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Venice Boardwalk: Character Description and Pilot Promo

CrAsh May 5, 2013 User blog:CrAsh

As some of you may know, I plan on writing a fanfic. I came up with a name. Here is the original blog:

Character Descriptions

Main Characters

Joyce Adkins: Joyce is a very shy but intelligent girl who falls in love too easily.

'Donovan Afolayan': Donovan is a very talented football player, but he has problems when dealing with bad relationships.

Jake Manfred: A young boy that has problems with family.

Kasey Royale: Kasey is a very nice girl, but has too much pressure on her to do well.

Sofia Pasternak: Sofia is a bitchy girl that slowly is becoming enemies with her former best friend, Joyce.

Brian Barton: A happy teen that is trying to find himself.

Matthew Trafford: A positive boy with a lot of health issues.

Recurring Characters

Lorelle Sharman: A smart and opinionated girl that always puts up a fight.

Chris Adkins: The older brother of Joyce, who is very protective of her. Appearance: Average weight/height, blonde hair

Logan Ellis: A rude, horny teenage boy. Appearance: Skinny, short, blonde hair

Pilot Promo

Coming in Summer

(Matthew wakes up)

On the Degrassi Wiki

('Sofia is seen smoking a cigarette with 'Logan)

(Joyce kisses Donovan)

What will happen?

Joyce(to Sofia): I kissed Donovan

(Sofia slaps Joyce)

Sofia: I just need to find myself

Logan: I can help you with that.

(Brian and Matthew are shown surfing)

Lorelle: Matt, wanna go to the movies with me?

Donovan(to Chris): Hey, everything is alright.


Coming in the Summer

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