"Tonight! She wants the article tonight."
Clare Edwards

You Oughta Know is the eleventh episode of Season 13. It aired on October 17, 2013.

Main Plot

Clare lies to Meredith about Zoë so she decides to write her own article about Zoë.

Sub Plot

Miles and Tristan make the basketball team but Miles doesn't make the position his dad wanted it so he gets steroids from Tristan.

Third Plot

Drew and Imogen try to make Degrassi TV and audition anchors but Imogen chooses Winston instead of Becky

  • Winston: "Hey, do you wanna catch a flick sometime?"
    Clare: "Do you ask out every girl who talks to you?"
    Winston: "Victory through sheer volume."

  • "Heads Up! Watch Out!" by Dear Rouge
  • "Dreaming" by Smallpools
  • "The Sun Will Set" by Tic Tic Boom!
  • "All For You" by Lexi Strate