"I don't want other fish! When I'm with Maya, other girls are just that. Other girls. None of them are her; how don't you get that?!!!"
— Zig about Maya

The relationship between Zig Novak and Maya Matlin is most commonly known as Zaya (Zig/Maya). They met on their first day of high school and developed a friendship. Their romantic relationship began during the fourteenth season of Degrassi, though their friendship started during the eleventh season. Although their current relationship status is quite ambiguous and vague, they are currently friends again and possibly more as of #KThxBye.

Relationship History


Their friendship began when Zig met and invited Maya to The Dot in Underneath It All. Despite her attraction to Zig, Maya helped him get back together with Tori, with whom he had had a brief summer romance. In time, Maya's crush on Zig faded and she thoroughly supported Zig and Tori's relationship, wanting to be a good friend. She and Zig eventually became bandmates when they joined the band WhisperHug. Maya soon met and began a relationship with Cam with whom she developed deep feelings for.
Degrassi Zig and Maya

Following her break up with Cam and a fight with Tori, Zig and Maya shared a quick yet passionate kiss. Despite Maya's immediate immense guilt since he was with Tori, her best friend, Zig held firm to his newfound feelings for her. Eventually, this began his intense rival with Cam for Maya's affection. He tried convincing Maya that they both "felt it" during their kiss, but she declares it nothing more than a spur of the moment mistake and that her love belonged to Cam. After Cam killed himself, Zig blamed himself since he had triggered Cam's breakdown by demanding he leave Maya's life forever. Following Maya's downward spin after Cam's death, he and Maya took comfort in each other and held hands. During this, Zig confesses to Maya how much he really likes her and only wants to be with her when it is what she wants as well. Maya, still dealing with emotional damage from Cam's suicide, tells Zig that she isn't sure when that will ever be. Zig says that he knows this and, hence, promises to wait for her until she is ready.

However, Maya unexpectedly meets Miles Hollingsworth III over the summer during a school summer trip to Paris and the two develop an attraction towards each other. Eventually, the two begin a relationship when Maya gives into her feelings for him. Zig ends up becoming jealous when seeing the two flirt at a school dance, venting to Zoë Rivas how Maya "promised" to wait for him when she was ready to date again. After not speaking for the entire summer,  the two eventually meet up in "The Rubber Room" when being assigned to take the class together, where an uneasy relationship between them begins. Eventually, however, Maya begins to grow concerned about him when finding out that Zig, since the summer, has been homeless. After contacting a teacher and realizing Zig may have to go to a group home, Maya convinces her parents into letting him stay with them for awhile. Zig accepts her offer and the two become housemates.

However, Maya soon finds out that Zig is not only a drug dealer, but heavily involved in a gang as well. Determined to help him, Maya tries every way possible to get Zig out of the gang. Despite her efforts, nothing works. Desperate to keep him safe, Maya pretends to be into Zig in order to convince him to stay away, even kissing him. When it appears that Zig may be forced to leave town, Miles offers a way to get him out of the gang by getting his father to offer Zig help from an organization that specializes in getting people out of gangs. Accepting the help, Zig thanks Maya for everything even pretending to be into him, admitting he knew she didn't like him. He finally accepts the fact that Maya only views him as a friend and offers a firm ground of friendship between them, much to her happiness.

Things begin to change and Maya begins to realize her feelings for him. They share a kiss and realize that they love each other. They had sex under the influence of "Molly" which nearly broke them up until they reconciled. Later on, Zig becomes interested in the thought of having sex again when he worries that they don't spend enough time together. Maya is more concerned on her music, and invites Jonah Haak and Grace Cardinal to her new band instead of Zig, which increases his jealousy.

Zig tries to have sex with her one day while they are at her house. Maya tells him to stop but he continues anyway, until Maya elbows Zig in the eye. Zig leaves, embarrassed, and the next day Zig explains the events to Tiny and Grace. Grace explains consent, and that what he did was attempted rape. Zig and Maya talk it over with Maya's mom, and they begin to understand things and later have sex with Zig asking for permission first before he does anything.

Maya later goes on a trip to New York with Jonah to meet a music producer. Zig once again is very jealous and texts Maya a lot while she is trying to practice, leading her to turn her phone off. Zig thinks that Maya is ignoring him because she's cheating on him with Jonah. Upset, Zig heads to the woods with Zoë, who is also heartbroken over being rejected by Grace. They both end up hooking up, which means that Zig cheated on Maya. Zig feels guilty later on due to Grace's pressure on him to tell Maya. Zig eventually tells her and they break up. Zig tries to tell Maya at the dance that it was only a kiss, so Maya considers getting back together with him. Later, when Maya is in the bathroom with Zoë, Zoë tells her that they did more than that, so Zig and Maya don't get back together.

Maya becomes jealous when she sees Zig hanging out with Esme Song, so she stalks his Hastygram and accidentally likes a picture of him and Esme. Zig is concerned when he sees this so he shows up outside her window to talk to her. They end up sharing a kiss and they decide to talk about it later since Maya has work to do. Zig assumes that they have gotten back together, but Maya tells him that she is still heartbroken and doesn't want to get back together yet. Zig asks her out to dinner with Tiny and Lola, but she ends up cancelling through text after Zig was already there. Zig is mad about this and Lola says that it's Maya's fault that he cheated as well, since it takes two to cheat. Zig shows up at Maya's house and tells her this, which angers Maya. The next day, Maya tells Zig that she has not forgiven him yet, but there is still hope that someday they could get back together. Zig is happy and agrees to wait. Zig eventually wants to be friends with Maya and Grace again like they used to be. This angers Maya because he cheated on her and she shouldn't be expected to just forgive him. Maya soon forgives him at the end of their junior year and they become friends again.

Zig later gets together with Esme and even goes to Maya for relationship advice sometimes. Maya goes to Zig when she was feeling to depressed because she missed her old life. Zig tries to make her feel better and Maya kisses him. Zig's girlriend, Esme, sees this and doesn't want Zig to talk to Maya anymore, which makes her even more depressed. Maya attempts suicide by swallowing pills on the Degrassi roof. Zig and Esme end up finding her and Zig calls the ambulance. Esme becomes very traumatized and thinks Zig will leave her for Maya when she recovers. Zig leaves Esme after he gets sick of her being so jealous of Maya. Maya asks Zig to prom later on and Zig decides to go with her and turns Esme down. This angers Esme, so she shows up at prom and takes Zig into the woods. Esme accidentally pushes Zig down the hill, and Maya finds him and gets him help. When Zig and Maya graduate, they are seen going on a roadtrip together to California, where Maya goes to college.



Season 11


Maya and Zig first meeting.

In Underneath It All, on the first day of school, Zig and Maya have an encounter, and Zig invites Maya to The Dot. Later that day, Zig tells Maya that he broke up with Tori because he didn't want to start high school with a girlfriend. With Maya's help, Zig and Tori get back together, but Zig still remains friends with Maya.

In Need You Now (1), when Tori can't help Zig with filming him for a skateboard contest, he suggests Maya to help him instead.

Season 12

In Come As You Are (1), Zig is hanging out in the mall with Tristan, Tori, and Maya. When Tristan and Tori begin to talk about Maya's breasts, Zig feels uncomfortable and walks away, so that they could finish their conversation.

In Got Your Money (1), Maya announces to Zig that he made it into WhisperHug. After Zig shows the band his gift for Tori, their reactions make him change his mind about using the bracelet, and Maya tells Zig that Tori spent the last 5 years of allowance on his gift. Later, when Tori is upset with Zig for cancelling their anniversary date, Maya agrees to help Zig, and plans a set-up for him by taking Tori to Little Miss Steaks.


Maya telling Zig about the locker search.

In Got Your Money (2), Maya eagerly announces to Zig and Tori that WhisperHug is playing at the upcoming school dance. Later in the hallway, Zig questions Maya about what is going on, and she responds that classes are postponed because there is a locker search for the missing dance ticket money. After Zig suspiciously walks way with his guitar case, Maya and Tori follow him and find him counting the stolen money. He returns it, and they promise not to turn him in. Later, backstage before WhisperHug performs, Maya comments that she doesn't think that Zig is coming, though he does show up. She tells him that the band is about to perform when he and Tori are talking.

In Rusty Cage (1), Zig, Maya, Tristan, Campbell, and Tori were all hanging out together at Little Miss Steaks for karaoke night.

In Scream (2), Maya and Zig were playing together, but Tori interrupts them, and makes them come with her to find Tristan, who is missing.


Maya being cheered up by Zig.

In Doll Parts (1), Maya approaches Zig, asking where Tori is, and makes him leave after Tori comes up to them for "girl talk" about Campbell. Later, while Maya is crying over the fact that Campbell didn't like her makeover, Zig comforts her and helps convinces Maya to enter the pageant, saying if she wants to do it, then she should go for it. Zig tells her that he really believes

Zig telling Maya she deserves better than Cam.

Maya has a shot at winning the pageant, but she should first wipe away her mascara streaks around her eyes. At the pageant, Maya falls when walking down the stage, and Zig gives her a thumbs up from the audience, which helps motivate her to continue. Backstage, Zig tells Maya that if the judges don't choose her to advance, then they are dumb, saying that she is the best. Maya says that she wishes that Campbell felt that way, and Zig says that she deserves better if he doesn't. Maya jokes that it is too bad that Zig is off the market. Later, Maya expresses an interest in "meeting a guy like Zig."

Zig and Maya sharing their first kiss together.

In Doll Parts (2), Maya later tells Katie that she plans on asking Zig to help her with her act, and Katie worries that it will upset Tori even more. Maya asks Zig anyways, and Zig agrees, also saying that Maya is sexy enough to perform by herself. A few minutes later, Maya runs into Cam, who apologizes for not paying attention to her and not kissing her. He asks her for a second chance, and tells her he'll try harder, to which she responds, "You shouldn't have to try." Later at the pageant, Zig performs with Maya, and they share a kiss backstage. Maya instantly regrets it, while Zig doesn't seem to mind. Katie walks in and sees the kiss, later calling Maya out on it while preparing her for the interview. She asks Maya if she really wants to be a boyfriend stealer, and that she deserves better than a boy who kisses girls besides his girlfriend.
Tumblr mcw8ug5Sv81rdzc8ho1 400

Zig is disappointed after seeing Maya and Cam back together.

She also tells Maya not to let a boy come between her and Tori's friendship. Later at the interview, Tori tells the judges that her biggest flaw is saying things without thinking of the consequences, and publicly apologizes to Maya. Maya tells the judges that she's a huge bitch, and runs out. She goes over to Cam's and apologizes, and the two reconcile. The next day, while Tori and Maya are back on good terms, Zig expresses his jealousy of her and Cam's relationship, saying they both "felt it" the other night when they kissed. Maya says she was confused and that she likes Cam, before going off with him.

In Tonight, Tonight, when WhisperHug makes it into the Battle of the Bands, Zig hugs Maya in excitement, which turns into an awkward moment for Maya.


An awkward hug.

