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Favorite Pokemon Blog (Special Round 1)

So it's time for the first bring back round of the competition! Since I'm a nice person and this is a faves blog, I've decided everyone is allowed to vote for two pokemon to return. Catch is, they gotta be confirmed by someone! Remember double elims? Confirms for bring backs are gonna work the same way.

Person A: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Person B: I confirm Pokemon X/I confirm both

So you're gonna be allowed to bring back two poke (as long as both get confirmed they both return).

Also, the all time faves will still be immune next round as well as all the bring backs.

So now for the pokemon! Choose wisely!


114. Rhyperior

113. Aggron

112. Gligar

111. Croagunk

110. Skarmory

109. Seviper

108. Steelix

107. Klefki

106. Arbok

105. Scizor

104. Hitmonchan

103. Heracross

102. Wormadam

101. Magneton

100. Tyranitar

99. Greninja

98. Crobat

97. Sandslash

96. Happiny-RETURNING

95. Mamoswine

94. Raichu-RETURNING

93. Alolan Raichu

92. Dusclops

91. Slurpuff

90. Slowking

89. Palossand

88. Dewgong-RETURNING

87. Decidueye

86. Larvitar

85. Braviary

84. Gourgeist-RETURNING

83. Blaziken-RETURNING

82. Salamence

81. Flygon-RETURNING

80. Honedge

79. Salandit


77. Cubchoo

76. Togetic-RETURNING

75. Lucario

74. Cubone-RETURNING

73. Pidgeotto

72. Aromatisse

71. Wartortle

70. Quagsire

69. Bewear-RETURNING

68. Infernape

67. Blastoise-RETURNING

66. Volcarona

65. Typhlosion

64. Blissey

63. Alolan Meowth

62. Jellicent

61. Rockruff

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