Victoria is the cousin of Fiona and Declan Coyne, as well as the niece of Robert and Laura Coyne. She has a recurring problem with meth.

Character History

Season 9

In Just Can't Get Enough, at Fiona and Declan's party, when Peter Stone is feeling insecure after being publicly humiliated by Declan, Victoria finds him and offers him some meth as an escape. Peter's life went downhill from there. He was kicked out of his own band Stüdz, his girlfriend Mia Jones breaks up with him, and he continues to take the drugs. At the party, Victoria makes fun of Fiona, saying that she and Declan are "very, very close."

In Start Me Up, she apologizes to Peter for giving him the meth, and Fiona adds she has been clean for two months. She goes to Peter's new club and flirts with him. She also promises that she can get a band called Fritz Helder and the Phantoms to perform at the club since they owe her a favor. She notices something smell
weird, and Peter discovers that it was people taking drugs. Peter tries to kick them out, but then they threaten to tell everyone how lame the club is. He hesitates and then tells them to do it in the bathrooms. Before they go, they offer him some and he declines.

While the Fritz Helder and the Phantoms were performing, they share a kiss. When Jane goes to the bathroom, she sees Victoria walk out of a stall snorting and wiping her nose. Jane quickly tells Peter this, but he denies it, as he doesn't want to believe Jane.

The next day, Peter meets up with Victoria at The Dot on his lunch break to find out if she truly is doing drugs again. She is seen wearing sunglasses. She takes them off and admits to "cheating", before offering Peter even more drugs. Peter confronts her and breaks things off with her because he doesn't want to go back to Meth again. She walks off crying. This is the last time Victoria is seen.



  • Victoria is the third out of five people to go into rehab for an addiction. The first was Ellie Nash's mother Caroline Nash for her alcoholism, the second was Craig Manning for his cocaine addiction, the fourth was her cousin, Fiona, for her alcoholism and the fifth was Katie Matlin for her Oxycodone addiction.
  • She and Peter both did drugs (while they were dating).
  • Her surname was never revealed.
  • Victoria was Peter's only girlfriend who was not a regular character.


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