What if Liberty Was Paige and Paige Was Liberty is a Degrassi Mini, a part of the first season of minisodes, that aired in the fifth season.



Liberty is at her locker when Paige approaches her, and asks her if she's preparing a Spirit Squad cheer for the assembly for Kevin Smith. When Liberty asks if she could just do a speech instead, Paige tells her that she could always ask Manny to create the cheer instead. Liberty asks if she's trying to threaten her, and Paige goes on about how it is her responsibility until Liberty cuts her off, promising to get the squad together. Paige asks her not to do anything too "raunchy", and Liberty, offended, asks if she's really giving her cheerleading pointers. Paige tells her to play it safe, before walking away, but Liberty says, "Coming from you off all people", which is ironic because as the camera pulls out, it shows that Paige is pregnant. Liberty snidely says safety isn't her area of expertise, and Paige tells her it isn't any of her business. Paige tells her to stop, and calls Liberty a bitch after she asked if it was her plan to get knocked up to get J.T. Yorke to love her. Paige slaps her and they fight until the commotion causes Paige's water to break. Archie, as a janitor, walks up, saying he'll clean it. He comments that his wife, Lunch Lady Spike, also had her baby at Degrassi.


Degrassi Mini- What If Paige Was Liberty And Liberty Was Paige?02:28

Degrassi Mini- What If Paige Was Liberty And Liberty Was Paige?

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