Maya is later with Cam studying for their French oral report. Cam says a flirtatious line in French that gets Maya to kiss him. Right at that moment Tori appears, embarrassed to have intruded. When Cam asks her a question about conjugation, Tori admits she feels as though she is losing Zig, as he acts as though he is elsewhere whenever they're together. Thinking quickly, Maya tells her that she is merely overreacting, as he is dealing with exams and the Battle of the Bands. An oblivious Cam, a relieved Maya, and a reassured Tori return to their conjugation, but Maya remains uneasy.
The next day, Zig is walking in the hallway studying chemistry when Maya catches up to him and tells him to stop whatever he is doing. Zig slyly asks why he should stop studying chemicals. Maya (calling him "dummy") refers to him being off around Tori. After relinquishing their cell phones for the exam, Maya reminds him that they agreed things would go back to normal and they have not. Zig points out that only she agreed to it, and their kiss is hard to forget. Maya says that she is with Cam and Tori is her best friend, but Zig cuts her off by implying that she was about to call him "the big, bad wolf". Maya tells him he doesn't have to be and makes him agree to be nice to Tori, who is sitting beside her, and they smile at each other.

Later, at the Matlin house, Maya, Cam, and Tori are studying. Tori checks her phone and mentions that Zig has yet to text her back. Maya tells her that she talked to him, but she lies by saying nothing is wrong and he is simply busy. The doorbell rings and Katie (annoyed by Maya's command) answers it (and calls her a "lazy...ugh!").  When Zig walks in with a bag, awkwardness strikes. Maya does some quick thinking and tells Tori the he is there because she told him Tori was there" and Zig follows along with her deception. Maya sits next to Cam and Zig sits next to Tori. He gives Cam the bag and he opens it, revealing two bags of ketchup chips. Cam asks him why he only brought two, as his parents own a convenience store, and Zig says he had a "brain fart" and that he should have brought more. Cam sees the ketchup flavor and shows in to Maya, saying that it is her favorite. Zig then suggests they add harmonies to "Superman's Song". Maya says to see what Cam and Tori think. She turns on the song and she and Zig get up to get some drinks.


At the Battle of the Bands.

Zig tells Maya that he was unaware of Cam and Tori's presence at her house and Maya sarcastically tells him that she feels better. She again insults his intelligence and tells him nothing can happen between them. He tells her that he is going to break up with Tori after exams and the Battle of the Bands. She is against the idea, but Zig reminds her that she wanted him to be nice to Tori, and it is not nice to make her think he still likes her.

Zig enters the door at rehearsal and complains that he had a hard time on his exams due to slope-related questions (which is precisely the one thing he did studied), which Imogen starts to make a silly pun about ("It’s a slippery slope!”), but he cuts her off at the last second saying "Don't. Just don't." She silently mouths "Okay," and heads to her drums.Maya then comes in after Adam, but when Zig asks her how her oral French exam went, she brushes it off and simply wants to rehearse.


Zig wanting to win Maya over.

Maya is packing her instruments when Zig jokingly suggests that they go out on stage and play regardless of their debarment. Maya points out that security would stop them and Zig says that it would still be “pretty rock n’ roll”, making Maya laugh. It is short-lived, however, as Cam still has not answered her calls or texts begging for him to come to the competition. Zig reminds her that he is still planning to dump Tori afterwards. When he puts his hand on Maya’s, she becomes frustrated and tells him that she loves Cam and that nothing will happen. Zig asks her why they kissed if she loves Cam so much. Suddenly, someone clears their throat from behind, and when they turn to see who it is, they see it is Tori, who had brought them drinks to cheer them up for being disqualified, and heard every word of their conversation. Zig can only remain silent in shame while Maya panics and begins to throw excuses to her, but Tori does not want to hear them. She throws the drinks on the ground in front of Maya and storms out of the tent in a huff. Maya and Zig share a look, but they do not follow her. Imogen then walks in, but when she sees the dumped drinks, she says "Man, I hate litterbugs!" in a whiny tone. Mo and Adam follow her and deliver the news: WhisperHug is allowed to play, but Adam may not. Zig agrees to cover bass, but Maya volunteers to sing, as she wants to get a message out and hopes that Cam is there to hear. She also apologizes to Adam because he is still disqualified, but Adam brushes it off and leaves to take care of personal business while WhisperHug discuss their strategy.

WhisperHug walks to the stage and performs “Up In Our Cloud”. Maya scans the crowd and finally spots Cam, who is smiling at her.


Zig putting Maya's Green Team head band on for Spirit Week.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Zig greets Maya after noticing they're on the same spirit week team, causing Campbell to become jealous. Tristan walks past the two and makes a rude remark how the two were placed on the same team. Later on in the gymnasium, the green and red spirit teams were preparing for their first spirit week competition, a game of ball hockey. Zig helps Maya with her headband as Campbell looks on angrily. When the game began, Cam attacked Zig by elbowing in the face and continued to fight him until Mr. Simpson and Dallas pulled him off. In Mr. Simpson's office, Zig angrily states that Cam attacked him and said that Maya could vouch for him.  The next day, Zig was walking up the steps where Cam was waiting for Maya with his lunch. Cam begins to gloat about how Maya forgave him. Angrily, Zig calls Cam a psycho and tells him to get out of Maya's life forever.
Maya tell zig

Zig confessing to Maya his role in Cam's suicide.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Zig feels guilty for what he said to Cam and tells Maya that he is the reason Cam killed himself, saying "I told Cam to get out of your life, so he did - it's all my fault". Maya tells Zig that that is ridiculous, and starts to laugh. Zig angrily asks her how she is laughing right now, and Maya says that people keep telling her to do whatever she feels, but that whatever she feels must be wrong.

In Karma Police (1), Tristan mentions that Zig kissed Maya and she watches Zig storm out of class after the debacle.

In Karma Police (2), Zig mentions to Damon about how he should have listened to Maya. Zig is shown apologizing to Maya for not listening to her, and not leaving her and Cam alone. Later in the episode when Zig goes over to Maya, Tristan, and Tori at lunch, Maya invites Zig to be extras in Eli's zombie movie.


Zig at the party with a drunk Maya.

In Zombie (1), Zig and Maya appear as extras in Eli's zombie movie. After shooting their scene, Zig mentions that he's glad Maya's happy and Maya responds stating that she's never been unhappy. Maya then asks Zig out on a date, however Zig acknowledges Cam, to which Maya responds in a sarcastic manner. While Maya is at the party, Zig texts her and asks if they could talk and Maya texts him back with a picture of her, Talia and Harry, with the caption "too soon?" Zig later arrives at the party in search of Maya and finds her drunk and tries to persuade her to leave with him so he can walk her home safely, however Maya refuses. Maya begins taunting Zig and hints that he could be her boyfriend right now if he just said yes. Zig calls Maya a mean drunk and leaves the party. When Maya returns home from the party, she receives a Facerange message from Zig asking if she's okay, to which she says 'yep' and sends the video that Talia recorded of Harry and her kissing. 

In Zombie (2), Zig confronts Maya, and they begin fighting. Zig is angry at Maya for being with Harry and posting the video. He asks why she would even want to be with that "tool" and Maya fights back, saying that she deleted it. Maya screams at him, saying she is sick of people telling her who to be. She then storms over to the dumpster, and throws her cello in it. Zig tells her that her parents are going to flip. Maya says she doesn't care, that she's quitting, and she's done. Zig and Maya sit together outside the day after Maya's breakdown.

Tumblr mkteyzkxEP1rykg0vo2 500

The two taking comfort in each other.

Later Maya explains the fight and that she messed up. She says the worst thing was that she treated him like garbage. She almost leaves to get her cello back, but Zig says he fished it out of the dumpster. They then hold hands and Zig says saying no to her was hardest thing ever because he really likes her and says that he wants them when she does. Maya says she doesn't know when that will be and Zig says that he will wait for her, after this Zig gets up and walks away, while Maya sits at the wall, both of them with a smile on their face.

Season 13


Zig glaring at Maya and Miles.

In Summertime, Tristan mentions how two boys, referring to Zig and Cam, were fighting over Maya the previous school year. Miles asks how it ended, but Maya quickly ends the conversation subject. 

In You Got Me, Zig stares down Maya and Miles at they flirt with each other at the Beach Bash. Maya glances over at him and Zig waves at her and she awkwardly waves back, leaving Zig in disappointment. Zoë comes up to him and asks if it makes him sick. Zig doesn't seem to care and then tells her about how Maya promised she'd wait for him, but went with Miles instead. Zoë tells him that she's going to teach her a lesson and Zig wishes her luck.

In Barely Breathing, when asked by Miles how many boys she's kissed, Maya answers three (one of which was Zig).

In The World I Know, Maya and Zig meet up officially when in Remedial class. Zig shows up late just as Maya is required to have a partner to interview and there is no one left for her. The teacher asks if she has

Zig and Maya in the "Rubber Room".

met Zig Novak as Maya stares at Zig in plain shock. Zig casually answers that he and Maya go "way back" as he puts his arm around her back, making Maya uncomfortable. 

As Maya interviews Zig, she notices how he is acting more rebelliously than before. She asks what skills he has and he remarks, "stabbing people in the back" and begins acting out, no longer the goofy boy she knew once before. When Maya asks for him to work with her to prove they don't belong there, Zig says he is never getting out of there and begins acting out even more. As a teacher asks how things are going, Maya tensely says, "Just great" as she stares at him. Later during lunch with Tristan and Miles, she rants to Tristan how much of a "jerkface" Zig has become.


The two trying to work together.

During their presentation during Remedial class, the two go up to play each other where concerning why they are there. When Maya remarks he could have dressed up for the part, Zig says he did before putting on a blonde wig, glasses and a princess crown. During their presentation, Zig begins to make fun of Maya, calling her a "princess" who believes herself to be above the rest of them, frustrating her. When the teacher demands they get back on track, Zig recites his line, asking why Maya (in the role of himself) is there. Maya remarks he is there because a girl broke his heart and he can't get over it like a normal person. Furious, Zig storms out of the room.

Zig telling Maya that he hates her despite her apology.

In Better Man, Maya apologizes to Zig for calling him out the other day but Zig declares that he hates her, leaving her upset. When Maya is dressed all rebellious, Zig mistakes her for Grace before realizing who she is and stares at her in shock.

Later on, when Maya comes over to the "rebels" table, Zig asks why she is there and Grace tells him that she invited her over. He continues to act cold towards her and clearly is no where near wanting to make amends with her. In the end of the episode, when Maya tells Grace that Zig still doesn't like her, she warns her against befriending him again, saying she doesn't want him as a friend. 

In What It's Like, in class, when Maya fails to convince her teacher to give her an extension. Maya slumps into her seat and Zig remarks if she didn't her homework. Maya explains her laptop got stolen. He gives a description of her laptop and asks if that is it. She says yes and asks if he's seen it. He answers no. He gets called up to turn in his assignment and Maya looks at him; suspecting he did steal her computer. As he walks away, she begins sneaking into his bag. Grace warns her that it's a bad move, but Maya is determined to know if he took her laptop. However, Zig shows up and remarks that if he did, he wouldn't be stupid enough to bring it to school with him.


Maya wanting to know why Zig is squatting.

Afterwards, Maya begins following him out of class and out of school with Miles, who doesn't want her going by herself. The two then sneak off and watch Zig break into an abandoned house. After Miles leaves and making sure he's out of sight, Maya knocks on the door of the house. She does so until Zig opens the door, stunned to see her. She explains that she followed him there. He demands to know why and if she's stalking him. She quietly says that she wanted to know if he took her laptop. After telling her to go, Maya says she won't until he explains why he's living in an abandoned house. He slams the door in her face.

Zig telling Maya he may be sent to a group home.

