"Okay, tell me what I need to do to save my perfectly toned behind."
— Zoë to her lawyer

Walking in My Shoes is the sixteenth episode of Season 14. It aired on July 22, 2015.

Main Plot

The entire school hates Zoë after her wild fundraising plans went awry. To get them back on her side, she naturally hatches another risky plan. She works lunch duty at the school where she has to serve peers who are angry with her.

Sub Plot

Frankie's grades begin to slip and she gets caught cheating in school. She must decide between doing the right thing or saving face with her parents.

Third Plot 

Imogen thought she was okay with Jack not being out to her parents, but she failed to realize the number of ways it could affect their relationship.

  • Zoë: "Just showing our customers how fresh our produce is!"

  • "Things We Do" by Frantic Sunday
  • "Be Yours" by Betsy Phillips