tristan's involved. Tristan agrees but asks Miles to be quiet about this.

Tristan everything youve done wrong
Dallas confronts Tristan.
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Later on, Tristan is seen by his locker pouring the pills from a package to a bag. Dallas sees him and says that they need to talk. He tells Tristan to stop giving the team steroids, because they'll fail the drug test. Tristan says that the drugs are fake and it's just vitamin D. Dallas asks him why he does it and Tristan responds that he needs to protect a friend. Dallas wonders what his friend will say, when he'll find out about steroids being vitamins by passing his drug test.

That same day, Tristan is seen approaching Miles. Miles asks him if he wants to skip class and get burritos instead, but Tristan responds that they need to talk first. Tristan says that Miles can't give the pills out, however Miles responds it's too late. Tristan then confesses that the steroids are just vitamins D what upsets Miles. Tristan tells him that he was worrying about him, but Miles responds that he doesn't need to worry. He also adds that he must have thought he's stupid and now the whole team will think that he's stupid as well, just like his dad and everyone else. Tristan offers to tell the team it was his idea, but Miles responds that he can't believe he lied to him and he thought they were friends. Tristan says that he is his friend, but Miles leaves. Maya then approaches Tristan and he says that he messed up. She can't believe that Tristan gave fake steroids to the whole team. Tristan asks her what he should do and Maya tells him to tell the team the truth. Tristan says it would humiliate Miles and he needs to do something without the whole team realising they were taking fake drugs. Suddenly, he comes up with an idea.

Tristan everything youve done wrong 2
Tristan comes up with an idea.
DivinePLAdded by DivinePL

Before the basketball practice, Tristan is in the changing room with the team and tells them that he's the supplier of the steroids they've been taking. He continues that they will need to pass the drug test, but he found pills that can flush the steroids from their bodies. He gives out the pills and says that he's no longer going to supply them with steroids. After everyone leaves, Miles asks Tristan what he has given to them and Tristan responds that vitamin B12. Miles says it's a clever move. Tristan apologizes to Miles, but he says that it was him who was acting crazy. Tristan says that he was worried and Miles responds he appreciate it and he's happy he made the starter all by himself. Dallas adds that he's impressed as Tristan is definitely smarter than his brother, Owen.

In Who Do You Think You Are, Tristan is briefly seen in a classroom, where Maya performs a song. He sees a jealous look in Zoë's eyes and makes a comment about it, but Zoë tells him he's deluded. After Maya finishes singing, Tristan and Zoë approach her and tell her she was amazing. When they're leaving the classroom, Zoë sees that Miles tries to ask Maya out, but Tristan tells her to leave them alone.

Tristan who do you think you are
Tristan and Zoë watch Maya's performance.
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A moment later, Tristan asks Maya when the big date with Miles is, but Maya responds that she doesn't know, since she wants to focus on music and she's going to be too busy. Tristan thinks that she's just scared and Maya responds that she doesn't have the best luck with guys. Tristan comforts her that just because her first relationship ended tragically, doesn't mean she can't take risk with Miles. Maya tells him to be quiet, because she doesn't want Zoë to hear it. She says that she's not sure how Zoë feels about her dating Miles and it's another reason to focus on music. Suddenly, Zoë approaches them and Tristan tries to convince her that they were talking about Mr. Townsend and that Maya has a crush on him. Zoë changes the subject and tells Maya that she can help her with making her first music video and they might be able to use one of "West Drive" sets. Maya agrees as Tristan tells her to. She also asks Zoë what's in it for her and she responds that she wants to direct it.

Later on, Tristan is seen with Maya and Zoë on one of "West Drive" sets. The three talk about Maya's concept for the video, but Zoë says she has a better idea. When the lights switch, impressed Tristan says that it's Gatsby's room. Then, Oliver Dean joins them and Zoë says he will be Maya's partner in the video. Tristan is captivated while he introduces himself. Zoë then tells everyone her concept for the video which includes Maya being naked. Maya doesn't want to agree, but Zoë says she won't actually be naked and it will only look that way. Maya asks Tristan what does he think and he responds that lots of musicians have sexy videos. In the end, Maya agrees to Zoë's concept for the video.