In class, she explains to Ms. Grell about Zig's situation. After some talking, she is assured something will be done for him. After school, Zig, looking for Maya, watches her and Miles kissing and looks on in jealousy. As soon as Miles leaves, Zig approaches her, furious. He asks if she told the teacher as a means of revenge for her laptop, but Maya insists she doesn't care about that; she cares about him. Zig says if she does, she'll mind her own business. He reveals how now Children's Aid is on him and that since he has no home, group home is his only option. Maya says that's better than squatting, but Zig retorts if she's even heard about them. She asks why he can't go home, and he admits to her how his folks kicked him out. He tells her how she doesn't know anything going on with his life and he walks off.


Maya, after being dropped by Zig, telling him he can stay with her.

In the Rubber Room, the class is doing a trust exercise with partners taking turns falling and catching each other. She convinces Grace, Zig's partner, to switch at the last minute. She apologizes to him for talking to the teacher about his situation. The two switch positions as Maya explains she can help him. She says how if he has a place to stay, Children's Aid won't be needed. Zig says he doesn't have anywhere to go. Maya says he does and Zig remarks if her rich new boyfriend is gonna pay for a suite. Maya explains that he can stay at her house.

In shock, Zig lets her fall. He says how her mother would never say yes. Maya says that she did, although it took a lot of convincing. As she gets up, she explains the rules; 10 o'clock curfew, no drugs/alcohol, no visitors and no hanky panky. Zig chuckles to himself and accepts.


Zig listens in on Miles's dance proposal to Maya.

In Close to Me, Maya walks into the kitchen to see Zig sitting down eating cereal. She awkwardly says hi and he tells her her mom told him to help himself which she quickly tells him of course. They stare at each other before she comments how weird this is. He agrees then offers to get some cereal for her but she insists she can do it herself as she is an independent woman. He chuckles and sits back down. She gets her bowl of cereal and sits next to Zig before she tries to pour milk in her bowl and realizes he left none for her. They laugh and he gets up to get more for her in the fridge. Miles comes over and formally asks Maya to semi-formal with a bouquet of roses while Zig discreetly looks on from the fridge. Maya tells Miles she has something to tell him as Zig appears revealing his presence there. Miles asks Maya what he's doing there while Zig and Miles stare at each other.

Later in class, Maya and Zig discuss how Miles wasn't too happy to see Zig and Maya tells him Miles just doesn't know him. Grace and Tiny join them and Maya insists they all go to semi formal together. Grace and Tiny agree it won't be a good idea and elaborate on a crazy scenario. Zig tells Maya it's not his job to fix her and Miles relationship and doesn't want to go to the dance.


Zig watches Maya and Miles kiss.

At home, Maya walks into the kitchen in her dress. Zig stares at her in a trance and tries to compliment her but makes her upset. She tells him he was a jerk to her today and they argue about him and Miles not getting along. Miles comes to pick Maya up and they share a kiss in front of Zig as he looks on upset. Maya and Zig stare at one another, both upset before she closes the door and leaves with Miles. 

At the dance, Zig decided to show up along with Grace and some other friends of theirs. They watch as Grace goes off to dance with Tristan and Miles offers to buy Zig a drink. Together Zig and Miles watch Maya dance alone. Miles tries to have a conversation with Zig but Zig wants no part in it. Miles tells Zig he's only trying for Maya and if Zig cared he'd try too. Zig tells him he cares about Maya a lot and it would be hard to keep things friendly now that they're living together. Miles warns Zig not to get Maya involved in his drug dealing life styles. Zig tells him he'll continue to deal what he wants when he wants and tells Miles to play nice before walking away

Later on, Maya comes up to Zig, Tristan and Grace asking where Miles went. Perino then comes up to Zig telling him he has to come with him to search his locker since someone gave a hint that he would have them. He looks at Maya before walking off. Maya finds out Miles was the rat and they argue about she and Zig. She then ends her relationship with Miles.


Zig tells Maya he should've kissed her instead of telling her that he'd wait.

At home, Maya is shown waiting up for Zig. He comes home and Maya starts asking if he's been expelled or suspended. He tells her it's fine and that he didn't have drugs in his locker. Maya insists Miles is a nice guy and doesn't know why he would do what he did. Zig tells her he knows why. He then asks if she remembers when he told her he'd wait for her last year. She responds that of course she does. Zig gets closer to her and goes on to say "I shouldn't have said. I should have just kissed you." But he decides against kissing her and obeys her parents rules of the house against any hanky panky. He tells her goodnight and goes to bed while she stands there catching her breath and looks confused and thinking about her feelings towards him.

Miles watching as Zig tries to get with Maya.

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Zig and Maya are seen together in her kitchen. He notices that she is holding a box behind her back and asks to see it. Much to his surprise, he finds that it's another gift from Miles, and angrily walks away. Later at school he apologizes to Maya for his rude behavior that morning, as Miles eavesdrops on their conservation from a distance. Zig says he still likes Maya and leans over to kiss her, but she turns her head away, stating that his presumptuous behavior would violate their house rules. However, Zig responds that he won't be living in her house forever and decides to give her his signature black bracelet. She promises to wait for him and then walks away.
Zaya sharing ice cream

Zig and Maya sharing ice cream.

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Zig and Maya are seen together when Maya gives back Zig's bracelet and telling him I think we should just be friends and he responds I'm not your charity case Maya she says you're not I'm your friend Zig and Zig responds we are not friends. Then Maya comes out screaming Miles!!!! Then she protects Zig from Miles and she says this why I can't be with you anymore you scare me I can't be in a relationship like this again. Then Tristan pushes Miles and tells him to just go away now.

Later on Maya comes home and sees Zig in the kitchen and she says she is sorry and Zig responds for what she says for not telling you the truth he responds you could have told me how you felt from the start then Maya responds so you don't hate me he says no. Then Zig says Miles is crazy and says she can do better meaning aka him. and Maya tells him they have broken up and that he is not her boyfriend anymore. Then they become friends again.  


Maya trying to help out Zig and Grace.

In You Are Not Alone, Maya is trying to convince Zig and Grace to join a school club. However, they are either not interested or they are not allowed due to their reputation. They tell her that if they were even allowed into a club, there is nothing for them there. When asked if they could do a club they wanted then what it would be by Maya, they say they would be into doing something artsy to the school. Later on, Maya is concerned when seeing Tiny rush Zig out of the room.

After Grace has her locker searched, Maya asks about Zig, who seen tells her about Zig's involvement in a gang that Tiny is in charge of. When Maya expresses concern over Zig, Grace retorts that they are hooking up. However, Maya insists she isn't into him, but simply doesn't want to see him throw his life away. As the police find nothing in the locker, Maya insists they have to get Zig involved in the art project in order to keep him away from his drug involved lifestyle. 

Maya asking Zig about being in a gang.

At lunch, Maya tries urging Zig away from his usual spot with the gang members before finally asking if he is a part of them. Zig says she is being ridiculous. She then asks if Tiny is, to which he responds in silence be he insists Tiny is a good guy and and he looked out for him when he was out on his own on the streets. Maya asks if they asked for something in return. Zig is hesitant before simply saying "Odds jobs and stuff". Maya is silenced before he insists he is done with that lifestyle and now lives with her.  

They later present their Panorama project idea to the student council. While Drew appears interested in the project, Dallas voices doubts and caution in having the Rubber room kids handle the project. After insulting the rubber room kids, Zig makes a remark that ends with him saying that it's not good to be judged by others based on a false reputation. Drew approves of their project with the condition he will supervise. Zig and Maya happily share a victory hug. At home, Maya compliments Zig on his artwork for the project. Tristan assures them about lots of kids should show up because they are running the "coolest event ever".


Maya and Zig sharing a victory hug.

As Zig takes a call, Maya says how she believes living there has really changed him for the better. Tristan asks if it's all the way to crush-worthy, but Maya firmly insists "definitely not". She then asks for the markers to color the picture and he says Zig has them in his bag. Maya goes through his bag to get the markers, but as she goes through his bag, she instead finds a bag of drugs. 

As she handles the art project with Drew, he asks where Zig is at. Maya doesn't respond before Zig shows up late and clearly worried. Maya asks him what's wrong before he asks if her mom went through his bag. Maya then bluntly says she found his weed and flushed it. Zig is shocked at what she did. Maya reminds him that he told her that he was no longer dealing. He says it wasn't his, but Maya says it was still in her house. Zig is furious and Maya says they need to get started on their Panorama project. Zig refuses, saying he now needs to fix this mess that she made and leaves. As the students come in to tell them about their Panorama rooms ideas, Maya is clearly distracted by Zig and what may happen.


Zig and Maya sharing their second kiss together.

At home during the night, Maya and Zig are going over ideas for Panorama night. Things are going good until Zig gets a call and begins to head out in a rush, much to Maya's horror. She begins asking him questions before flat out asking what Tiny is forcing him into. When it is hinted at there may be guns and violence, Maya gets in front of him, insisting he can't leave. Despite this, he insists that he must. Desperate, Maya kisses him, much to his shock. As she leans back, she begs him to stay for her. He agrees and they make out.
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Zig sneaks in a kiss

In Enjoy the Silence, Maya is making Zig do his best to make himself look sick to convince her mom he is so that he won't have to face his gang members at school. Zig sneaks in a kiss, but Maya steps back and tells him to keep rubbing his eyes as she messes his hair up. She gives him tips and advice on faking sick to fool her mom into letting him stay home as he tells her how pissed Tiny and the gang is that he bailed, sending him non-stop messages.

Maya and Zig in the morning.

Maya assures him that they will find a way to keep him away from the gang. Zig says how she keeps saying that but how. Maya pauses as her mom tells them that they will be late for school. Maya tells him how she just wants to tell her about the situation, but Zig says if they do then he will be kicked out. Her mom then heads in as Maya inspects him and believes he can pass for sick.

At school, Maya asks Grace for ways to get Zig out of the gang - only to find out it is either in a body bag, jail or moving away and never coming back - and covers for him when Tiny comes looking for him.

Unknown to her, Tiny soon finds out that Zig is living with Maya and shows up at her house. Zig is stunned until Mrs. Matlin shows up and believes him to be a friend. Tiny plays the party of a good friend and tells him about the gang being pissed and likely to exact revenge. He then tells him how good of a place the home is and it would be a shame if something happened to it before he leaves.


Zig telling Maya he needs to leave to keep her family and her safe.

At Panorama night, Maya is sad about Zig not coming and expresses how she wished he came. Just as she says this, Zig shows up in the crowd. Approaching him, she asks if he figured the gang wouldn't come at him during a school event. Zig tells her the gang found out where he is living and he must leave to keep her safe and prevent them from hurting her or her family on account of him. Just as she says he has nowhere to go, Drew comes up to her. He says Connor needs some cables for his room. Maya is annoyed with the request given the situation before Zig tells he to go take of care it. She pleads with him not to go anywhere. Taking off, she takes one more look at him before she leaves.

Going to Grace's room, she asks if she's seen her only to find out he's likely not there at all. Maya then says how Zig likely went back to streets, causing Grace to frown sadly before using her computer and his cell phone to track his location. Seeing his location, Maya recognizes it as a bus depot and runs out to stop him. She runs into Miles who stops her, angry about her supposedly being with Zig, and admits to him how he was right about Zig being in a gang all along. Miles tells her that he may have a way out for him.


Maya stopping Zig from leaving.

At the bus depot, Maya finds Zig getting ready to board. She runs up to him and he tells her how she needs to be as far away from him as possible. She asks him where he plans on going. He answers Siberbia since it was all he could afford. Just then Mr. Hollingsworth II and Miles arrive as Maya assures him that he doesn't need to leave. Mr. Hollingsworth II then tells him how during his campaign he met with people who worked in gang intervention and are former gang members who help other people escape the lifestyle themselves. Maya tells Zig it is the solution. He accepts on the condition Tiny get the help as well.

