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"I used to be invisible. But this year, I'm going to be the big man on campus."
— Winston in his promo

Winston Chu
Degrassi CAST Winston-hover
Full Name Winston Chu
Nickname(s) Chewy (By Miles)
Watson (By Clare)
Monster (By Becky)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1998
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Relationships Clare Edwards (Attraction)
Job Student
School(s) Degrassi Community School
Affiliation(s) Degrassi TV
First Episode Summertime (2) (1302)
Portrayed By Andre Kim
Winston "Chewy" Chu is a sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi Community School. He joins the cast in Season 13,but according to Miles,he has been going there for longer.He is smart and sarcastic, yet best friends with the popular Miles Hollingsworth III. Winston masks his insecurity with a cynical attitude and self-deprecating sense of humour, which protect him from moving too far out of his comfort zone. He's often the voice of reason and a reluctant co-conspirator in hijinks. He is also friends with Maya Matlin, Imogen Moreno, and Tristan Milligan. He is labelled as "Invisble/Visible Man." He is portrayed by Andre Kim.

Character History

Season 13

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In Summertime, he first appears at a party for Miles' dad. Miles Hollingsworth III introduces Maya Matlin and Winston, calling Winston by his nickname, Chewy, when introducing him. On the balcony, Miles offers Winston and Maya some alcohol. Maya accepts but Winston refuses. When Maya accidentally drops the bottle, Winston tells Miles that maybe his dad won't be so mad. Miles tells Winston that he knows more than anyone that his dad will be mad.

When Miles' dad is yelling at him inside the house, Winston tries to make conversation with Maya and tells Maya that Miles' dad will stop yelling at his son, soon. Winston is there with Maya and Miles when Miles flips and jumps in the pool with his clothes on. Winston jokes and tells Maya that she should probably "go fish him out" but Maya tells him that she doesn't want to be around guys like him and leaves the party and leaves Winston standing there on his own. He appears once more at the end of the episode where he quietly takes his seat next to Miles on the bus for the trip to Paris.

Winston, on a dare, asks Alli in french if she wants to hook up.
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In All I Wanna Do, he is seen getting out of a cab with Miles in Paris and gets mad at him for calling him Chewy, even though they're in a different country. He appears to be roommates with Miles and Tristan and catches Tristan watching Miles change. They both laugh at Tristan for pretending to be straight and in a "relationship" with Maya.

In class, when Tristan gives Maya flowers and gets kissed by her, Winston and Miles are both hysterical. Later, he is seen playing truth or dare with Zoë and others. Zoë dares him to say "Voulez vous coucher avec moi?" to the next girl he sees, and it turns out to be Alli. Alli is unamused by it. When Tristan assumes that Miles and Winston were laughing at him for being gay, Miles confirms that they were laughing at him because they knew he was gay and he was pretending to be straight.

In My Own Worst Enemy, he is seen in class, and like most of his classmates, he doesn't understand what Madame Cliquet is saying.

In About a Girl, Maya asks him he can ask Miles to stop constantly making out with Zoë . Winston assumes that she has feelings for him and Maya denies it. He then tells her that when you tell Miles to stop doing something, he just keeps doing it, but worse. When Madame Criquet starts teaching the class about petty crimes, he suggests that she perform a petty crime herself.

Winston covering himself up when Maya walks in, looking for Tristan.
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In Cannonball, Maya first walks in on Miles and Winston shirtless, and Winston covers his nipples. Maya asks them where Tristan was and Miles tells her that Tristan had left before him and Winston got up. When Maya complains that Tristan could be lost, Winston asks her if he could have Tristan's espresso, which Maya ends up giving him. Maya then says she has to find Tristan and Miles suggests she take someone with her so she wouldn't be lost as well.  Maya chooses Winston to come with her and Winston complains why he had to go and not Miles, and Maya replies that the last thing she needs is a guy like Miles. Miles throws Winston a shirt before him and Maya leave. 
Winston convincing Maya to ask Miles for help.
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Later, they are at the Eiffel Tower searching for Tristan but are unsuccessful. Winston tells Maya that they need a better plan but Maya says they don't and that Tristan would be there since he was bugging her to go to the Eiffel Tower all week. Winston tells Maya that he thought she knew Tristan had tickets and tells her Tristan could be anywhere, like on a train to Belgium or "floating in the sand", which makes Maya cry.