Tristan who do you think you are 2
Tristan, Maya and Miles watch Maya's new music video.
DivinePLAdded by DivinePL

Tristan is briefly seen during Maya's music video shooting. He's also seen during the presentation of it with Miles, Maya and Zoë. Tristan loves the music video, but Miles isn't impressed and leaves the room.

That same day, Tristan sits down next to Maya in a classroom and says he can't believe that someone set a mean Facerange page about her. He asks her if the naked photos are real, but Maya denies it. Tristan also asks how is she feeling, and Maya responds with "haters gonna hate." Their talk is interrupted by Mr. Townsend who asks Maya to present a project in front of the class. When everybody starts to laugh at Maya, Tristan watches sadly as she leaves the classroom.

In Barely Breathing, Tristan is briefly seen in a classroom while Maya performs a song about Zoë.

Tristan black or white
Tristan, after he gets the role of Bottom.
DivinePLAdded by DivinePL

In Black or White, Tristan is seen during his drama class with Zoë. Mr. Townsend says that he prepared monologue assignments for everyone. Tristan wants to get the part of Hamlet, but Zoë makes fun of him, saying that if he gets the part of Hamlet, it would mean emphasizing on "ham." Tristan responds that Maya was right and Zoë is a bully. Then, Mr. Townsend approaches Tristan and says that he gets the part of Bottom from "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Tristan is disappointed, but Mr. Townsend says that he's counting on Tristan to deliver a flamboyant performance.

Later that day, Tristan is in Maya's house and reads his monologue in front of Maya and Miles. He makes a donkey bray, what forces Maya and Miles to laugh. Tristan asks them not to laugh, but Maya responds that it's supposed to be funny. Tristan says that it's because Mr. Townsend thinks that the only thing Tristan can play is an ass. He also mentions how Townsend asked him to deliver a flamboyant performance, what Tristan finds as a code for "gay." Miles tells Tristan to give Townsend a piece of his mind, while Maya says that Tristan has to show Townsend that he deserves a dramatic role. Tristan thanks them for their advices.

Tristan black or white 2
Tristan reads his monologue.
DivinePLAdded by DivinePL

Tristan decides to perform the part of Bottom during the rehearsal as a dramatic one, what Mr. Townsend doesn't appreciate. He says that the scene needs to be funny. When Tristan says he doesn't want it to be funny, Townsend responds that he'll then receive a zero on this assignment.

Later on, Tristan sits in a hallway, when Zoë comes by and sits down next to him. Zoë says that he may not like her right now because he's Maya's pet, but she has a piece of advice for him. Tristan asks if she always gives advice by insulting people and Zoë tells him to have fun failing the drama class, since he doesn't want to listen. Tristan decides to step down. Zoë's advice is to do the monologue as scripted, but Tristan doesn't want to agree. He says that he doesn't want to be the funny guy, the fool or the sidekick, and he wants to show the people that he can be a leading man. Zoë responds that what he is showing right now is that he can't do anything.

Tristan black or white 3
Tristan decides to do the monologue as scripted.
DivinePLAdded by DivinePL

During the drama class, Tristan decides to perform a funny monologue. Everyone laughs and cheers when he finishes. Mr. Townsend says that Tristan's performance was delightful. The bell rings and Zoë approaches Tristan, saying that he was great. She also says that she wants to start a comedy troupe with Tristan in it. Tristan would like to join, but he says that Maya still hates Zoë. Zoë responds that she can keep a secret, but Tristan is hesitating if he's doing the right thing.

In Spiderwebs, Tristan is seen rehearsing with Zoë and Winston. Tristan breaks the scene and tells Zoë that he thinks it's juvenile, however Zoë responds that is the point, because she booked a performance for them during the Degrassi Family Feast. Tristan isn't excited and tells Zoë that he promised Maya to spend the next day with her. Zoë tells Tristan to invite Maya, but he responds that she's under house arrest and he didn't tell her that they're hanging out. Tristan says he can't lie to her anymore and Zoë tells him to pick a side.

