Waterfalls (1) is the eleventh episode of Season 12 of Degrassi. It aired on August 1, 2012.

Main Plot

Clare is eager to take full advantage of her internship and does so by e-mailing some of her pitch ideas to Asher, He calls her and asks her to meet him for lunch, and she assumes she's going to get fired because he thought her ideas were stupid. However, he gives her an opportunity to pitch an idea to him, and she chooses the Degrassi musical. Asher agrees and tells Clare that they're going to write her article. Clare's excited until Asher meets Eli, and does the interview by himself while sending Clare to go fetch coffee. Clare chases Asher down and tells him that she wants to write the article, and despite not thinking shes ready, he lets her. After noticing an error in the article after sending it to Asher, she panics and heads to the newspaper to find him. Asher tells her she's working on re-writing her article because it had a lot of work needed to be done on it, and Clare breaks down feeling as though she has failed him. He calms Clare down and tells her that she can stay and help him edit the article. Afterword, Clare is relieved, but out of nowhere Asher kisses her, and she runs out of his office horrified.

Sub Plot

K.C. and the rest of the academic quiz team are over at his studying for regional's when K.C.'s mom comes in offering snacks and then trying to bond with Bianca, thus interrupting the studying. The next day, K.C. is entering class, and approaches Bianca apologizing for his mom's behaviour the other night, they soon plan to hook up K.C.'s mom with someone to get her off of K.C.'s back. When they're geography teacher, Mr. Townsend comes in Bianca asks if he's single, hencing her and K.C. are trying to set him up with K.C.'s mom. K.C. casually gets them to meet at Little Miss Steaks then finds an excuse to leave them alone to get to know each other. Afterwards she secretly likes him, but doesn’t admit it to K.C., saying she doesn’t want to go out with his teacher. K.C. tells her that if his quiz team wins regionals she has to go on a date with Mr. T, who is definitely interested in her.

Third Plot

Maya is in class, when Cam walks she stares at him until Tristan and Tori try to get her attention. Tori sees Maya writing a song called "Jersey Boy" than Tori ask about her and Cam. Maya tells her that Cam asked her out. Maya ask Tristan if he's ok with it and Tristan sings that his new love is the musical and that she should go for him. Maya later asks Katie if she can drive her to the mall, Katie asks if she has a date and than Maya tells her it's with Campbell Saunders. Katie doesn't approve since she thinks the hockey guys are bad news. Maya tries to tell her that Cam is different from the others, and if she ever met him she would know that. Katie agrees to drive her but she going to be chaperoning them. When their movie is over Maya asks Cam if he liked the movie and he said he liked the best friend which made Katie ask him if it's because the best friend was the "womanizer." Katie starts to ask Cam a lot of question to Maya's dismay, so Maya distracts Katie and runs away with Cam into a photobooth. While the two of them are in the photobooth, they talk about their siblings and how they did crazy and painful things for them. Cam tells her he misses his brother and that so this is the most fun he has had at Degrassi. Maya tells Cam that she doesn't like hockey which Cam replies "Me neither" to. Maya tries to kiss him but he says that they should go and find Katie.

  • This episode is named after the song "Waterfalls" by TLC.
  • Asher sexually harasses Clare in this episode by kissing her. This is one of two times Asher sexually assaults Clare. The second is in Waterfalls (2).
  • This marks the first time the Bianca-Lisa Friendship is shown on-screen.
  • Bianca and K.C. are shown to have patched up their friendship.
  • Cam and Maya go on their first date.
  • Katie is shown to be over-protective with Maya and stalks her and Cam on their date.
  • Bianca and K.C. play match maker for Lisa and Mr. Townsend.
  • Clare's article is published. This is the second time Clare was published as a (co)writer, the first was in Drop the World (1) with Stalker/Angel.
  • Clare has a picture of her sister, Darcy, on her desk next to her laptop.

  • Eli: "Oh Asher, I love you, teach me everything you know!"
  • Alli: "Oh Asher, you're the greatest journalist of all time. Let me have your babies."

  • "With Magic" by Diet Kong
  • "David Livingston" by Jon Bryant
  • "How I Like 'Em" by The Royalty
  • "Miles To Go" by Stateless