At home, Maya and her mother are watching as a gang intervention worker helps Tiny and Zig practice ways to get out of helping out their gang. After being told having a place to stay and having support form people who care about him will help out Zig, Maya reveals how his parents aren't around and he says they will find a place for him to stay. She asks where he can stay until the worker can find a place for him to stay officially. Her mother offers their place, but Maya brings up the possibility of the gang retaliating. The worker agrees, but they are willing to help out in case that happens. She agrees to it. Her mom and the worker leave.


Zig telling Maya that he knows she doesn't like him and accepts that.

Once alone, Zig thanks her for everything she's done for him, including pretending to be into him. Maya is surprised and is speechless, trying to deny it at first. However, Zig says he knows she pretended to like him with kissing him and is okay with it. She asks if he knew she didn't like him then why he went along with it. He says it was to kiss her, earning a playful swat from her. He also admits how he knows she "still digs the rich guy", which she doesn't deny, and he is okay with that as well. He then offers, "Friends?" Maya answers, "As long as you stay out of trouble". Zig says he will try. She then offers her hand and he takes it before pulling her into a hug. She then smiles happily.

In How Bizarre, Maya is in Remedial class with Zig and asks if he is keeping up with the lesson. He remarks that he may just love reading just as Ms. Grell asks him if he knows the answer to the question. She walks over and picks up his hidden magazine - a cook magazine, which is her favorite company magazine. Maya laughs in amusement along with the class laughs.  Later on, she asks Zig about his time working along with the class. When he says they just view him as some "gang member charity case", Ms. Grell says they likely just want him to learn first which Maya agrees, adding on that "everybody starts from the bottom".


Maya listening as Zig tells her about why his mom kicked him out.

In My Hero, she compliments Zig on his cooking breakfast before reminding him that they need to get to school. As Zig tells her about his efforts to gain enough trust into being allowed to cook at the restaurant, Maya brings up his gang intervention counselor Jose setting up an appointment with him mom after school. As he begins getting nervous, Maya tells him it is a big deal and that it is okay for him to be nervous. Zig responds in silence before going back to the cooking. Maya then urges him to tell her why his mom kicked him out.

He then confesses how he was selling pot at their family store, which she was unaware of, and a guy came looking for him in hopes of robbing him and knew about the family store. He came there armed with a gun and while Zig himself wasn't there, his mom and little brother were. Following this event, his mother gave him a choice to leave the gang, but Zig refused and she kicked him out. He then says how he can't imagine her ever forgiving him. Maya offers to come with him to see his mom as moral support, but he tells her this is something he must do on his own. She accepts his choice before alerting him to his burning onions. Later on, once again at home, Maya is messing around with Zig as he tries making another mean.

The doorbell then rings, stunning them both. Maya says how that must be his mom. Zig comments on how he really wants Jose to be with him right now, but she assures him that he can do fine without him. She then goes to the door, also quickly saying that she's proud of him. As she opens the door for Mrs. Novak, she politely says how nice it is to see her again, making polite conversation. As Mrs. Novak and Zig stare at each other, Maya looks on awkwardly before telling him to save her some steak before leaving the two alone, giving him a reassuring thumbs up. 

In Out of My Head, Zig and Maya are seen walking in the hallways together going to there next class.

In Believe (1), Zig texted Maya that Zoë is in trouble. Zig is getting calls from Vince and walking with Grace to class. He sees Maya with Miles and gives them a jealous look. He goes outside and gets a call from Vince but ignores it when Maya walks up to him. She tells him about her and Miles possibly getting back together. He tells her that it's hard to believe but thinks he'll get over her. She thanks him for understanding.

In Thunderstruck, Zig is invited by both Zoë and Maya to attend a Degrassi dance - Maya just as friends, but Zoë being a little more interested, according to Grace. Sure enough, while playing a drinking game at Maya's house, Maya reveals that although she doesn't have feelings for Zig, she cannot stand to see Zoë take something else of hers. After unleashing a fury of blame on Zoë for all the things that have happened in the past year, Maya storms out. Zoë follows her, but they get stranded by the thunderstorm. 

Season 14

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Maya and Zig enter a classroom together and sit down. Zoë says hi to them both while Tristan only says hi to Zig. Zig, Maya, Zoë are intrigued when Tristan gets a text and wants to bail, Zoë thinks it's a secret lover and Maya thinks Tristan wants to avoid her, Tristan tells Maya yes to her question and won't answer Zoë's before bailing. Zig and Zoë start flirting and Maya rolls her eyes at them. Zoë finds Maya and Zig walking together in the corridor and tells them she made the power cheer team, they both congratulate her and when Zig and Zoë start flirting again Maya walks into the classroom by herself, While Zoë talks to Becky, Zig and Maya chat together. After Becky harshly tells Zoë she didn't make the power cheer team, Zig and Maya confront Zoë and tells her to forget about the stupid team but Zoë says it's not stupid to her. Later at the renewal project ceremony, Zig and Maya watch on and laugh when Zoë tells Becky about Drew getting Clare pregnant, they also look on in horror when Becky falls to the ground.
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In If You Could Only See, Maya enters a classroom and asks Zig, Tiny and Grace if they have seen Miles, Zig and Tiny start making jokes about Miles being "gay" and Maya still having feelings for Miles. Maya explains she thinks there is something wrong with Miles, they shrug it off though before going to find their seats for the class. Later, Maya screams out in class after having a nightmare, Zig looks at her in concern as well as everyone else. The teacher asks Maya about her dream and Maya tells her it was about school work but shares a knowing look with Zig before bailing from the classroom. Zig finds Maya crying after he overheard her intense conversation with Miles. Maya says she keeps messing everything up, Zig tells Maya if it wasn't for her he's still be squatting in that house or worse. Maya says she supposes she's not a total basket case, Zig says she's definitely insane but she means well, Maya says thanks and they share a comforting hug.

In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Zig tells Maya he believes in her, trying to give her encouragement since Maya is trying to beat Grace in an arm wrestle, Maya says she can't and then Grace slams her hand against the table winning the arm wrestle. Zig says praise the victor while Maya asks Grace whether she is on steroids, Zig is up next to arm wrestle Grace and Tiny decides on record it on his phone, Maya acts as referee and tells them to start, Tiny starts laughing saying you going to let a girl show you up, Grace slams his hand against the table beating Zig, Maya, Tiny and Grace are happy while Zig says it's unfair because his concentration was broken, Maya says likely story when the teacher enters and tells them to stop what they weren't supposed to be doing and get to work. Zig, Maya, Tiny are walking the halls when Zoë, Lola, and Shay approach them to tell Zig they saw his video, while the others girl tell Zoë she dodged a bullet with not dating Zig since he has no brains or brawn. Zig asks what they were talking about and Grace joins them saying this and shows them the video that Tiny took of Zig losing the arm wrestle to Grace. Zig asks Tiny what the hell and knows that he posted the vid since he took it, Tiny admits he did and tells him it's been re-tweeted 100 times and he never gets more than 6 re-tweets and tells Zig maybe he shouldn't of let a girl kick his butt. Zig pushes Tiny up against the locker which surprises Maya and Grace. Zig attempts to fight Tiny while Grace try's to get them to stop, Zig says he will if Tiny deletes the video, Maya tells them a teacher is coming and they both get detention.

Zig, Tiny, Maya, Grace are hanging out at Maya's house eating poutine which is Zig's apology to Tiny and Tiny accepts. Zig asks Grace for a re-match but Grace doesn't want to risk her title. Maya says Zig is feeling emasculated and wants a chance to prove how man he is. Zig says he wants Tiny to take down the video but Tiny wants him to prove he's not a wuss, Zig doesn't know how to prove that if Grace won't agree to round 2, Grace says she has an idea but wants to keep it a surprise, Maya smiles at this. Zig is gearing himself up and Grace tells him he's getting a home tattoo, Maya and Tiny are surprised by her idea. Grace shows them her tattoo that she got when she was 14 in a guys living room. Tiny tells Zig he has to do so as not to let Grace show him up again and that he'll take down the video if he does. Grace gets Zig to lie down on the lounge in case he faints, Maya says he won't, Tiny sarcastically say that'll prove he is tough. Zig says to make sure his sleeve are covered and Tiny says he doesn't wear them, Maya and Tony high five. Grace burns the needle and slowly takes it to his skin as Maya and Tiny watch on but at the last second Zig moves and says no and that getting a home tattoo to prove that you are tough is stupid, Grace says he's finally got himself some balls. Zig is surprised she agrees and Grace tells him good on him for getting out now since she has no idea what she's doing. Zig throws a pillow at Grace while Maya and Tiny laugh.

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Zig enters Maya's room after he hears her scream out after having a nightmare about Miles.  Maya explains she's so scared that she hasn't slept in days. Zig offers to sing her a lullaby, Zig moves towards her and sits down on her bed before starting to sing tinkle tinkle little star, Maya hits him with her pillow to get him to stop and thinks she'll now have nightmares about that now, Zig tells Maya his job here is done and gets off the bed and begins to leave the room but turns around to tell Maya she needs help, Maya she's she doesn't, she just needs to get her mind off Miles. Zig offers to gives Maya some "conlay", he has his catalog memorised it Maya declines his offer and Zig leaves the room after putting his hands up in a I surrender notion. Zig and Grace approach Maya at school, Grace asks if Maya had a tough day and Zig says she's been stressed out lately. Grace invites Maya to come with them and when Maya asks where they are going, Grace replies with to "relax". Zig tries to convince Maya to come and Maya agrees, they all bail. Grace asks Maya if she's going to try tae kwan do, but Maya says she thought they were going to get high or something, Grace asks where she thinks they are, it's the middle of the day. Zig sits with them telling them how great that way, Maya thinks it's weird. Maya starts to talk about Miles being weird lately, Grace tells Maya if she can prove Miles is fine will she stop going on about it, Maya asks how and Grace says she just has to get into his Facebook messages. Grace shows Maya that Miles is at home and messaged Tristan this morning. Maya sees a message where Tristan asked Miles how he feels and Miles responded he wants to kill himself. Zig thinks it's no big deal and says people say that kind of thing all the time and Maya replies with sometimes they mean it. Maya has roped Zig and Grace into breaking into Miles house, they get in and Maya enters telling them to stand guard at the door. Zig and Grace walk in at the middle of their fight and Zig ends up dragging Maya out of there as the three of them leave. Maya logs into her facerange so she can she what Miles is doing on his, Zig tries to get Maya to stop because she is freaking him out before Zoë arrives angry and asks what is wrong with Maya, Maya is upset to learn Miles has blocked her on Facerange, Zoë wants to know why she begged her to let her do the cheer music and then bailed on her. Maya is still trying to figure out why Miles blocked her and starts to have a panic attack screaming I can't let it happen again, I can't, I can't before throwing her computer to the ground and breaking it. Zig and Zog are shocked by this before Maya falls to the ground herself in full panic mode and Zig and Zoë work together to help her get out of it. Zig enters Maya's room asking if she has another nightmare about Miles, Maya asks what if she has these dreams for the rest of her life and then says that Miles thinks it's me, that he's fine and I'm the one with the problem, he messed up and I know it, Zig sits on the bed and then tells Maya that this is taking over her life, Maya asks if Zig thinks she's crazy, Zig says he thinks she needs help, Maya takes a breath before saying she thinks he's right and says she's going to talk to her mum tomorrow, Zig asks if there's anything he can do, Maya says he could try that lullaby again, Zig smiles and Maya smiles back at him.

