Wendy was Tracker Cameron's girlfriend. It can be assumed that Wendy and Tracker are still together since she moved with him to Alberta. She was portrayed by Pip.

Character History

Season 3

In Gangsta, Gangsta, Wendy and Tracker walk into the house kidding, not knowing Sean Cameron, Tracker's younger brother, was inside. Wendy runs to the restroom, while Tracker sends Sean out of the house, so that he and Wendy could be alone.

In Our House, Wendy helps Tracker pack his belongings, as he prepares to move to Alberta for an oil drilling job. She is excited for Tracker's new job. Wendy and Tracker are still a couple as of this episode, Wendy's last appearance.


  • Tracker Cameron
    • Start Up: Sometime before Gangsta Gangsta (306)
    • It is unknown if they are still together; the last time Tracker was seen, they were still in a relationship.