Unnamed Zombie Movie or Unnamed Horror Film is a film that was featured in Should've Said No (2) at Degrassi Movie Night. Not much is known about the film. The film exists in the Degrassi Universe. The film is basically as much as simple as other zombie films.




The following scenes can be seen briefly during the episode, Should've Said No.

  • A group of zombies eating a person.
  • Human screams, including a girl's scream can be heard.
  • A group of zombies can be seen through the window where Clare, Liam, and Jake were talking and at.
  • A zombie eating a part of a human's bloody organ.
  • A group of zombies walking in a group.


  • The scene where the zombie was eating a bloody body part was the extended version of the opening from the Degrassi mini, "Degrassi of the Dead".
  • It is unknown when it was released or its plot.
  • Many public schools don't allow films such like the Unnamed zombie movie or Rated R films to be shown at public events, but Degrassi Community School does.
  • Many students from Degrassi Community School are shown to enjoy the Unnamed Zombie Movie.