So I made a blog like this called "the to my" and I feel like I kinda failed so I'm gonna do it again. If I forgot you or you wanna be in it comment and I'll but you on here as well :)

Annie you are the Holly J. to my Anya<3

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Ash you are the Maya to my Tori<3

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Cam you are the Cam to my Tori<3

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CJ you are the Noah to my Rebecca<3

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Damian you are the Gary to my Holly<3

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Dave you are the Freddie to my Carly<3

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Delia you are the Alli to my Clare<3

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Dor you are the Rue to my Katniss<3


Jake you are the Jake to my Clare<3

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Jess you are the Amber to my Nina<3

Tumblr m8gdxrgFpm1rtmlvfo1 250

Jo you are the Spencer to my Hanna<3


Kelly you are the Tiana to my Charlotte<3

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Meg you are the Maya to my Katie<3

Tumblr mknvz3OxMS1qcuqx0o1 500

Nat you are the Alli to my Jenna<3

Alli Jenna

Nick you are the Andre to my Tori<3

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Pearl you are the Imogen to my Fiona<3

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Sarah you are the Sam to my Carly<3

Tumblr lkwmo9AmAc1qdt7vn

Scott you are the Eli to my Clare<3

Tumblr mhxcdgAX3o1rxh5j1o1 500

Wendy you are the London to my Maddie<3

Tumblr lku38woHY71qhxhiz

Xavier you are the Eddie to my KT<3

Tumblr mhbxokJhVo1qif5r6o3 250

Yazzy you are the Raven to my Chelsea<3

Tumblr le13kvXFkk1qfccvpo1 500

Des you are the Eli to my Imogen<3

Tumblr mjs59eNAcp1qh7ojzo1 500

Lizzy you are the Clare to my Jenna<3

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