In Firestarter (1), Zig and Tiny are volunteers when Maya and Grace approach their table to chat to them, Zig and Tiny tell them about the "oomfchat" scandal and the visiting cheerleaders, Zoë refusing to date Zig is mentioned. Zig bets Tiny he could get a cheerleaders number before him, Grace and Maya pick out the head cheerleader of a visiting team and all so set the terms that the loser has to be a cheerleader, to do a cheer in front of the visiting cheerleaders, Zig ad Tiny shake hands on the deal making Maya and Grace happy. Maya is questioning why Zig didn't get the girls number with Zig explaining he couldn't after she said mean things about Zoë. Grace enters telling them that she got the girls number, Maya asks whether she's gay but Grace says she just wanted to see the guys in short skirts, Grace puts a bag on the table with the gear inside it and they open it to look at it while Maya and Grace laugh. Zig and Tiny are doing a cheer of Graces name in front of Maya, Grace and half the school, they also watch on as Zig and Zoë talk and after that Zig finishes cheering Graces name.

In Ready or Not, Maya and Zig go to see Tiny in the hospital and bring him donuts, afterwards they head to school so they wouldn't be late for school and get detention. When they both get to school Maya asks Zig if he remembered to record the next Game of Thrones episode because didn't want to miss what would happen next, since Zig was distracted he wasn't sure. Maya asks what's wrong and he tells her that he feels it's his fault Tiny got stabbed and that he feels guilty he lives in a safe home basically part of Maya's family while Tiny lives in a neighborhood that anything can happen. Maya tells him he couldn't have known Damon had a knife and also if he tries to do something dumb to get back at Damon he can jeopardize his safety. Also, Maya then suggest that Zig tries out for the school musical to keep his mind busy from all the troubles of the gang violence, he feels that won't help because it won't unstab Tiny, but Maya tells him it's worth a shot. After Zig talks to Grace he is home thinking about all that has happened. Maya's mom wishes Zig luck on the musical audition. When Maya's mom leaves Zig asks Maya if him auditioning is a dumb idea, she tells him it's not and it would keep him busy, however he feels doing this doesn't seem right with all the stuff going on. Afterwards Maya encourages Zig and tells him Tiny will be okay and that he will rock the audition and everything would be fine. Zig then tells Maya thanks leading to Maya asking for what, he replies everything including housing him, keeping him out of trouble and not giving up on him which she immediately replies stopping him in his tracks Never gonna happen! He then tells her that Tiny should have a Maya too not her but someone like her on his side, she replies that Tiny does have him and that he's not so bad saying it in a playful way. When Zig is in school doing his audition he nails it as Maya watches on with a cheery disposition smiling giddy and clapping, after Zig finishes his audition Maya was pleased that he even hit the high notes and they hug, he replies he had a great coach. She asks him how he feels and he replies he feels like the musical might actually work for him, Maya then pulls Zig towards her so they can call her mom on the the pay phone and tell her how amazing his audition was so she can take them out for Chinese buffet. Later coming home from the Chinese buffet, Maya is super full and jokes about Zig playing the villain, Zig tells her his character is the third important character in the play and she is full because she ate a whole crème brûlée and half his Tiramisu. After he reads his text from Grace saying whatever he told the gang member worked, then both Maya and Zig here Maya's mom call for help. They find the house in a wreck and Maya's mom tells Zig to call 911. When the cops come they ask what happened, Maya says the place was like that when they came from eating out, however Zig knows more but doesn't say anything, later he finds a black handkerchief that was left behind by the gang, which he takes. 

In Wishlist, At Maya's House, Maya happily sets the password to their new security system and says try getting in now thieves, Zig tells Maya that thieves didn't break in and shows her handkerchief he found and explains the break-in was a message from Damon, Maya asks why he would do that, Zig says after he stabbed Tiny, I warned him something crazy might happen, some kind of retaliation and says they they should tell the cops, Maya says no, my mum will kick you out if she thinks you had something to do it with this, Maya hides the handkerchief when her mum enters the room, Maya's mum asks Maya if she has set the new system up and that she knows the break in is hard to cope with so gives her spa brochure for her and a girlfriend and thinks she should take Zoë but Maya says Zoë has detention so can't come and Maya's mum says to ask someone else before leaving. Zig thinks it's a good idea but Maya reminds him she has no girlfriends then decides to ask Grace. Maya and Zig enter a classroom and Zig gives Maya support before Maya asks Grace to come to the spa with her. Maya's surprised to see turn up at the spa and asks what's he's doing here, Zig says he came to get his nails done and Maya smiles at him. Zig says he saw how upset she was when Grace shot her down and he couldn't let her go all alone. Zig and Maya are talking at the spa, Maya is reading a magazine and asks what makes a guy hotter, abs or built arms, Zig thinks arms does, Maya thanks him for coming and says no one else would and thinks she's friend repellent, Zig says she just has to let people pass her hard candy shell so they can see your gooey middle, Maya says she tried with Grace, Zig reminds her she invited Grace by pretty much saying she didn't have anyone else to bring, Maya says she's bad at girls. Zig tells Maya he came to talk about something else, this morning when I told you about Damon, I never want to be the one that makes you feel that way, Maya says he didn't Damon did, Zig says he's the reason it happened and that's why he needs to move out, Maya says no, no I can't lose you, Zig says the stuff with Damon is serious, Maya asks if Damon threatened you, Zig says no but he was in your house, if anything ever happened to you it'll be because of me, Maya asks what would happen to him and says she's been messed up forever because of Cam, thanks to you I'm finally getting past it, you can't, I need you in my life Zig, we're safe now, we have the alarm, please lets protect each other okay, okay. Zig nods his head, Maya asks if he's staying, Zig says someone has to help her make things right with Grace. At school, Maya says thinks are so complicated right now and Grace says it's because she's in love with Zig, Maya says she's not, I mean he's amazing and she loves him but... Maya turns around and looks at Zig and realizes she has feelings for him.

In Walking in My Shoes, Zig and Maya are seen in line for food while Zoë is volunteering in the cafeteria. They both tell Zoë they still blame her for everything going on at school. Zoë then tells them to get their food and go when she slops food onto her face and Zig and Maya laugh at her and eventually walk away. Later they're both seen talking outside the school about how they can't get Imagine Dragons tickets without cell phones when Zoë stops them and tells them her plan to give people prepaid cell phones. They both seem to forgive Zoë and think her idea is cool.

In Get It Together, Maya is seen talking to Grace in gym when Grace brings up the fact that Maya has feelings for Zig. Maya says she's trying to ignore it since she doesn't want to get Zig in trouble seeing as he's living at her house.
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Later Maya tells Zig how having Tristan as her dance partner is harder than she thought. Zig then turns on music on his cell phone and helps Maya out with her dancing. Zig tells her the reason he's so good at dancing is because his hips don't lie, he took it last term with a B+ and Maya trusts him. He tells Maya that to be able to work things out she needs to be honest with her feelings. Maya seems nervous throughout the whole dance as does Zig later on. He finishes dancing with her and says he has to get back to homework.
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The next day when Maya comes home Zig walks in and asks her how it went with Tristan. She tells him that it is important to be honest with your feelings. He then says he has to be honest about something with her, and that she has two left feet. Maya tries to kick him around the kitchen when finally Zig grabs her leg. Maya tells Zig she learned moves from her sister and Zig tells her to try. They both stare at each other in silence for a moment and then kiss. They're interrupted when Maya's mom comes walking in with food. They both push away so that her mom wouldn't see. They look at each other both knowing that her mom can't know about them.
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In Give Me One Reason, In the Matlin House, Maya jumps when Zig arrives in the kitchen, Maya asks what he's doing up, Zig says he couldn't sleep and he thought some fresh air might help, Maya asks if it did, Zig says till I ran into you again, Maya realizes they have to talk about the kiss and Zig agrees, Maya asks him to go first, Zig says he like it, Maya says she couldn't stop thinking about it, I don't think I've slept at all, Zig says he knows he hasn't, Maya asks what they do now, before Zig kisses her and they break apart and Maya says that seems about right, Maya and Zig kiss again only to be interrupted by Maya's mom, they attempt to explain, Maya's mum says she has some physical ramifications but her eye site isn't among them and she sends Zig to his room, Maya's mum says it is 3 o'clock in the morning on a school night and you were up making out with our house guest, Maya says when you put it like that, Maya's mum says this can't happen again, tell me you heard me what did I just say Maya says this can't happen again.
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After Maya and Zig say they love each other

Outside the school, Zig and Maya both agree they have to break-up but Maya then tells Zig she can't do that, Zig asks what she means, Maya says I don't know Zig I think I might love you, Zig says damn it Maya that sucks, Maya says what, why, Zig says because I might love you too, they smile at each other, Maya asks if they are actually doing this, sneaking around, midnight kisses, only holding hands on the way to school, Zig says no, your mum has been so good to me, if were really going to do this we owe it to her to be honest, Maya agrees and says she'll talk to her, she can't control who we love right, they hold hands and walk off together.
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At the Matlin House, Zig is trying to pack but Maya tries to stop him, Maya says he can't go, Zig says he doesn't leave tonight but he does have to leave, Maya asks where will he stay, Zig says his mum's, I don't know, Maya says he doesn't know, Zig says he's going to meet with Jose and they will figure out what makes the most sense for him, I'll find a warm bed, Maya says she'll move out and go live with Tristan, you stay here, Zig tells Maya to chill, Maya says she has no chill, we kissed and I wasn't thinking straight and now you're going to have to live on the streets and it's all my fault, Zig says what, for being so great that I fell for you, was that your evil plan all along, Zig takes her hands, Zig says this is as much his fault as it is hers and this is the only way we get to be together, it'll be alright, Maya asks if he's sure, Zig and Maya kiss, Zig says as long as they are together, what could possibly go wrong.
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In I Wanna Be Adored, Zig is seen talking to Jose about where he's gonna live next. Jose asks why he got himself into this situation when Zig replies "I'm in love with her." (referring to Maya). Once Jose leaves Maya then asks Zig if he's gonna be okay living at Tiny's house. Zig tells her he'll be fine and the two of them hug. Later on in the episode Zig gets a FaceTime call from Maya and the two of them talk. Once Zig hears someone at the door he tells her he's gotta go but before they hang up Maya tells Zig that she's proud of him.
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In Teen Age Riot, Outside the school, Zig and Maya are kissing behind the school bus before being interrupted by Tiny and Grace. Grace suggests they get a room, Zig and Maya hold hands and start walking together, Zig says where are they suppose to go, they can't do it at Maya's house or at school, Tiny suggests their house and Maya thinks that's a good idea, Zig tries to tell her no but Maya convinces him so Zig says dinner tonight my place. Grace suggests they all go before they are late to class.

At Zig's place, Zig and Maya are having dinner when Vince and his mates rock up, Zig tries to get Maya to leave with him and Maya wants to stay and get to know his friends, Vince offers Maya a drug called "Molly", Zig tells Vince she's not that kind of girl but Maya asks Vince what it is like, Vince says colors get brighter, sounds get sharper, you feel more connected to everything you love, that's why they call it the love drug, Maya takes the drug off Vince and asks Zig to do the drug with her and says it would be great if our first time was together, Zig says she doesn't have to prove anything, Maya says she knows but she's curious and hands Zig the drug and they both take it.
Snapshot 3 (30-07-2015 11-12 AM)

Maya and Zig kissing before they have sex.

