Wilfrid Laurier University is a Canadian post-secondary institution with its main campus in Waterloo, Ontario and an additional campus in Brantford, Ontario.


Season 12

Bianca finds out that her hard work to improve her grades has paid off and that she has been accepted to Wilfrid Laurier. Drew is the first person she tells and, amidst the excitement, accidentally pulls her into a door frame when going to announce the news to their grade 12 math class.

Season 13

Bianca receives a call from Drew showing off her bedroom. She is either living in a single dorm room on campus or is living off campus. During her first two months at Laurier, she makes several friends also from Toronto who she brings to The Dot. They convince her to break off her engagement to Drew because of how much she has changed from the girl they first met. She agrees and returns to Waterloo to continue her new life.


  • Wilfrid Laurier is one of two Canadian universities that are featured in the franchise by their actual name.  The other is Carleton University. Although the University of Toronto is also featured, it goes by the pseudonym Toronto University.
  • Bianca DeSousa is the only main character to attend this school.