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Degrassi's BROTP 2017

Mxrquez April 21, 2017 User blog:Mxrquez

So since power couple will be ending soon, I thought it'd be fun to do this again but this time with the best friends of Degrassi. There have been many best friendships on Degrassi some were toxic, some were healthy, and some were just very messy. But who's the BROTP of Degrassi? Vote one each round and maybe vote two(I'll let you know when).

Also if I'm missing anyone on here please let me know, I'd like to have a fair competition.

Here are the contestants:

Emma Nelson and Manny Santos

J.T Yorke and Toby Isaacs

Jimmy Brooks and Spinner Mason

Paige Michalchuk and Hazel Aden

Ashley Kerwin and Ellie Nash

Craig Manning and Marco Del Rossi

Ellie Nash and Marco Del Rossi

Marco Del Rossi and Paige Michalchuk

Holly J Sinclair and Anya MacPherson

Peter Stone and Riley Stavros

Clare Edwards and Alli Bhandari

Anya MacPherson and Mia Jones

K.C Guthrie and Connor DeLaurier

Sav Bhandari and Danny Van Zandt

Peter Stone and Sav Bhandari

Alli Bhandari and Jenna Middleton

Jane Vaughn and Holly J Sinclair

Anya MacPherson and Riley Stavros

Fiona Coyne and Holly J Sinclair

Eli Goldsworthy and Adam Torres

Adam Torres and Clare Edwards

Katie Matlin and Marisol Lewis

Maya Matlin and Tori Santamaria

Fiona Coyne and Eli Goldsworthy

Eli Goldsworthy and Imogen Moreno

Jake Martin and Mo Mashkour

Miles Hollingsworth and Winston Chu

Zig Novak and Tiny Bell

Frankie Hollingsworth and Shay Powers

Lola Pacini and Frankie Hollingsworth

Zoe Rivas and Grace Cardinal

Grace Cardinal and Maya Matlin


49th Place- Maya and Tristan

48th Place- Danny and Derek

47th Place- Johnny and Bruce

46th Place- Zoe and Tristan

45th Place- Ashley and Terri

44th Place- Drew and Dallas

43rd Place- K.C and Drew

42nd Place- Dave and Wesley

41st Place- Wesley and Connor

40th Place- Becky and Imogen

39th Place- Connor and Dave

38th Place- Sean and Jay

37th Place- K.C and Dave

36th Place- Tori and Tristan

35th Place- Shay and Lola

34th Place- Rasha and Goldi

33th Place- Spinner and Jay

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