Why Can't This Be Love (2) is the sixteenth episode of Season 9 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on April 2, 2010 in the United States and on May 17, 2010 in Canada.


When Sav's parents pressure him into taking Farrah to prom, Anya decides she'll do whatever it takes to keep her boyfriend from falling for his "arranged" wife.

Main Plot

Anya worries that Farrah will try to steal Sav, and her fears might become reality when she is confronted at random in the bathroom by Farrah; who says they will end up together. In a jealous rage, Anya takes Sav to the limo and they have unprotected sex, after Anya said she was on the pill. The two are then crowned King and Queen of the Spring Formal. The next day at school, she tells Sav that she wasn't really on the pill, after he makes a comment on a vlog for Chantay's Anti-Grapevine, that he doesn't want kids. He reacts horribly and convinces her to take a morning after pill, even though she didn't want to. Unsure that he can still trust Anya, he breaks up with her the next day. Unfortunately, the video Chantay took plays over the video announcements as soon as they break up, causing Anya to break down in tears.

Sub Plot

Dave and Alli are set on formal drink serving duty. Put off at first by Dave's carefree, fun attitude, Alli wonders if she's growing up too fast. Later, Dave and Alli create a club from their signature formal drink; the "Bhandurner", for a charity event Dave is promoting. When Johnny calls her immature as a response to his jealousy of Dave, Alli nearly cuts off her friendship with him. However, she soon realizes Johnny shouldn't be this controlling of her emotions, and she helps Dave with his charity.

  • This is the last appearance of Bruce the Moose.
  • This episode marks the end of Sav and Anya's third relationship.
  • Sav and Anya lose their virginities to each other in this episode.

  • School Marquee: "Springtime in Paris Formal Tonight!"
  • Sav: "This is not the pill I had in mind in the limo."
    Anya: "I know... maybe we don't need it. It was the worst time in my cycle..."
    Sav: "Cycle, shmycle. This pill only works for up to 72-hours after sex."
    Anya: It can make me barf for days..."
    Sav: "You know what barfs for months? A baby."

  • "All Fired Up" by Tralala
  • "Army of One" by Hill
  • "Run To The Sea" by Fighter/Lover
  • "Raise A Little Hell Now" by Shiloh
  • "The Night" by The Job
  • "I Said" by Michelle Featherstone