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November 7, 2011
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Jake and Clare <3 new favorite couple!!

My names Becca I have Blonde hair and Green/Blue eyes I love Degrassi!! but i still want Fitz to come back and I hate it that Emma ended up with Spinner she should have ended up with Sean !!! Btw :)

My Favorite Characters List (not in order) <3

Fitz is first

Fitz well lets fas it is totally gorgeous ,,, he was the bad boy that was misunderstood always hott but a jerk, and when he came back to appoligize nobody wanted to hear it and Clare was the only one who exsepted it and they were really cute than he randomly when off. :( </3

Jake is next

Jake Martin is new in Season 11 and is fitting in just nicly and him and fitz look alot the same so makes him just as hott as Fitz and his personality is amazing and makes him just as attractive, and him and clare are cutee as well the forbidden couple <3

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