Weddings, Parties, Anything is the fifth episode of Season 5 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on October 17, 2005 in Canada, and on November 4, 2005 in the United States.


Craig doesn't want his heart broken again, so he swears not to date girls for a while. It proves to be hard for Craig to give them all up at once, especially when he and Ellie get closer and Manny is all over him. He will soon have to choose between the two of them. Joey feels like Diane's friends don't accept him.

Main Plot

Downtown Sasquatch is practicing a song. Marco and Jimmy are messing around so Craig stops the song. He criticizes them and says they need to get a gig at a wedding to buy recording gear to record their own album. Jimmy says that wedding bands are lame.

They are all fighting and Ellie stops them. Jimmy's dad comes and he and Marco leave. Ellie says she's really liked being in the band because she's learned a lot.

Joey is trying to sell a car. Craig overhears the customer saying her sister's having a wedding and they need a band. Craig tells her he has a band. Joey invites her to their house that night to hear Craig's band and so he can convince her to buy a car.

At school, Craig tells the others about the gig. Marco asks about what happened with Craig and Ellie after him and Jimmy left. He said they just watched a movie and that he doesn't want to deal with girls because they cause to many problems.

Peter invites Manny to sit with him. She walks away and he pushes her into a locker. Craig comes up and tells him to leave her alone or he'll have to deal with him.

Craig asks Manny if she's okay. She asks if he saw the video. He tells her he did and wishes he were there that night to stop Peter. Manny likes that because it makes her feel like he's her protector.

Ellie and Craig are in group. Craig tells them about their audition they have later that night. He says he's happy and would be nowhere without Ellie.

Craig helps Joey with his outfit for the night. Joey isn't too sure about her anymore because she's only 23. Joey asks him about Ellie and he says she's just a friend.

They play their song for Diane. She thinks they're really cool. Joey asks her about how she's dealing with the breakup. She says she's completely over him. She has to go and says she doesn't want to be dateless to the wedding. She gives Joey her number.

Craig and Ellie are at The Dot together. Ellie flirts with him and Manny comes in. Craig invites her to sit with them. Ellie isn't very happy.

Craig and Marco are at the mall. Marco asks how the "date" went. Craig says it wasn't a date and that Manny joined them. They run into Joey buying condoms.

The band is moving equipment. Ellie comes looking really hot. Then Manny comes looking really hot. Craig says he invited her in case they needed an extra hand.

They set up and Craig wonders why they have to be so hot. Marco says he thought Craig only wanted to be friends. He's not so sure anymore.

Manny is doing her makeup and Ellie tells her she should do something. Manny says Craig loves her tambourine but Ellie says they don't need any low-rent pop-tarts in the band. Manny tells her they say there should be at least one attractive girl in every band.

Diane introduces Joey to her friends. They tell him his commercial is lame. Diane wants to dance with him. Joey dances really weird and Diane's friends stare at him. Craig invites Manny up to come play with them.

Ellie looks pissed. Joey leaves Diane to get drinks. He overhears her friends making fun of him. He goes back to her and says he feels sick. He leaves.

Ellie throws one of her drumsticks at Manny's head in the middle of a song. Craig follows Ellie into the kitchen and asks her what's going on.

Ellie says this doesn't mean anything. Craig tells her she's a really good friend. She's upset. She leaves and tells him she'll see him in group.

Craig and Joey talk about their crappy nights. The doorbell rings. It's Diane and she tells Joey he forgot his party favor.

He reminds her he's a 34-year-old single dad who runs a used car dealership and lives in a house he doesn't own.

She says she's a 23-year-old girl who is sick of dating boys and wants an older man who isn't a kid. She goes inside.

Craig goes to Emma's to see Manny. She's sorry for ruining the gig but she had fun. He said he invited her to cheer her up. They kiss.

Sub Plot

Joey meets Diane at his car lot. He invites her over for wine and to view Craig's band for her sister's wedding.

While watching Craig's band, Diane and Joey hit it off, and she invites him to the wedding as her date. Later at the wedding, the two were dancing the night away.

Joey decides to get the two punch when he overhears Diane's friends talking about him. Embarrassed, he leaves the wedding, kissing Diane goodbye on the cheek.

The next day, Diane visits him at his house, giving him the party favor he left behind. He expresses how he was an embarrassment and Diane tells him she likes him.

She tells him that it doesn't matter what happened at the wedding, and that she wants to be with a man, not a boy. She kisses him and the two begin a relationship.