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Hey, welcome to my userpage! I'm Joanna, but feel free to call me Jo. I've been a user on here for over 2 years. I don't watch Degrassi anymore, but I'm still active on this website. I'm an admin, on here. If you ever want to talk, feel free to leave a message on my talk page!

Rae Earl gifset (1)Rae Earl gifset (2) Rae earl gifset (3)Rae Earl gifset (4)


I used to love this show during the first twelve seasons, but this current season has been absolutely awful. Nonetheless, here are my queens/kings/OTPs that I still love.


Manny-smile Ellie nash 1 Katie Matlin ♥ Queen bianca desousa Maya Matlin GIF Paige Michalchuck-1 Alex nunez Liberty Van Zandt Fiona88888 Jenna Middleton-3 Anya MacPherson cutie Becky Baker edit Zoe Rivas - best scene ever (8) Zoe Rivas - best scene ever (9) Holly J 1 Tori S GIF Darcy Ed GIF

Others - Emma, Marisol, and Imogen.


Marco del rossi-2 Adam Torres ily Campbell saunders cutie Sean Cameron Spinner mason 1 Jimmy Brooks quote Milesbb Eli Goldsworthy (1)

^ before he was ruined </3

Jake Martin ILY Jt yorke 1

Others - Dallas, Sav, Toby, and Jay.


Semma cry Jiberty 1 Camaya Cry Janny♥ Parcy kisses Jatie YES

Others - Pre tainted!Eclare, Matlingsworth, Palex, Fimogen, Dolly J (pre Love Lockdown), Sanya, Badam, Beckdam, Spane, Sellie, Marimo, Jonnor, Crash, Jazel, Jrina, Kenna

Least favorite characters

All of the rapists/murderers/abusers, Drouche, Zigmund, Clurr, Alli, Tristan, Johnny, Damian, Bruce, Derek


Zig/Maya, Drew/anyone, Tristan/Miles, Owen/Anya, KC/Marisol, Marco/Dylan, Manny/anyone besides Jay, Craig/Ellie, Miles/Zoe, Imogen/Eli, Clare/Jake, Damian/anyone, JT/Mia, Peter/Mia, Adam/Fiona, Eli/Lenore, Sean/Amy, Johnny/Alli, and all of the abusive relationships/ships involving the villains (meaning the physically abusive ships, Trates, Lukenna, etc.)

Shows; Shameless US, Game Of Thrones, Skins UK, My Mad Fat Diary, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The O.C., American Horror Story, That 70s Show, Friends, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries (seasons 1-4), and of course, Degrassi (seasons 1-12).

Bands; Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Nirvana, The Beatles, Blink-182, Panic! At the Disco, and plenty more.

Books; Harry Potter, 13 Reasons Why, Perfect, Lush, Bounce, The Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye, and more.

Shameless US

Ian Gallagher (2) Lip Gallagher quote Kevin Circle quote

Others - Mickey, Carl, and Matty.

Game Of Thrones

Tyrion LannisterRobb Stark (1)Jon324Ned starkGendry-gif-3537cab

Others - Sandor, Podrick, Loras, Jacquen, Bran, and Jorah.

Skins UK

Rich Hardbeck ♥Chris Miles 2Freddie Mclair (2)Maxxie OliverJames Cook GIFJJ Jones

Others - Nick.

My Mad Fat Diary

Finn Nelson - 1Archie

Others - Chop, Kester, and Danny.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Zuko ATLASokka (1)Iroh (1)Aang (1)

Harry Potter

Ron Weasley (1)Harry love magicDraco Malfoy cryNeville Longbottom

Others - Fred, George, Snape, Dobby, and Dumbledore.

The O.C.

Ryan Atwood QuoteSeth Cohen fave quote omg

Others - Sandy and Luke.

American Horror Story

Kit Walker (1) Tate-5

^ As a character, not a person.

Others - Chad.

Pretty Little Liars

Toby Cavanaugh GIF (1)Fan-Art-caleb-rivers-28338267-500-259

Others - Jason.


Chandler Bing Joey how you doin

Others - Ross.

That 70s Show

Hyde Eric Forman Red

Others - Fez.

The Hunger Games

Peeta Mellark my husbandFinnick Odair

The Vampire Diaries

Jeremy smile Damon7007 Matt Donovan

Others - Tyler, Klaus, and Alaric.

Shameless US

Fiona Gallagher (2)Veronica FisherMandy Milkovich GIFTumblr lif8enZa7f1qdf5lco1 500

Others - Sheila and Bonnie.

Game Of Thrones

Dany435AryabamfMargaery-tyrellSansa-userboxCatelyn stark

Others - Cersei, Ygritte, and Brienne.