Zig and Maya are dancing when Zig leads her to the couch, Maya touches his face and Zig wants to know why she has an obsession about it, with her response being that his face is so soft. Maya and Zig touch the couch and it feels awesome, Maya says everything feels awesome, Zig says he was worried that she would hate the house or look at him differently and the guys were bothering me about doing the sex with you, I don't wanna be that guy, Maya stops him asking if he's saying he doesn't want to do the sex with her, Zig says he does want too he just didn't want to pressure you, Maya grabs his face and says there's no pressure, they kiss but Zig breaks away and asks Maya if she's sure and Maya says she is, Maya grabs Zig's hand and goes to find a bedroom after asking him which room is his.
Snapshot 4 (30-07-2015 11-12 AM)

Zig and Maya the morning after they have sex.

At school the next day, Zig finds Maya with Grace and says she left her bag at his place last night before giving it to her and Maya says thanks but it's very awkward between them and Maya bails. Zig tells Grace that Maya and him had sex the night before while high on drugs. 

Outside the school, Zig finds Maya sitting on a bench, Zig mentions the no phone rule to break the ice before sitting down next to Maya, They both attempt to say something but Maya says he can go first, Zig says what happened yesterday, he didn't mean for things to go that far, Maya says yeah, me neither but I sought a wish I first time wasn't high you know, Zig says yeah, Maya says maybe she shouldn't have come over yesterday, Zig says it's his fault, Maya says that's not what she meant, Zig says no but it's true, Zig gets up and says if you weren't with me then none of this would have happened, I think it's best if you just stay away from me from now on, Maya asks if he's joking, Zig says he's trying to protect her, Maya asks from what, Zig says from me okay I'm a bad guy I let you take those drugs, Maya says you let me what I can't make decisions for myself, Zig says she's better off without him, Maya says that's pretty clear before storming off angry and hurt.

Zig calls Maya and Maya asks him if he's outside her house, Zig says he's not and he's still with the guys, Maya says they can just talk at school, Zig says what they did wasn't stupid the way they did it was, Maya tries to interrupt him but Zig instincts on saying this, we weren't our selves last night and if we had been we would have known we weren't ready, for what we did, for sex, Maya says she feels the same way, Zig says he thinks that why today was so awkward but it happened and I don't want to pretend it didn't because I'm glad that it was with you, Maya smiles making Zig think she hang up on him but Maya tells him she was glad it was with him too, Zig says you are, Maya says of course dummy, Zig asks if that means they are still together, Maya says she guesses so, Zig says okay and that he'll see her at school tomorrow then, Maya says definitely and hangs up the phone.

In The Kids Aren't Alright (1), At school in a classroom, Zig sits down in front of Maya making her smile until she notices he looks serious, Zig says if anyone asks then he was with her last night, Maya reminds him they weren't together though, Zig knows that but he needs Maya to say that they were, Maya asks Zig what's going on, Zig says Vince shot Damon last night, Tiny was there and so was I and I wasn't there but I drove the car, Maya asks if he's dead, Zig says he's not but Tiny says we can't say anything otherwise we'll all go to jail, Maya promises she won't say anything.
Snapshot 3 (30-07-2015 4-28 PM)
Zig says he's really scared, he didn't think Vince could do something like this, I didn't even know he had a gun in the house, the house where you just visited me, Maya says it's okay but Zig says it's not, I'm asking you to be my alibi, what the hell is wrong with me, I'm sorry for dragging you into all this, if you wanted to run away and never look back I wouldn't blame you, Maya tells Zig she's not going anywhere. Grace approaches them saying Pill's looking for you because there's a detective with some questions, Zig leaves to go deal with that.
Snapshot 4 (30-07-2015 4-42 PM)
In the gym, Maya finds Zig doing a costume change with Imogen before Imogen leaves them alone. Zig smiles and spins her around, Maya figures everything went okay with the detective, Zig says he didn't say anything and no-one else asked and I think this might all blow over, Maya says no-one's asked her anything either, Zig says that's fantastic and I'm finally free to do all the fun stuff in my life, this musical and this security camera free zone, they kiss and Tiny interrupts them and tells Zig they need to talk but not here, Zig tells Maya he's sure it's nothing and bails. In The Kids Aren't Alright (2), Zig attacks Jason saying you think you can just threaten my girlfriend and there won't be any consequences and Maya witnesses this calling out for Zig to stop and he does, after Jason leaves, Maya confronts Zig saying you said everything was under control, Zig says it's not, those guys are coming for us, Maya asks if it's because Vince shot Damon, Zig nods yes, Maya asks why he's protecting Vince, Zig says he's protecting her too, I'm out of options, Maya says you always have options, you can do the right thing, go to the cops, Zig says he can't, I thought you understood that, Maya says when is it going to stop, when you're all dead, Zig says he can't step down, Maya says she can't listen to this anymore and Maya walks away from Zig.
Snapshot 2 (31-07-2015 7-12 PM)
Behind the stage, Zig apologizes to Maya and Maya says not to and that were here and together and they hug. Vince interrupts them and wishes Zig good luck and give him flowers and says he's proud of him, the detective arrives and arrests Vince and Vince realizes Zig turned him in, Zig says he feels like throwing up and Imogen arrives and tells him it's his time on stage. In the gym, Maya watches Zig perform on stage and claps once he finishes his part.
Snapshot 8 (31-07-2015 7-42 PM)
Behind the stage, Maya tells him he was awesome and they hug, Maya thinks everything everything will be ok the cops are everywhere, Zig says it's the hardest thing he has had to do, Maya tells him she's so proud of him, Tiny interrupts them and he's holding a knife, he's angry at Zig for snitching on his brother and getting him arrested, Zig tries to get Tiny to let Maya leave but Tiny says no to that request.
Snapshot 7 (31-07-2015 7-41 PM)

Tiny holds a knife to Zig and Maya

Zig tells him everything will be ok because he didn't tell the cops his involvement, Tiny tells him he doesn't get it, Vince is gone and it's all your fault, my dad's in prison and my mum's on drugs so Vince was all I had and he took care of me, Zig says he's not alone and he has him, Tiny says the guy who ratted out my brother, Zig says because he shot a dude, Tiny reminds him the guy stabbed him, Zig points out that now he's the one with the knife and that he's not this person, Tiny says maybe he is because no matter how hard I try to get away from this mess it keeps finding me, Zig asks how hurting him or Maya is going to fix that, Tiny says he doesn't know, Zig says actually and that they need to stop this cycle and we can together, Zig takes the knife off Tiny and Tiny cries.

At school the next morning, Zig is with Maya and Tiny, Zig says they can stay with hostelry for a while, Maya asks what happens now are they going to do some gang intervention, Zig says they are but he wants to make sure they fly under the radar while we corporate with the cops, Maya asks if they will be charged, Zig explains cooperating will make it easier but there are no guarantees , Maya says it was still the right thing to do, wasn't it, Tiny says it was, Zig apologizes to Tiny, Tiny says he doesn't have to and he gets it, Tiny tries to apologize to Maya but Maya tells them that she'll be okay as long as they are and Zig says they will be, Tiny thinks they should head to Jose's and Zig agrees but he has to stop somewhere first.

In Don't Look Back, Maya is doing her lifesaving class but fails it when she gets distracted by Gloria flirting with Zig. Maya explains she has applied for a job nannying for Jordyn Kincaid kids and is hoping to score a job in the music industry if she's impresses the music producer. Maya takes Zig hands and they walk down the beach. Later, Maya has got a new job selling pamphlets for the taco shop when she sees Gloria flirting with Zig as well as looking after Jordyn's kids since she got the job. Maya attacks Gloria telling her she stole her job and now she's trying to steal her boyfriend and that she'll get her karma eventually. At Jordyn's house, Maya calls Zig telling him the kids are asleep, Zig asks if she's calling him to come over to make out, Maya says she's calling to apologies and that she was just jealous of Gloria and apparently she's actually nice, Zig says he still likes her way better, Maya says she knows that and she wants to forget Gloria exists for the rest of the summer and focus on this job, Zig asks again if the make-out is still off and Maya says it is and that she'll just watch TV and tidy the place up and if she does a good job then Jordyn may take her under the wing in the music biz and says bye Ziggy.
Snapshot 2 (6-08-2015 12-12 PM)
At Jorydn's place, Maya answers the door and Zig scares her before saying he got off his shift early and he thought he would pick her up, Maya grabs Zig by the hand and drags him inside, Zig asks if she wants to have the date here before hugging her from behind but Maya explains he can't stay because she wants to prove herself to Jordyn, Zig asks why'd she pull him in then, Maya explains she needs him to check for ghosts, Zig tells Maya there's no such thing as ghosts, Maya tells him to humor her then, Zig agrees and starts to look for ghosts but finds nothing and asks is he her hero before hugging Maya and moments later they jump up in fright after hearing a voice. Zig and Maya walk though the house to find where the voice is coming from, Maya asks if the door looks like a torture chamber, Zig says yeah, Maya says he's suppose to say it just looks like a pantry, Maya and Zig enter the pantry and Maya finds a voice recorder and realizes it's a toy making them both relived, Maya asks if he can believe it, Zig says yes because he told her there's no such things as ghosts, Maya says as if he wasn't scared too, Zig says not even for a second, the door slams shut and the lights go out and Maya tries the door but it won't open which freaks them both out. Later, Maya and Zig are still in the pantry when Jordyn opens the door to find them there, Maya tries to explain why Zig is here, after Jordyn leaves the room, Maya attacks the kids over their "prank" while Zig watches on. At the taco restaurant, Maya gives Zig and Tiny there food but mixes up their order and Maya says she keeps failing at everything especially the job, Tiny asks what up with the job and Maya says the kids hate her, Tiny tells her not to care and just show the kids who's boss and they will love you forever just like how Zig follows her around making Maya smile. At Jordyn's place, Maya and Zig play a prank on the kids to get back at them and the kids are impressed. Maya tells Zig she thinks the kids like her now and Zig says he thinks they like him more.
Snapshot 1 (6-08-2015 2-33 PM)
At the beach, Maya is trying to convince Lena to put on a flash guard when Zig comes up behind her and scares her wearing a Halloween mask, Maya tells him that wasn't funny but Zig says the kids disagree and says he's wearing the mask because he's excited for the zombie walk, Maya asks Zig if it this weekend and Zig realizes she may have to work, Maya says she's not sure yet, Zig and Maya hold hands and Zig says he knows she wants to impress Jordyn but he barely ever sees her anymore , Maya says he's seeing her right now, Zig says yes but alone, where I can do this, Zig kisses Maya and the kids interrupt and Zig says without that, Maya says she misses him too, Zig asks her to talk to Jordyn about having the day off and Maya agrees as long as he gets Lena to wear the flash guard.
Snapshot 2 (6-08-2015 2-45 PM)
At the Zombie walk, Maya approaches Zig with them both looking like Zombies, Zig is impressed with Maya's costume, Zig says dead looks good on her, Maya corrects him saying she's undead, Zig says she can be whatever she wants as long as he has her to himself, they kiss and the kids interrupt them and Zig realizes Maya has to look after the kids today, Maya explains she asked for the day off but Jordyn needed her and asks him to be understanding, Zig says he has been all summer, today was important, we made plans, Maya explains that she would rather spend time with him than the kids and Zig says she cares too much about impressing Jordyn, Maya tells him not to be mad, we can still have loads of fun today, Zig says he's not mad, he's disappointed and Zig starts to walk away, Maya asks where he's going, Zig tells her it's his day off too and he doesn't want to spend it looking after someone's else's kids and Zig leaves.
Snapshot 5 (6-08-2015 3-10 PM)
At Lola's restaurant, Maya has told Zig about getting fired, Zig suggests they don't buy her album, they hug and Zig says the bright side is they can spend all their time together now, Maya says that true, Maya tries to kiss Zig but he pulls away saying he needs a breath mint first because his breath is garlicky, Maya says she doesn't care before kissing him but after tells him to deal with it and he leaves. Zig arrives back and asks Maya if she saw a ghost, Maya says she just saw Gloria. At the beach, Maya meets Zig and Zig says he got her text and hopes that the help she needs is him applying sunblock to her hard to reach places because he's kind of an expert, Maya says that tempting but she has a better plan, where going to find Gloria, Zig says you mean to spend your first day off searching for a missing girl, Maya says she saw her last night at Lola's so she knows she's not missing and realizes Zig thinks she imagined it, Zig says because you feel responsible about her disappearance, Maya says she said some terrible things to her, Zig says that doesn't mean it's your fault, Maya says you don't know that, Zig says he does know that you will do anything to avoid spending time with me, Maya tells she'll be at the full moon party tonight, Zig says he'll believe it when he sees it and bails.
Snapshot 2 (6-08-2015 10-33 PM)
At the beach, Zig is hugging Maya and tells her how happy he is to have her in his life, Maya says she wishes everyone was as lucky, Zig figures out she's thinking of Gloria, Maya says if she had good people in her life she wouldn't be headed to juvie right now and I don't want the same to happen to Jordyn's kids which is why I sent her a message begging for my job back, Zig says she'll save the world and they kiss, the kids interrupt them and Maya's surprised to see them, Jordyn tells Maya she was right and offers she a job at the studio and Maya happily says yes before hugging Zig. 

