The conflict between Zig Novak and Hunter Hollingsworth began in the first season of Degrassi: Next Class.

Conflict History

Season 1


Hunter after Zig punches him in the face.

In #SinceWeBeinHonest, Zig suspects that Hunter is the one trolling Maya when he hears Hunter say a phrase that one of the troll accounts had retweeted at Maya. Zig follows Hunter into the bathroom, and pins Hunter against a stall, while Zig looks at his phone. Zig sees that Hunter was in the middle of tweeting at Maya, and confirms his suspicion. He yells at Hunter to stop trolling Maya, and Hunter says he won't, saying Maya deserves all of this. Zig begins punching Hunter, but their fight is broken up by Darryl Armstrong.

While waiting in the office, Hunter asks Zig if he realizes that he's getting suspended. Zig says it was worth it since Hunter will never troll Maya again. Hunter tells Zig to look at the videos on his phone, and Zig pulls up the video that Zoë had recorded of her and Zig. Hunter blackmails Zig into staying quiet so that Maya will not see the video. Later, Zig tells Grace and Maya anyway, and ends up telling Maya he cheated, so that she wouldn't have to see the video.


Zig on Hunter's list.

In #SorryNotSorry, Zig was on Hunter's list of who he would possibly shoot. During the lock down, Zig tells Hunter that he is lucky that Maya forgave him, or he'd be dead. Tristan tells him that is not the time to be uttering death threats, and Zig calls Hunter a psycho. Hunter is shown reaching into his bag, which had a gun inside of it. However, Miles was able to talk Hunter down while talking to him on Tristan's phone.