Vickie was a minor character in the eighth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. She was the supervisor of the fifth dorm floor at Smithdale University. She was portrayed by Loretta Yu.

Character History

Season 8

In Uptown Girl (1), Vickie greets Emma Nelson, Manny Santos and Liberty Van Zandt upon their arrival at Smithdale. She excitedly tells Manny and Liberty that their rooms are on her floor, but disappoints Emma by saying that she was not on the list. Emma soon makes arrangements with the housing office and was put in the same room as Manny, Liberty and a guy named Kelly. She is later seen running a series of events and games in which the university freshman participate in.

In Touch of Grey, Vickie is excited about the upcoming dorm Olympics, which is a night of games for each dorm to partake in. When Emma tries to improve her boring reputation, she begins smoking pot with the other girls. On the night of the dorm Olympics, she bakes marijuana brownies and hands them out to everyone during the events. Meanwhile, Vickie is completely unaware of Emma's actions. After the dorm Olympics end, Becca, one of the girls, falls into a diabetic coma after ingesting too many of Emma's brownies. Vickie informs the rest of the students that anyone caught with illegal substances will be immediately removed from residence. The next day, the campus police search the dorm and catch Kelly attempting to get rid of the brownies in his and Emma's room. Vickie tells Kelly that he has to go with the cops and as a result he is kicked out of residence.