Here's how it is. First you take this survey:

  1. Favorite color?
  2. Least favorite color?
  3. Favorite music genre?
  4. Favorite artist/band/group?
  5. Least favorite music genre?
  6. Least favorite artist/band/group?
  7. Favorite movie(s)?
  8. Least favorite movie(s)?
  9. Favorite movie genre?
  10. Least favorite movie genre?
  11. Favorite TV show(s)
  12. Least Favorite TV shows(s)
  13. What you love?
  14. What you hate?
  15. Favorite Sport?
  16. Least Favorite sport? (Answer even if you hate them)
  17. Favorite Food?
  18. Least Favotite Food?

Then users guess what character you remind them of from whatever tv show. Example after Jake finishes and a user says like Zig Novak or Jeremy from TVD. Have fun!

Happy ems