Later, Zig and Maya dance and hug at the end of summer party.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 1

Snapshot 1 (12-01-2016 8-08 PM)
In #BootyCall, in a classroom, Maya is telling Zig her dreams of being the next T-Swift or something even more amazing but Zig tells Maya she has pretty lips before kissing her, Maya says she doesn't think them kissing on the first day back to school is a good choice but Zig disagrees, Maya tells him she has a plan, she makes to put together a band, Zig says she wants to be amazing and Maya is happy he actually listened, Zig says he wants all that too but what he wants now is, Zig begins kissing her again and they get interrupted by Frankie taking some kids on a tour. After they leave, Maya grabs Zig's hand and drags him to their class.

At school, Zig and Maya are sitting down somewhere, Zig is unimpressed that him and Maya only have one class together, Grace interrupts them to tell them she knows they got caught making out this morning, Maya isn't happy it's all over the school. Zig asks Maya if she's free tonight but Maya answers her phone and learns she's got an auction at the trap door for her and her band but Zig points out she doesn't have a band. Maya realises she has some serious work to do to acquire one and bails.

In the music room, Zig enters the music room where Maya, Grace and Jonah are practicing for their band. Maya introduces Zig to Jonah as her new guitarist and Zig approaches Maya saying he thought he'd play guitar.
Snapshot 2 (12-01-2016 8-29 PM)
In the music room, Maya finds Zig and kisses him, Maya asks him what he's doing tonight, Zig hopes it's more kissing, Maya tells him she's found him a chef job and Zig realises Maya doesn't want him in the band, Zig asks him Maya would rather spend time with Jonah instead, Maya explains that Jonah can get her the sound she needs, Zig says he's her boyfriend though, Maya explains it doesn't make him good at guitar, Zig says he can't believe she's blowing him off for this dumb music stuff and begins walking away, Maya stops Zig by saying this dumb music stuff is her dream, Zig asks if it's more important than him, Maya says it is and she wants him to understand that, Zig tells Maya she never wants to hang out anymore, Maya says she's been busy, Zig says she doesn't want to have sex or even talk about it, Maya says she doesn't not want to have sex, Zig and Maya stare at each other before Jonah and Grace interrupt wanting to practice, Maya asks Zig if they can resume this conversation later and Zig agrees and then bails from the room. Zig watches Maya practice from outside the room. In #NoFilter, in class, Zig and Maya happily agree to be each other's partners for an assignment. At school, Zig and Maya are laying together somewhere, they comment on Grace leaving to Zoë and then offer her advice about Grace. In Class, Zig and Maya present their project to the class.
Snapshot 1 (12-01-2016 10-29 PM)
In #YesMeansYes, At school, Zig and Maya are sitting down somewhere, Zig and Maya are throwing food at each other and Zig brings Maya closer to him, they are just about to kiss when Jonah interrupts, Maya is interested when Jonah wants her to hear a song, Maya leaves while Zig watches from afar.
Snapshot 4 (12-01-2016 10-49 PM)

Zig attempts to have sex with Maya

At Maya's house, Maya is doing homework while Zig is staring at her, Maya asks what he is studying and Zig says your beautiful lips, Maya asks what he wants, Zig says he wants them to have a "break" before climbing across the sofa and sitting next to her, Zig kisses her on the neck and then Maya kisses him, Maya tries to say she doesn't have time for this but Zig drags her on top of him and they start kissing, Maya pulls away and Zig starts kissing her neck, Maya yells out for him to stop but he keeps going until she hits him in the face, Maya instantly apologies and explains she's really busy and has a lot to do, Zig decides to leave.
Snapshot 3 (12-01-2016 10-48 PM)

Zig and Maya getting the sex talk from Maya's mum

At Maya's House, Maya takes Zig's hand and leads himself into the lounge room and Zig learns that Maya's mum wants to talk to them, they all sit down. Maya's mum knows she can't stop them from having but she wants to talk about it since she found some condoms and Zig admits they are his, Maya's mum informs Zig that Maya isn't on the pill and then asks if Zig has been tested for STI's and Zig explains he's only had sex with Maya so there's no need. Maya's says if they can't even talk about sex should they really be doing it.  In a classroom, Zig walks in on Maya and Jonah talking and after Jonah leaves, Zig says dumping him would be a huge mistake and Maya what's going on with him, Zig sits down and asks Maya if she stopped loving him, Maya says of course I love you and that she can love him and not want to have sex with him, Zig asks how she can want to and then not want too, Maya says she never said she didn't want too but she's worried it's going to be weird again, Zig says if they aren't doing it then doesn't that mean they are going to break-up, Maya asks if he's saying he will break-up with her if they aren't having sex, Zig says no but Maya wants to know why he would think that, Zig says every time he tries to bring it up you make excuses, Maya admits she's scared and that what if she says yes and then changes her mind, Zig says then we'll stop and that he never wants to feel like he's forcing her, Maya says they should just keep talking and Zig says it sounds like somewhere to start.
Snapshot 7 (12-01-2016 11-17 PM)

Maya and Zig kissing before having sex

In Maya's room, Zig and Maya are doing homework, Zig asks Maya if he come sit next to her and Maya says sure, Zig moves next to Maya, Maya closes her laptop and puts it away, Zig asks to kiss Maya's neck and Maya agrees, Zig kisses her on the neck, they both ask to remove each others shirts, they both agree it's a little weird, Zig asks if they should stop and Maya says no, they take their pants off before kissing and Maya asks if they can just have sex now, Zig happily agrees and carries her to the bed before laying her on it and they kiss.
Snapshot 1 (13-01-2016 2-39 PM)
In #NotOkay, At Maya's house, Maya tells Zig the good news about her getting the gig and Maya jumps on top of Zig before Maya's mum interrupts. Maya tells her mum about the gig at the trap door which is a bar and her mum bans them from going. Maya and Zig try to convince her but she remains her stance before leaving. Maya tells Zig she may of well be dead if she doesn't do the show and Zig confronts her by putting his arm on the shoulder.

At the Trap Door, Zig and Maya arrive for the gig. Later, Zig cheers Maya on before becoming shocked when Maya dumps a customers phone into his drink after he disrespected her. The next night, at the Trap Door, Maya gets a second chance and is performing again and Zig is watching from the crowd.

In #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness, at school, Zig and Maya come out of class with Tiny and Tiny introduces Lola to them. Zig and Maya laugh when Lola shows them her "vibrator" key-ring and they bail soon after.
Snapshot 3 (13-01-2016 5-17 PM)
At the dot, Maya comes in with Grace and they sit down at a table with Zig and Tiny. Maya tells Zig she has another gig and they kiss. Zig isn't impressed that it's a gig for the feminist club though and states his point. 

At school, Zig wants to use the bathroom that the feminist club is protesting about but realizes Maya is with them, Zig isn't happy about it but Maya tells him that she's doing this. When Maya starts singing, Zig bails. Maya says she talked to Zig about it and he's cool now.

In #NotAllMen, Zig supports Maya at a feminist meeting.

Snapshot 1 (13-01-2016 7-52 PM)
In #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin, outside Maya's house, Zig watches Maya and Jonah perform, Maya goes over to him asking if he thinks they are ready for the big apple, Zig says he's still surprised his mum agreed to take them, Maya says it's not every day that a music producer asks for a meeting, Maya's mum tells them to pack, Jonah tells them Grace isn't coming which leaves them both shocked, Zig explains he doesn't like the thought of her and Jonah alone and Zig now wants to come, Maya shuts the idea down because her mum would never agree, Zig says she doesn't care about Jonah but Maya explains that's only because her and Jonah are friends and her and Zig are not, Zig admits he doesn't trust Jonah, Maya tells him there's nothing to worry about, Maya kisses Zig goodbye and Zig waves Maya off as she leaves in the car. Zig tries to face-time Maya but Jonah convinces her to focus on her meeting and ignore Zig for a day, so Maya texts Zig telling him she's going off-line.
Snapshot 3 (15-01-2016 4-45 PM)
At school, Maya happily approaches Zig and Zig is surprised she is back, Maya says she texted him a million times from the road, Zig tells her his screen is busted and his phone is in the shop, Maya says she thought he was mad at her because she turned her phone off and explains she had to focus on the meeting before but she's here now and shows him the song she write about them in New York, Zig tells Maya he loves the song and he loves her and he just doesn't want anything to come between them, Maya asks him what could, they kiss and hug as Zig looks at a heartbroken Zoë over Maya’s shoulder.
Snapshot 1 (16-01-2016 2-22 PM)

Zig saying he hates the idea of someone hurting Maya

In #TeamFollowBack, At school, In the gym Maya and Zig attend a feminist meeting, Maya shows Zig the hate messages she's been getting online, Zig asks what he can do and ironically remarks saying "I just can't stand the idea of someone hurting you", Maya gets more hate emails and says she has to put a stop to it before bailing.
Snapshot 2 (16-01-2016 2-29 PM)
At Maya's house, Maya is telling Zig he didn't have to ditch school just because she did but Zig disagrees and says of course he did, they sit on the sofa together, Zig puts his hand on Maya's leg, Zig tells her he'd do anything for her, Maya says this is so un-fair and she knows the threats are probably fake but there's just so many and admits she doesn't feel safe anymore, she only wrote one song to stand up for herself and now she feels so wrecked and she feels so bad about how wrecked she feels, Zig wishes he could get his hands on the losers ho are doing it, Maya starts to blame herself and Zig tells her she did nothing wrong, Maya says she's just upset she has to miss the assembly, Zig tells Maya she might bot have too and they can most likely stream it from here, Maya likes the idea and tells Zig he is the best before hugging him.
Snapshot 3 (16-01-2016 2-38 PM)

Maya and Zig hugging after their house was stormed by cops

Maya and Zig are live steaming their part for the assembly but get rudely interrupted by the police storming in and asking them to get down on the ground which they do, The police get word it's a prank call and to stand down, Zig and Maya get up off the ground and hug each other, the police inform them that they got a call from someone claiming to be Maya Matlin and they said they had shot someone and was holding them, hostage, Zig says it's called swatting. The policeman apologizes and says he'll post a police car outside and he'll help find who has done this too, Maya hugs Zig again and is happy the person who did this are long gone but the police guy informs them the call was made here in town.