Tristan spiderwebs
Tristan and Zoë talking about Maya.
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Later that day, Tristan visits Maya at her home. She comes out of a fort made from sheets and says that she has the next day all planned out. Tristan tells Maya that he has to cancel their plans, but distraught Maya says that he can't since she will be all alone. Tristan tells her that his comedy troupe was invited to perform at the Family Feast. Maya wants him to come back after. Tristan also reveals that Zoë's with him in the troupe what really upsets Maya. Tristan says that he can skip the Family Feast if Maya wants him to, but in the end Maya gives him her blessing.

Before the performance, a person wearing a turkey suit approaches Tristan. It turns out to be Maya, what surprises Tristan. Suddenly, Zoë comes to Tristan and says that she can't believe the big day is finally there. She also asks if the person in the suit is Winston, but then Winston approaches the three and says that it's not him. Tristan says the person in the suit is just some lost kid and he quickly leaves with Maya. Maya says that Tristan and Zoë seem tight, but Tristan asks her to stop thinking about Zoë as they need to find her a hiding spot. Maya agrees but she also gives Tristan a pie which she wants him to throw at Zoë during the show. Tristan responds that Maya and Zoë deserve each other, because they both care about getting revenge more than about being his friend.

Tristan spiderwebs 2
Tristan throws a pie at Zoë.
DivinePLAdded by DivinePL

During the performance, Zoë sees Maya backstage and hugs Tristan to make her jealous. In the end, Tristan decides to throw the pie at Zoë's face, what amuses not only Maya, but also the kids in the audience.

Later on, Tristan meets up with Maya and Zoë in the resource center. Tristan says that all they care about is beating each other. He adds that Maya will always be his best friend, but now he gave her the revenge she needed, so he asks the girls for a truce, because he wants to be friends with both of them. Zoë says that she still doesn't like Maya and Maya says the same, but the girls decide to shake each other hands. Tristan hugs them and says that he thinks it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Tristan the world i know
Tristan, Maya and Miles in the cafeteria.
DivinePLAdded by DivinePL

In The World I Know, Tristan and Miles approach Maya at the cafeteria. They want to go for chicken wings, but Maya says that she has so much work to do, she won't have time for that. She also says that she's partnered with Zig in the Rubber Room, what makes her situation even worse. Miles asks who is he, and Tristan says Zig is Maya's ex, but Maya denies it and explains the whole story to Miles. Miles says he's not going to get jealous, however Tristan adds it's obvious that Zig is still in love with Maya. Maya responds that Tristan watches too many teen soaps, and then she tells them to leave, because she needs to finish her assignment.

In Better Man, Tristan works on Maya's makeover. She asks him if he knows what he's doing, but Tristan says he watched a YouTube video. When Miles approaches them, Tristan explains that Maya's paying Grace for a crazy list of Rubber Room dos and don'ts. Maya responds it's not crazy, but Tristan passes her telephone to Miles, so he can read it. After the makeover, Tristan asks Maya not to turn into a "weirdo in the back of a class." Also, the three is impressed by the effect of Maya's makeover.

Tristan unbelievable
Best basketball practice ever!
DivinePLAdded by DivinePL

In Unbelievable, Tristan is seen during the basketball practice. When Dallas throws a ball at Miles and he doesn't catch it, he explains that he's distracted, because Maya's still mad at him for throwing a party. Luke and Neil say the party was amazing, but Miles responds that apparently it's not Maya's cup of tea. Dallas tells him to apologize, while Neil tells him to buy Maya a gift, but Miles says that neither of these ideas worked. Then, Tristan says that they're amateurs and Miles needs a grand gesture. Everyone agrees to brainstorm and Tristan says it's the best basketball practice ever.

Later on, Tristan is briefly seen in the back during the 1st Annual Degrassi Sing-Off while Miles is performing his song for Maya. He is also seen in the changing room with the basketball team. He says that he would feel better if there would still be a pep rally, but Miles responds that he shouldn't care about it since someone on this team assaulted Zoë. After a short discussion, Miles decides to leave.

Tristan unbelievable 2
Tristan waiting for Zoë with Maya, Miles, Drew and Dallas.
DivinePLAdded by DivinePL

A moment later, Tristan is seen next to Frankie and Luke in the foyer. Zoë breaks down and pushes Luke on Tristan. When Luke and Miles start a fight, Tristan tries to break them up. Tristan is also seen in the background while Luke and Neil are being arrested.

