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Vicky Friedland
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
School(s) Degrassi Junior High School

Degrassi High School

First Episode He's Back
Last Episode School's Out!
Reason Series ended
Portrayed By Karryn Sheridan
Vicky Friedland was a student who attended Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High School. Vicky is shown throughout the Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High series, however she is uncredited for the majority of the time. She was portrayed by Karryn Sheridan.

Character History

Season 2

In He's Back, Mr. Colby is discussing a commercial about a car with women in slinky dresses. When he asks the class why they think that advertising method was used, Vicky answers "Well, they want you to think that if you buy the car you'll be surrounded by beautiful women." As the bell rings, Vicky is seen walking out of the class, telling a friend Colby's an excellent teacher.

Season 3

Although uncredited, Vicky is seen in The Whole Truth in the bathroom putting on makeup and asking a friend (Tessa) "How do I look?" and if she looks sophisticated, then they leave the bathroom as Caitlin and Trish enter.

At the science fair in Food for Thought, Vicky is seen again as Nancy Kramer compliments her project, which later wins her second place in the fair.

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