The Whack Your Brain Team was an academic trivia team at Degrassi. Degrassi won the final in this event.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4

The Whack Your Brain Team is first mentioned in Time Stands Still (1), when Mr. Simpson asks Jimmy Brooks several questions. After Jimmy answers all of them correctly, Mr. Simpson tells Rick Murray, who is also with Jimmy, to meet his new teammate. Rick gets upset and Mr. Simpson explains that Heather is sick and that her loss is Jimmy's gain. Later in the day, Rick and Jimmy are seen with the rest of the team, Emma Nelson and Toby Isaacs, having a practice meeting. Rick answers most of the questions, but Jimmy helps him out as well. The two start to form a friendship when Jay HogartSpinner Mason, and Alex Nunez pick on Rick. The next day Degrassi hosts a quiz show competition against a school called "Northern." As the quiz show is progressing, Northern is in the lead, but the Whack Your Brain Team is showing good teamwork. When the contest reaches its final question the host asks, "Name the first golfer to win the British and U.S. opens in the same year." Rick answers, "Bobby Jones?" The host says the answer is correct and that automatically ties Degrassi with Northern. The host then announces that each team must choose one
Whack Your Brain Team Pic 17
Whack Your Brain Team Pic 12

"Lightning Round"

player to enter the lightning round to determine the final winner. Rick is chosen from the team. After the break, Northern enters the lightning round and gets 40 points. Then Rick goes up to the judge and starts the lightning round. He makes it to 50 points, which makes Degrassi the winner of the quiz show. The team cheers for their victory, but Rick, standing alone on stage, get poured with yellow paint and feathers. This ends the quiz show immediately. Rick receives the trophy for winning the competition.


  • They won the championship.
  • The events that occurred during this event led to Rick shooting Jimmy and his own death in Time Stands Still (2).
  • Mr. Simpson is the Faculty Advisor of the Whack Your Brain Team.