When Zoë gets back to school, Tristan is waiting for her in the foyer with Maya, Miles, Drew and Dallas. Zoë asks what's going on and Tristan responds that they're there to walk her to class, sit with her at lunch and make sure that no one bugs her. Miles adds that they want her to know that she's not alone. Zoë then walks away for a second to thank Becky for what she did to her. When she comes back, the six goes happily to class.

Trace 2
Tristan and Grace at the semi formal
Stone15Added by Stone15

In Close to Me, Tristan and Grace are at the dance


Tristan and Maya
LoveyaAdded by Loveya

In Army of Me, Maya is comforting Tristan about his parents fighting. And Tristan is seeing Zoe talking to Mr. Yates.

In Everything Is Everything, he is seen in the hallway spinning around and Maya giving a "whoa" at Tristan's new dark and mature look. When he asks if Maya likes it, she says she needs to work on her sarcasm delivery. When he says how much he loves Grant's style, Maya asks who that is, causing Tristan to confirm it's their new teacher. When he says Grant basically called him his favorite student, she reminds him of how he needed to almost beg him into his playwriting society. Tristan tells her how she doesn't understand the connection between two like minded artists. When Maya warns him against becoming close with a teacher, he brings up how he belives two members of the opposite sex can't live together without impending drama. Maya gives a "zing" at his comeback and he excuses himself to go work on a character bio. 

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Tristan is first seen with Maya putting the gift Miles gave her in his locker he says you really must hate the gift and she says its super sweet and says that she is afraid if she sees him she'll crawl to him and take him back. Then he is seen again with Zoe and they are bumping  into each other and Tristan helps her pick up her books and Tristan sees the book for the quiz team and he says Zoe no people will judge people like me. Zoe says that she doesn't think she nailed her audition so Tristan brings up and says why don't you bring up the assult and maybe they'll give you a second chance and she responds you think that will work? he says yes. so she gives it a shot. 


  • (To Bianca and Drew): "Hey! Bickersons! Why can't I get onto YouTube?" (first line)
  • Tristan: "I am here for grade 9 orientation and I have yet to be-"
    Bianca: "Hey! Big red! Just because you're new here doesn't mean I won't stuff you in a locker!"
  • "I'm not changing. Not for you, not for anyone."
  • (To Tori): "I walked by the skatepark, and I heard Zig tell some of his friends that he likes that you're a little bit...curvy..." 
  • Ms. Oh: "Tristan, right? We need more volunteers for the French horn."
    Tristan: "Are you serious?"
  • (To Maya): "Zig Novak is not a friend."
  • (To Maya, on Tori commenting on Zig's Facerange): "It's better than 100..." 
  • (To Owen): "We were gonna take over grade nine together. The Power Squad. The play. Everything..." 
  • (To Owen): "Tori's my bestie - I can't lose her and I'm not leaving until you tell me how to break them up!" 
  • (To Tori, on their music assignment)": You're a rational person who likes Adele, or you're a moron. Break time!" 
  • (To Tori): "Zig doesn't get a lot of things, like how not to talk beside people's backs..." 
  • (To Tori): "Cause you're spending all of your time with him! We're supposed to be best friends!" 
  • (To Tori and Zig at the Dot): "'re my best friend. Zig, you're a good guy...I'm sure..., but, I felt you were taking her away from me. I got jealous." 
  • "I say, we do 'Half-Hearted, Til I'm With You!"
    Tori: "The song we wrote on Summer camp?"
    Tristan: "And the one we did at your Uncle's wedding!" (Looks at Zig): "It killed. People cried.."
  • "Looks like Zig has a rhyme to spit."
  • Tristan: "My brother got suspended for throwing someone into a door..."
    Adam: "Owen or Fitz?"
    Tristan: "Owen... That was you... I'm so sorry." 
  • (To Adam): "P.S.... I never thought you were gay. Tor has terrible gaydar."
  • To Owen) "Go suck an egg!"
  • (To Maya): "Shut up. He's coming over! Oh god, shut up!"
  • (To Eli) "Not a bit you magnificent bastard!"
  • (To Maya): "Are you unsane?!"
  • (To Maya): "Don't be a nervous nelly!"
  • Tristan: "Room for one more?"
    Dallas: "Friend of yours, Cam?"
    Cam: "-Smirks- I think you're at the wrong table."
  • (To Maya, singing): "I found a new love, music theatre is my man. You better go get Cam as fast as you can!"
  • Tori: "Maybe some cute guy will see you in the play and fall madly in love."
    Tristan (Sarcastically): "Great! After I've lost my lip virginity to some random guy in front of 200 people!"
  • Maya: "How did you do?"
    Tristan: "Not good. I got so nervous, I turned to run, tripped, and fell into a shrub."
    Maya: "Oh my God, were you okay?"
    Tristan. "Yeah. Sitting in that spruce gave me time to think."
  • (To Maya): "You're a stick. I don't expect you to understand."
  • "Everything will be sunshine and unicorns!"
  • "If I don't like myself, how will anyone else like me?"
  • "Fab pretty much said I was fat during our yoga sesh."
  • "Oh look. Maya and Zigmund are on the same team. How cute..."
  • ( To Maya about Fab) "He called Fashion Week shallow.. uhh that's the point granola cruncher!" 
  • (To Maya) "Oh, There's Dave! I should go say hi."
  • (To Maya) "Uh Watch out Taylor Swift!"
  • (To Maya) "Can we just promise to never let a boy come between us?"
  • (To Maya) "Soup alert! Soup alert!"
  • (To Maya): "Is that why you got contacts? So you could exchange flirty glances at your cello?" 


