So since power couple will be ending soon, I thought it'd be fun to do this again but this time with the best friends of Degrassi. There have been many best friendships on Degrassi some were toxic, some were healthy, and some were just very messy. But who's the BROTP of Degrassi? Vote one each round and maybe vote two(I'll let you know when).

Also if I'm missing anyone on here please let me know, I'd like to have a fair competition.

Here are the contestants:

marco and ellie

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49th Place- Maya and Tristan

48th Place- Danny and Derek

47th Place- Johnny and Bruce

46th Place- Zoe and Tristan

45th Place- Ashley and Terri

44th Place- Drew and Dallas

43rd Place- K.C and Drew

42nd Place- Dave and Wesley

41st Place- Wesley and Connor

40th Place- Becky and Imogen

39th Place- Connor and Dave

38th Place- Sean and Jay

37th Place- K.C and Dave

36th Place- Tori and Tristan

35th Place- Shay and Lola

34th Place- Rasha and Goldi

33rd Place- Spinner and Jay

32nd Place- Frankie and Shay

31st Place- Holly J and Anya

30th Place- Peter and Sav

29th Place- Lola and Frankie

28th Place- Imogen and Eli

27th Place- Anya and Mia

26th Place- Riley and Anya

25th Place- Zig and Tiny

24th Place- Peter and Riley

23rd Place- Jane and Holly J

22nd Place- Grace and Zoe

21st Place- Fiona and Eli

20th Place- Ashley and Ellie

19th Place- Miles and Winston

18th Place- Paige and Hazel

17th Place- Sav and Danny

16th Place- Clare and Alli

15th Place- Maya and Tori

14th Place- K.C and Connor

13th Place- Katie and Marisol

12th Place- Adam and Clare

11th Place- Jake and Mo

10th Place- Alli and Jenna

9th Place- Craig and Marco

8th Place- Spinner and Jimmy

7th Place- Grace and Maya

6th Place- Eli and Adam

5th Place- Marco and Paige

4th Place- J.T and Toby

3rd Place- Emma and Manny

2nd Place- Fiona and Holly J

WINNERS- Marco and Ellie