Dani as Apple White ( Daughter of Snow White)                        
Apple White

Annie as Raven Queen (Daughter of Evil Queen) as                           
Raven Queen

CeCe as Briar Beauty (Daughter of Sleeping Beauty)                               
Briar Beauty

Tori(G2B) as Madiline Hatter (Daughter of Mad Hatty)                                 
Madeline Hatter

Jo as Ashlynn Ella (Daughter of Cinderella)                                    

Ashlynn Ella

Cam as Hunter Huntsman (Son of Huntsman)                                 

Profile art - Hunter Huntsman II

Dorothy as Cedar Wood (Daughter of Pinocchio)                                         

Cedar Wood

Delia as Cerise Hood (Daughter of Red Riding Hood)                                  

Cerise Hood

Tori (Kiki) Blonie Lockes (Daughter of Goldie lockes)                          

Blondie Lockes


Syler as Daring Charming (the first son of prince Charming)                                        
Raven's Tale - Daring stands around

Scott as Dexter Charming (the second son of prince Charming)                                  

Dexter Charming

Lizzy as Lizzie Hearts (Daughter of the Queen of Hearts)                                              
Lizzie Hearts


Ash as C.A. Cupid (Daughter of Eros)                                                  
C.A. Cupid

Yazzy as Ginger Breadhouse (Daughter of the Candy Witch)                                
Ginger Breadhouse

Elle as Holly O'Har (Daughter of Rapunzel)                                                              
Holly O'Hair

Kaylin as Kiity Cheshire (Daughter of Cheshire Cat)                                    
Kitty Cheshire

Me as Alistair Wonderland (Son of Alice)                                                          
Alistair Wonderland

Sarah as Duchess Swan (Daughter of the Swan Queen)                                               
Duchess Swan

Catie as Faybelle Thorn (Daughter of the Dark Fairy)                                           
Faybelle Thorn