  • Tristan has appeared in 50 episodes.
  • He shared a nickname with Hannah. (Big Red)
  • His Twitter
  • He was the first student from the Class of '16 to be seen on-screen.
  • Tristan plays the French horn as a result of Ms. Oh foisting it upon him.
  • Tristan is the second regular character to be out of the closet before his first episode. The first was Zane.
  • He and Tori host a Vlog (video-blog) about a show called West Drive, which is a series Manny auditioned for, called The West Drive Experience. The vlog is a nod to the real world vlog The Degrassi Experience.
  • His ringtone is the theme song from the show West Drive.
  • He is an Adele and Lady Gaga fan.
  • Although he's openly gay, his first kiss was with his best friend, Tori.
  • Tristan is the youngest openly gay character Degrassi has ever featured.
  • He is the second male main character to have a negative body image. The first was Toby.
  • He is the first character in Degrassi History to suffer from a heart attack.
  • Up until I Want It That Way (1), Tristan's portrayer, Lyle Lettau, had to wear a fat suit while playing him.
  • Tristan is one of eight characters that have dealt with an eating disorder or negative body image (went through a strict cleanse diet which led to short term anorexia.) The other seven are Kathleen, Terri, Toby, Emma, Manny, Jenna and Katie.
  • Tristan is the fourth charcter to have a crush on a heterosexual. The other three were Marco with Griffin, Riley with Peter and Fiona with Holly J.
  • He dyed his hair platinum blonde in Season 13.
  • Tristan is known to have a tragic love life and long list of crushes:
    • His best friend Tori set him on a date with FTM transgender Adam, although Tristan had a feeling he wasn't gay.
    • Then he had a crush on straight hockey player Cam, thinking he could get to know him first and then reveal his feelings, and used Maya's Facerange account to befriend him and become close.
    • Next he had a crush on likely gay stage hand and yoga expert Fab, they flirted and went on one date but Tristan had a heart attack during it. Later he stopped pursuing Fab after he called Fashion Week shallow.
    • He developed a crush on billionaire bad-boy Miles and even kissed him, believing that he was gay. However, it turned out that Miles was actually straight and secretly interested in Tristan's best friend, Maya.  
    • He has also been kissed by his best girl friends Tori (who was his first kiss) and Maya (whom he convinced to pretend to be his girlfriend for a short while) and kissed straight co-star Dave (during a play). 
  • He is the second character to dye his hair platinum blond. The first was Spinner.
  • He has a habit of pretending to be someone he's not in order to get with boys he has crushes on. He did this with both Cam and Miles
  • He is the second character to substitute vitamin pills for drugs. The first was Joey.
  • Two of Tristan's former crushes Cam and Adam have passed away.
  • Tristan is the seventh character to have a crush on a teacher. The other six were MelanieJ.TPaigeDarcy, Dave, and Sav.

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