Winston sees and tells her that girl tears are his kryptonite and assures her that Tristan is okay. Winston soon suggests that they need Miles, and Maya finally agrees. Soon, they walk in on Zoë  and Miles on his bed together. When Miles tells Maya that he knew she would come crawling back, Maya says she can't do it and tries to leave. Winston stops her and convinces her to ask him because it was night and Tristan was still gone. Maya then relutcantly begs for Miles to help her and they leave Winston and Zoë. Winston later watches Maya and Tristan's presentation on crime and punishment. 

In Honey, Madame Criquet tells the class not to wear vulgar t-shirts to a fancy French restaurant they will be attending soon. She directs her rule specifically at Winston who looks down at his American shirt - with a label 'This is my clone' on the front - and covers it with his hand, making Maya laugh. 

In This Is How We Do It, he is walking in the auditorium and trying to greet a couple of passing girls, who ignore him. Miles remarks how he's been there for a whole year and yet not one single girl knew who he was. Winston says that none of the girls there were worth knowing. Miles, seeing Maya in the crowd, however tells him that there might one or two worth checking out. seen watching Drew's ceremony. He is later seen smiling at Maya.

In You Got Me, he is seen entering the school Beach Bash alongside Miles. He complains about the lack of music and asks how he's supposed to do his "sweet moves" is there is no music. He tries doing some dance moves silently, but Miles stops and remarks how "that" is the reason he doesn't have a girlfriend. 

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Winston is seen with maya and Miles and he is warning them when Zig is coming. 


Winston has a cute way of dressing. He sometimes has a classy bow tie with a buttoned shirt along with his glasses. He mixes and matches his colour (the colours always correspond) and he is seen wearing beanies


  • Winston has appeared in 17 episodes so far.
  • Miles gave Winston his nickname "Chewy," but he does not like being called it.
  • It is revealed that he went to Degrassi for freshman year prior to appearing as a sophomore, but he referred to himself as the "Invisible Guy" or the "Strong Silent Type". Miles even remarks in This Is How We Do It that while Winston has been there for an entire year, it's not like even a single girl knew who he was. 
  • He has been friends with Miles since they were five years old.
  • His Twitter
  • He knows about Miles being abused by his father.
  • He is allergic to peanuts as revealed in You Oughta Know.
  • Winston used to be bullied by the popular crowd, causing him to have a vendetta against Drew as shown in Black Or White
  • He is good at throwing parties at a last-minute notice as shown in Basket Case.
  • He was a suspect in Zoë's assault case. Him and Miles were accused by Becky


  • (To Maya): "It's Winston. Winston Chu." (First line)
  • (To Maya): "Second lesson, hang out with Miles and trouble finds you." 
  • (To Miles): "I don't think he'll be mad."
  • (To Tristan): "You have a girlfriend?"
  • Miles (to Maya): "My father wanted to send me away and Chewy here has to babysit."
    Chewy: "Yeah, Paris. What a drag."
  • (To Alli): "Voulez vous coucher avec moi?"
    Zoë: "I can't believe you actually said it."
    Chewy (to Alli): "She dared me."
  • Miles: "Hey, think you can get a French girl into liking you, Chewy?"
    Chewy: "Half way across the world, and still you insist on calling me that."
  • (To Maya): "Original, getting the best friend to reveal your crush." 
  • (To Maya): "Can I have his espresso? It's gonna get cold!" 
  • (To Miles): "DUDE! You were inches away from the boys that time!"
  • (To Maya): "That's why we're here? I thought you knew he had tickets are something."
    Maya: "Just trust me, okay? Just keep trying."
    Winston: "No, Maya, he could be strolling down the sholls leza, taking a train to Belguim, floating in the sand." Maya begins to cry. "No, stop that. Girl tears are my kryptonite."
  • Zoë, to Miles (about helping Maya): "Ooh! Make her beg! On her knees."
    Winston (sarcastic): "Classy, Zoë."
  • (To Drew, during Degrassi TV): "I'm here to ask Mr. Hunkie himself if he finds me 'Mantractive.' "
    Drew: "Wait, what?"
  • (To Clare): "Well, hey, you wanna catch a flick sometime?"
    Clare: "Do you ask out every girl that talks to you?"
    Winston: "Victory through sheer volume." Clare walks away. 
  • Zoë (while reading Miles hand when Winston and Maya walk in): "That one means you're about to be interrupted by someone super annoying."
    Winston: "Hey!"
    Maya: "She means me."

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