Who Would You Date? is a Degrassi Mini. It is a part of the third series of minisodes that aired in the seventh season.



Emma, Manny, and Mia are sitting on a couch at The Dot, playing a game about who everyone would think they are least likely to date, but who they actually find attractive. Mia reveals she thinks Derek is cute, saying he is a dork now with cute hair, but could be hot in five years. As it is her turn, Manny confesses hers is Danny, and says that he has a nice height going on, as he also looks fine when he plays basketball. Finally, it is Emma's turn, and she reveals hers is Toby. Manny and Mia are surprised, and Manny comments, "And you're judging me?" Emma says that he is like a brother, and Mia and Manny laughingly tease her about it. Little do they know, the three boys, Toby, Derek, and Danny, are sitting on the other side of the couch. Danny asks if they should make a move, but Derek says not to, as they expect that. The three agree to make a move on the girls when they turn twenty-one.


  • Mia: "You want his body."
    Manny: "You wanna run your fingers through his hair!"
    Emma: "I wanna say TAKE ME TOBY ISAACS or lose me forever!"
  • Emma: "The least likely guy I find attractive, and I will kill you both if you tell him... is Toby."
    Manny and Mia: "NOOO!"


Degrassi Mini 303 - Who Would You Date?01:53

Degrassi Mini 303 - Who Would You Date?

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