Skins UK

Effy perfectCassie quoteGrace angelQueen katie fitchMini smilingEmily Fitch 1Naomi Campbell ilyMichelle richardsonJal Fazer - 1

Others - Franky, Liv, and Pandora.

My Mad Fat Diary

Rae Earl B&WChloe gifset (1)Chloe gifset (3)

Others - Izzy and Tix.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Toph GIFKatara-1

Others - Azula, Yue, Suki, Mai (sometimes), and Ty Lee.

Harry Potter

Hermione Granger - repeatsLuna Lovegood 1

Others - Ginny and Bellatrix.

The O.C.

Summer Roberts cutieMarissa Cooper - 1

Others - Taylor, Kirsten, Julie, Anna, and Kaitlin.

American Horror Story

Violet Harmon gif Mistyy Queenie GIF Sister Jude (1) Lana Winters Cordelia Fiona Goode Marie Laveau Nan (1)

Others - Madison, Sister Mary Eunice, Delphine, and Moira.

Pretty Little Liars

Spencer-quote Hanna Marin - queen Emily Fields (2) Mona Vanderwaal

Others - Ashley and Jenna.


Rachel Monica Phoebe Phoebs hates it

That 70s Show

Jackie Burkhart

Others - Kitty and Donna.

The Hunger Games

Johanna MasonKatnissbows

Others - Rue and Primrose.

The Vampire Diaries

Rebekah Mikaelson - 1 Bonnie Bennett ♥ Caroline Forbes

Others - Elena, Jenna, Anna, and Katherine (pre Season 5).

Shameless US

Gallavich perf Keveronica

Others - Carl/Bonnie, Lip/Mandy, Jimmy/Fiona, Matty/Debbie (when she's of age), and Sheila/Jody. // BROTPs - Fiona/Veronica, Ian/Mandy, The Gallagher siblings.

Game Of Thrones

Gendrya (1)

Others - Jon/Ygritte, Robb/Talisa, Ned/Catelyn, Tyrion/Sansa, Jon/Dany, and Sansa/Margaery. // BROTPs - The Starks, Sam/Jon, Tyrion/Bronn, Jon/Arya, Gendry/Arya (I love it romantically and as a friendship), Jacquen/Arya, Robb/Jon, and Sansa/Margaery.

Skins UK

Hardlet--weddingFreddie-and-effyChral 1Naomily-bw

Others - Mini/Franky, Cassie/Sid, Tony/Michelle, JJ/Lara, Maxxie/Tony. // BROTPs - Cassie/Chris, Rich/Alo, Mini/Franky, Cook/Naomi, Effy/Pandora, Emily/JJ, Tony/Sid, Michelle/Jal, Liv/Alex, and Effy/Naomi.

My Mad Fat Diary

Rae and Finn ^.^

Others - Chop/Izzy and Danny/Tix. // BROTPs - The Gang (my favorites being Rae/Archie and Rae/Chloe) and Rae/Tix.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Zutara - 1

Others - Toph/Sokka, Suki/Sokka, Yue/Sokka, and Toph/Aang. // BROTPs All of Team Avatar and Ty Lee/Azula/Mai.

Harry Potter

Ronmione kiss

Others - Ginny/Harry, Neville/Luna, Snape/Lily, and James/Lily. // BROTPs - The Golden Trio and the Marauders.

The O.C.


Others - Kirsten/Sandy. // BROTPs - The Fab Four, the Cohens, and Julie/Kirsten.

American Horror Story

Krace BW

Others - Nan/Luke, pre tainted!Violet/Tate, and Zoe/Kyle. // BROTPs - The Coven, Kit/Lana/Jude, and Misty/Cordelia.

Pretty Little Liars

Spoby bwHaleb perfection

Others - Emily/Maya, Holden/Aria, Emily/Alison, and Noel/Jenna. // BROTPs - The Core 4.


MondlerbbiesRosschel Finale Kiss (1)

Others - Joey/Phoebe. // BROTPs - F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

That 70s Show

Jackie and Hyde - 1

Others - The Gang.

The Hunger Games

Everlark BW

No gif, but Finnick/Annie. // BROTPs - Katniss/Peeta/Finnick/Johanna, Katniss/Cinna, Effie/Haymitch and Katniss/Rue.

The Vampire Diaries

Mabekah kissDani birthday - Delena

Others - Stefan/Caroline, Bonnie/Jeremy, Anna/Jeremy, Alaric/Jenna, Tyler/Caroline, and Klaus/Caroline. // BROTPs - Damon/Alaric, Bonnie/Elena/Caroline, Matt/Jeremy, and Stefan/Caroline.

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