I am sure this has been done before, but I will do it again: If I forgot you tell me.

Yazzy as Bianca DeSousa


Lizzy as Katie Matlin

Katie giff

Alaura as Becky Baker
Becky baker ♥g

Squall as Luke Baker

Tumblr m8i4vy3q1P1rrbvvxo2 500

Syler as Eli Goldsworthy
Tumblr mcyy29toIA1rjpks2o1 400

Jo as Maya Matlin

Zaya drools but Maya Rules!

Tori (Kikichara) as Alli Bandhari

Alli Season 10 GIF

Rob as Dave Turner
Dave Cute GIF

Jake as Connor Delaurier
Who We Are - Connor Delaurier

Cam (Degrassi Fan) as Tristan Millagin

Tori (Got2BFionaC101) as Imogen Moreno 
Who We Are - Imogen Moreno

Annie as Jenna Middleton
Jenna in shark in the water

Wendy as Zoe Rivas


Des as Miles Hollingsworth III


I myself (as Desmonds younger sibling) as Frankie Hollingsworth but there isn't a Frankie gif, so this text will make up for it xD

Camille as Mrs. Oh


Sarah as Archie Simpson

Tumblr mjguazgcQt1rng8zfo1 250

From here I will start putting girls with boy characters, because I am running out of matches, sorry for that.

Kaylin as Drew Torres

Murphy as Adam Torres. The only reason for this is because they have both left.


Darryl as Clare Edwards

Cause clare

Karen as Winston Chu

Winston Talks To Maya GIF


Dani as Zigmund Novak

Delia as Madison Grant

Xav as Colton 

Ash as Madame Jean-Aux
Madame Jean-Aux 1

Nick as Mike Dallas

Dallas Smiling GIF