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Full Name Vlad
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Job Owner of Zanzibar
First Episode Don't You Want Me? (1) (619)
Last Episode Don't You Want Me? (2) (620)
Reason Alex quit her job at Zanzibar.
Episode Count 2
Portrayed By Conrad Dunn
Vlad was the owner of the strip club, Zanzibar. He was portrayed by Conrad Dunn.

Character History

Season 6

In Don't You Want Me? (1), Mel introduces Alex Nuñez to Vlad after she gets a job at Zanzibar. He compliments her, saying that she is prettier than many of his other dancers. He offers Alex the chance to audition if she would like. When Alex is need of fast cash later, she takes him up on his offer and begins stripping.

In Don't You Want Me? (2), when Alex is considering quitting stripping, Vlad tries to convince her to stay, telling her that she is a natural and that he and his clients like her. He offers to give her weekends to work, which would bring her a lot of cash money, saying that there is no catch, just to "be sexy". He introduces her to Allan. After Alex is done stripping, he overhears Alex and Paige Michalchuk fighting, and he tells Paige that auditions are on Thursdays and has her leave. The next day, Alex slaps Allan for trying to proposition her for sex, and Vlad grabs Alex, telling her to control herself or there will be problems. Alex quits and storms off.


  • He was not well-liked by his employees.

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