What If Jimmy Was Never Shot is a Degrassi Mini that features Sean, Jimmy, Craig, Spinner, and Ellie. The mini takes place sometime in Season 5, before the seniors graduate high school.



Jimmy is seen dribbling a basketball with Spinner and Craig, and saying that this was "the best day of his life". Sean and Ellie are sitting down at a lunch table, while Ellie discusses different colleges she might want to attend. Sean seems to not be listening, however. Jimmy announces that he won a basketball scholarship, and everyone is happy for him except for Sean. They start talking about the different clubs they're gonna go to, when Sean says that they're probably not gonna let him in. Ellie says that he doesn't know that, but Sean denies it and rolls out of the table in a wheelchair. He says that they can go without him, and Spinner, Craig, and Jimmy leave. Ellie stays and says that Sean can do "anything he sets his mind to". The two hold each other's hands and smile at each other.



Degrassi Mini 110 - What If..02:53

Degrassi Mini 110 - What If...Jimmy was never shot

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