Two's Company is a Degrassi Mini, a part of the second series of minisodes, that aired during the sixth season.



Manny walks in on Snake using the toilet, and hurriedly runs away, as she is disgusted by the sight. He flushes the toilet, and later joins Manny on the couch with chips. He asks her what she is watching, and she reveals it is Instant Star, another Canadian television show. The two sit in awkward silence, and Snake eats a chip. He tells her that he used a load of air freshener if she wanted to use the bathroom now, but she says that she used the basement's restroom. Snake reveals that he doesn't blame her, saying they usually keep that bathroom door shut so that Jack Simpson, Snake's son, won't play in the toilet. Manny asks if they are really going to talk about the issue, as she clearly does not want to, and Snake tells her it won't happen again. He then tells Manny that he just realized that it is the first night the two of them have been alone in the house since Manny has moved in. Snake asks her if there is anything that she wants to talk about, and Manny tells him no, not wanting to talk. He asks if it is hard being away from her parents, and she reveals that she just saw them last week. Snake brings up the topic of boys, mentioning how Craig Manning, Manny's boyfriend, has been gone, and Manny says, "Mr. Simpson, please.", still not wanting to talk. Snake tells her to call him "Archie" or "Snake" at home, and Manny tells him that is corny for a grown man to be called "Snake". Manny confesses that she really likes living there, as Emma Nelson is like a sister, and she appreciates how great him and Spike have been great. She asks if they can not talk about "stuff" ever, and Snake tells her that he is all ears if she needs him, which earns him a remark about his lack of hair from her that offends him. The two focus on the television, and Manny comments that she can sing better than the girl on Instant Star, and Snake replies that he believes that she can.


  • Manny is watching Instant Star, a Canadian show that rivaled Degrassi in earlier seasons.


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