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aka Callie/ C.J

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February 15, 2012
  • I live in a cave
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is v_v Not telling....
  • I am a Unicorn.


Ohai thurr..............My name is Callie or C.J . and i started to watch degrassi in season 3. so far my most fave character is Fiona. She's amazing :) i'm pretty nice...most of the time XD But, don't cross me or i can be a total BAMF. i'm not as sweet as everyone thinks...Well thats about about it so Disappear from my proflie now...Well, don't just stand there...LEAVE.
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This is me....yeah not much more 2 say.

Random Crap about meh. :)

  • I am a grammer Nazi
  • I will fight 4 my rights
  • I can troll you to death jk jk
  • Let the insluts come! I don't care. Love me or Hate me ^.^
  • I ship Drainca, Parcy, Eclare ect.....
  • You truly won't like me if you piss me off. for example if you piss me off thats kinda like opening the gates to hell.
  • I am really shy :/
  • I'm really nice if you get 2 know me
  • If you piss me off. I will personally run you over with a train.
  • OR i track you down and kick your ass. Your choice ^_^
  • I shall always love the charcaters: Ellie, Bianca, Drew, Eli, Marco, Clare(for now) Imogen, Fiona, Sav, Spinner ect....
  • That is all...

Gifs I Just Luv <333

ElismashSmileimogenClareseyesDrewdrumsThumdsupAnyafrownFionainthebed Hollyjandfionahug

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