Vince Bell formed a violent street gang prior to his first appearance during the premiere of season 11. His gang participated in illegal activities, such as buying and selling drugs, rape, abuse, attempted murder, and fighting. Known members of his gang are: Tiny Bell, Zig Novak, and formerly Anson, though Vince has plenty of henchmen working for him. Vince blackmailed Bianca DeSousa into selling drugs and having sex with him in exchange for the promise to keep Drew Torres safe.


  • Vince Bell was first revealed to be a violent, gangmember in season 11. He appeared to be the leader when he was controlling Anson and various other people. He has done many atrocious things: he forced Bianca into a relationship, to sell drugs, abused/raped her, had his men beat up Drew to the point where he suffered from PTSD, shot Adam, and forced Zig to continue selling drugs.
  • Anson was Bianca's ex-boyfriend and Vince's henchmen, who did Vince's dirty work (like selling and buying drugs) for him. After an attempt to rape Bianca, Drew tried to fight him, but was overpowered. Bianca picked up a brick and hit Anson on the back of the head in self-defense, killing him instantly from blunt force trauma. Anson's death is what caused the conflict between Vince and Drew and Bianca to develop.
  • Tiny Bell was roped into the gang with Zig Novak, and sold drugs for Vince. He attempted to leave the gang with Zig, though he was probably not successful since Zig was not able to end his involvement. It was revealed that he is Vince's brother. It is likely he had gotten out of the gang due to Vince's arrest.
  • Zig Novak joined the gang between the end of season 12 and season 13. He frequently sold drugs, and was kicked out of his parents' house when they learned that he was a dealer. Tiny took care of him, in exchange for odd jobs from Zig, until Zig moved in with Maya Matlin. Zig and Tiny tried to leave the gang, but Vince forced Zig to continue unless he wanted to face the "consequences" of quitting. As of season 1 of Degrassi: Next Class, it is likely he is not involved with the gang as of Vince's arrest.
  • Bianca DeSousa was the ex-girlfriend of Anson, and was not voluntarily involved in the gang. She sold drugs and had sex with Vince in exchange for his promise to keep Drew Torres and her loved ones safe from harm. She was able to quit when Vince was arrested and put into jail for shooting Adam Torres at a Degrassi Community School prom, though he has since gotten out, as revealed in season 13.