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July 5, 2012
  • I live in New York
  • I was born on June 3
  • I am a girl

Hey, welcome to my userpage! I'm Joanna, but feel free to call me Jo. I've been a user on here for over 2 years. I don't watch Degrassi anymore, but I'm still active on this website. I'm an admin, on here. If you ever want to talk, feel free to leave a message on my talk page!

Shows I watch are Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Orange Is The New Black, My Mad Fat Diary, The OC, Shameless US, Skins UK, Avatar: The Last Airbender, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi (seasons 1-12), The Vampire Diaries (seasons 1-4), and That 70s Show. My Tumblr.

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Favorite Characters

Adam, Alex, Anya, Bianca, Cam, Darcy, Ellie, Emma, Fiona, Holly J, JT, Jake, Jay, Jenna, Jimmy, Katie, Liberty, Manny, Marco, Marisol, Maya, Miles, Paige, Sav, Sean, Spinner, Toby, Tori, Zoe

Favorite Couples

Sean/Emma, JT/Liberty, Cam/Maya, Jay/Manny, Peter/Darcy, Jake/Katie, Miles/Maya, Paige/Alex, Adam/Bianca, Sav/Anya, Spinner/Jane Fiona/Imogen, Craig/Ashley, Declan/Holly J, Mo/Marisol, Jimmy/Trina, Hazel/Jimmy, Danny/Chantay, Sean/Ellie, Jenna/Connor, KC/Jenna, Zoe/Zig

Phoebe, Rachel, Monica Lily x robin Tracy Omg rae iconic ChloesetChloeset2 Fiona pretty Veronicasmiling Mandy bitch Marissa&Summer Cassie Ainsworth- brilliant quote Effy32 Mini&grace Fitch twins Naomi888 Michelle and Jal - 1 002-emilia-clarke-daenerys-targaryen-35734216-500-200 Arya Stark (1) Margaery sansa Spencer51 Hannily black and white Mona Vanderwaal - 1 Toph fave Katara beauty Hermione1 Luna Manny-smileee Ellie-nash8 Katie & Maya Bianca bby Tumblr static fiona beanie Liberty304983 Lolanya Zoezoe Violet Harmon gif Sister jude Lana middle finger Misty day Giphy fiona Queenie (1) Taystee7 Poussey (1) Nicky quote Sophiaoitnb Redoitnb Piper Chapman (1) Daya perf Tricia-Miller-GIF Lorna Morello (1) Katnissbows Johanna Mason

Chandler and Joey Marshall and Barney Finn mmfd Archie Ianandyev Lip Gallagher (1) Mickey12 Kevin Circle quote Ryan and Seth Rich Hardbeck ♥ ChrisMiles Ceddie cry Toox Tyrion Lannister Jon robb Gendry-gif-3537cab Taleb is perfect Zuko ATLA Iroh (1) Sokka Ron Weasley (1) Harry love magic Lifeisntfair-snape Neville Longbottom Draco Malfoy cry Fred-and-George-Weasley-fred-and-george-weasley-23981438-500-217 Marco del rossi-2 Adam Torres dskgsakdlhgasd Cammmm Spinner cry Sean Cameron2 Jt yorke 1 Miles -) Kit Walker GIF Bennet-Smiling Peeta Mellark my husband THG - Finnick Odair


Hardlet-cry Mondlerbbies Marshall and Lily Gallavichhug Robin-barney-proposal-gif Spoby bw Haleb perfection Zutara perfection Freffy - 1 Ryissa perf Sethmer Rosschel (2) Ted x tracy Rae finn Keronica0345 Chral6346 Naomily8 Semma GIF Jiberty-kiss Camaya first kiss ♥ Janny hug Parcy kisses Jatie hug Matlingsworth4325 Dennett bw

Books/movies Ronmione kiss Augustus x Hazel Peeta-Mellark-and-Katniss-Everdeen-image-peeta-mellark-and-katniss-everdeen-36380668-500-200 Titanic - Jack and Rose

Thank you for the beautiful collages/gifs everyone. ♥

Jo's bands - MCR

Jo's bands - FOB Jo's bands - GD Jo's characters (1)Jo's characters (2) Jo's characters (3)Jo's characters (4) Zuko for Jo (1)Zuko for Jo (2)

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