"Because maybe they're right."
Jenna Middleton

What It's Like is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 13.

Main Plot

Maya believes Zig is the perpetrator who stole her laptop and she and Miles follow Zig home from school. They see Zig opening a window of an abandoned house and getting in. Maya seems concerned for Zig's well being and tells Miles she's going home but really waits by the house to confront Zig. Zig is surprised and upset that Maya followed him. It is revealed that Zig is squatting in the abandoned house and that his parents kicked him out. 

The next day Maya tells Ms. Grell in the rubber room what she discovered about Zig. Worried that he will end up in a group home, Maya talks to her mother and Zig's situation. When Zig confronts Maya about telling the school on him, Maya tells him that he can stay at her house for a while.

Sub Plot

Jenna is sick of people thinking she and Connor are a weird couple after they're nominated for the school dance so Jenna takes Connor shopping for a new look. Connor confronts Jenna about her intentions in giving him a new look. Later at school Connor is seen talking to a group of freshman girls who say they need math help. Jenna is seen as jealous of his new attention.

Third Plot

Becky grows jealous of Imogen's attraction for a new girl named Jack. Becky asks Drew for advice and decides to ask Imogen to the dance. By the way she does it, it makes Imogen think it's a date. 

  • "Fever Dream" by Young Summer
  • "Another Day" by Chad Price
  • "Love" by Daughter
  • "Oh My My" Act As If
  • "Fight This Feeling" Hands up!