In #SinceWeBeinHonest, in a classroom, Zig sneaks up on Maya and makes her jump, Zig apologies and then asks if they have heard anything from the cops, Grace says the call was made from a burner phone, Maya tells Zig he's the only reason she's gotten though this, Zig says he was only ding what any good boyfriend would do and shows her the tickets he's got to a concert, Maya is happy until she gets more hate texts, Maya says she's worried she'll be attacked for real this time, Zig says he wouldn't let that happen, Maya says that's sweet but he's not with her every minute of the day, Zig says at least I'm by your side now, Grace says she's taking Zig's seat next to Maya today, Zig says he's always Maya's partner, Grace sarcastic says yeah her loyal partner, Maya tells Zig not to worry and that she'll survive without him for a period, Maya hands him back the tickets to hold and Zig goes to sit in Grace's seat.

Zig tells Maya he lost his temper at Hunter but lies and says it was over a video game, Maya isn't happy he did because the messages haven't stopped and him being here is the only thing that made her feel safe, what if something happens at school, Zig says he's sorry but Maya says sorry you can't control your temper and bails.

At Maya's house, Maya and Zig enter Maya's room, Maya apologies, I know it's not your job to make me feel better you've been the perfect boyfriend, I've been such a mess, I haven't even been a decent girlfriend, Zig says you're not the bad guy here, I know who the trolls are, it's that nerd Hunter and his friends, I saw them and that's what the fight was about, Maya asks why he didn't tell her, never mind I have to tell my mum and distractedly walks out of the room to do that.
Snapshot 1 (17-01-2016 9-08 PM)

Maya breaks-up with Zig after learning he cheated on her with Zoë

Later, Maya comes back and says her mum on the phone to the cops, Zig and Maya sit on the bed, Maya thanks Zig and says he is her hero, Zig says he's not that special, Maya says are you kidding you're the best, I mean thanks to you we can finally get our lives back, we can go that concert, we can do other stuff, Maya puts her arm around Zig, I know I can't believe it's over either but it is, thanks to you, Zig tells her to stop saying that, Maya says what's wrong, Zig says there's something else he needs to tell her, Maya says he's scaring her, Zig holds her hands, Zig admits that him and Zoë fooled around, it was when you and Jonah were in New York, it was a stupid mistake and I hate myself for doing it, Maya pulls her hands away, Zig tells Maya to say something, Maya says I think you should go, Zig says they should probably talk about this, Maya says just go and Zig leaves, effectively ending their relationship.

In #SorryNotSorry, In the hallway, Zig asks Maya how the meeting went but she just walks away from him.

At the snowball, Zig approaches Maya and says she looked great up on stage singing her song, Maya asks if they are really ding this, are you really going to act like everything's normal, Zig says they need to talk, Maya says you cheated on me and then lied about it for weeks, Zig says he knows and he's so sorry, Frankie interrupts asking if they've seen Jonah but quickly notices the tension and bails, Zig says he thought that they were over, please don't let us be over, Maya asks why she should forgive him, Zig says he wishes he could take back the moment Zoë kissed him but, Maya asks if it was just a kiss, Zig says yeah basically, Maya agrees for them to talk but after the dance, Maya bails.

Later, Zig approaches Maya saying he was so worried, Maya says she can't talk now as she has to DJ, Zig says he'll help, Maya asks if he liked it, when you and Zoë fooled around, did you like it, Zig says he's sorry, Maya says so what, Zig realises saying sorry doesn't fix anything and walks away.

Season 2

In #SquadGoals, in class, Zig walks in and says hi to Maya and Grace but Maya doesn't answer, she watches in jealousy as he sits down and chats to Esme.

Maya prints something and then needs access to the printer to collect it but Zig is busy flirting with Esme in front of it, even so Maya interrupts them and expects them to move but when they don't she grabs the sheet off the printer and bails.

Maya is "stalking" Zig online and isn't happy to see a party pic of him with Esme, she attempts to get a closer look but she ends up liking it instead and now Zig will get a notification about it. Maya thinks everything leading back to Zig and her listening to the love song all night is a sign from the universe she should be with Zig but Grace reminds her the Zig she wrote that song abut is the same Zig who cheated on her and Maya thinks she thought she could ignore those feelings till they went away but she can't.
Snapshot 2 (1-06-2016 5-11 PM)

Maya and Zig kiss

In Maya's Room, Zig turns up at the window, Maya opens up the window and tells Zig hes lost his window privileges, Maya is crying and Zig asks whats wrong, Maya says she just screwed up her co-op placement and asks what he is doing here, Zig says Maya liked one of his pictures and Maya admits she was stalking him online because she was jealous when she saw him and Esme together which shes knows is totally pathetic but its hard because she still misses him, Zig tells Maya to look at him and then says that when he got the notification he was so happy, I mean the idea that you were thinking of me, there's no-one else, their couldn't be, I love you, Maya kisses Zig before pulling away to answer her phone, Maya happily tells Zig she still has a chance at the co-op position, Zig is happy for her, Maya says he has to leave now, as she has to work, Zig says he'll she her in school, Zig kisses Maya goodbye and Maya now looks unsure.
Snapshot 1 (1-06-2016 9-10 PM)

Zig thinks him and Maya are back together

In #TurntUp, Maya is talking to Grace and Tiny when Zig comes up behind Maya, Maya tells Zig she got her co-op and Zig hugs Maya, Tiny and Grace ask if they are back together? Zig puts his arm around Maya and kisses her on the check and also tells her he missed doing that i.e. kissing her. Maya gets out of his hold and tells Zig she wished he talked to her before he told everyone they are back together, Zig says we're not?, Maya says they should get together tonight to talk about it and Zig agrees to talk about it tonight.

Zig has organized a date for him and Maya at a restaurant but she sends a text saying she has to finish her work. Zig turns up at Maya's bedroom window and Maya lets him in, Zig says she should have called him instead of text him and says they were suppose to talk but Maya says she didn't want to go a restaurant, Zig says its her fault too as she went to New York with Jonah and you didn't even text me back, Maya can't believe he's blaming her for what happened, Zig says it takes 2 people to screw up a relationship and Maya agrees because he and Zoë did, Zig says he's trying to make things better and she won't even show up for dinner Zig steps on her work and breaks it, Zig tries to fix her work but Maya tells him he is only making things worse.

Out the front of the School, Zig gives Maya a copy of the work he broke and says hes sorry about last night, for what he said and breaking her project because he didn't mean it, Maya said it sounded like he meant it, Zig says he was just upset, they sit down on a bench, Zig says he thought they were going to work things out, Maya says that when they kissed she wanted it to feel the same and it did at first but then it didn't, Zig says he thought she loved him, Maya says she did, she loved him so much but then you cheated on me and now I don't know how I feel anymore, Zig says he'll do anything, just let me fix this, Maya says its too hard and shes not ready, Zig asks if she ever will be?, Maya says that anything is possible and Maya tells Zig she has to get to class, Maya bails.

In #BuyMePizza, in the hallway, Zig approaches Maya and Grace to compliment Grace but its awkward.

In #ToMyFutureSelf, at Maya's gig, Zig arrives and is upset he missed their gig, Maya is surprised Zig is here and Grace admits she invited him, Zig wants them to all hang but Maya doesn't want too, Zig says he's trying here, why is she being like this? Peter interrupts them, Zig says when Maya told him anything was possible, she meant her and Peter, not her and him, Peter offers to leave but Maya asks Zig to leave instead, Zig asks why they can't be friends? Maya says she doesn't want to be friends with him because all she can think about is Zoë's hands all over him when they were still together, Grace asks Maya to chill, Maya asks why she should chill when he's the one who messed up, why do I have to be the one to put on a smile and say everything's okay and be friends already, that is so not fair.

In the corridor, Maya finds Zig reading out some of her tweets to randoms, Maya isn't happy and asks Zig why he's being a jerk?, Zig says it takes one to know one and walks away from Maya.

In #OMFG, the two board the fan bus to the volleyball finals. 

Season 3

In #IWokeUpLikeThis, Zig asks Maya if he makes crappy decisions. Maya asks if he's talking about Esme. He says summer was great, and Maya says that sounds nice. He says once they got back to school everyone started weighing in on his relationship and Maya asks why he cares what his friends say. Zig says they aren't wrong and tells her that Esme is messed up. Maya says who isn't and to not let other people stop him from being happy. Zig thanks her.

Snapshot 8 (16-01-2017 9-24 PM)

Maya kisses Zig

In #IRegretNothing, in the hallway, Zig sees Maya drop her books and asks if she's okay, Maya says she's fine and attempts to walk away but Zig stops her. Maya admits that Grace hates her and she doesn't blame her, before they sit down on a bench. Maya admits she's been a crappy friend and that she keeps failing everyone and doesn’t know what to do. Zig says everyone gets sad some times, Maya says this isn't sometimes this is all the time and she doesn't feel sad, she feels numb. Zig tickles Maya and makes her laugh, Zig says you felt that so your not completely helpless, just saying. Maya says she misses him, Zig says he's right here, Maya says the way they were, and wishes they could have a do-over. Zig tells her she would need to invent a time machine, at this, Maya kisses Zig. Zig asks what she is doing as he has a girlfriend, Esme has seen this and Maya says sorry and Esme asks if she looks like the forgiving type, Maya bails. Later, Zig walks right past Maya with Esme ignoring her. Maya thinks about deleting Zig's number from her phone.

In #Woke, at The Dot, Maya sees Zig with Esme playing cards. Maya tells Esme to "take care of Zig for her" and Esme says ok, not thinking anything of it. Maya takes one last look at Zig before bailing.

In #ImSleep, in the hallway, Maya approaches Zig asking if he has seen Grace, Zig says no and admits Esme is going to be there any second and he can't be seen talking to her after last time, Maya apologizes, Maya see's Esme arrive and Maya hides. At the play, Maya arrives and realizes Esme and Zig are in her seat. On the school roof, Esme and Zig find Maya is OD and start freaking out, Zig calls 911. Zig and Esme are waiting in the waiting for news on Maya. Zig says he told Maya to leave him alone today, Zig and Esme are happy Maya is going to make it.

Season 4

In #BackToReality, Zig is one of the first people to approach Maya as she returns to school. Later, in art class, Zig partners up with Maya when she is left with no one to work with. She paints a shirtless Zig which lands the two in detention, but she does not attend detention because she has to talk to Ms. Grell. Zig defends Maya to Esme, and after Zig and Esme resolve their problems, Esme reveals that Saad opened the door to the roof for Maya. 

IMG 0028-0

Zig takes a stoned Maya back to her tent

In #Fire, Zig finds Maya stoned and eating bread after she regrettably ate Esme's weed brownies. Back in her tent, after Maya sings her song to Zig, he is seen with tears in his eyes. Zig admits to Maya that he was really frightened when she attempted suicide, adding that it felt as if the world was going to end. With the help of Zig, Maya realizes that her health should be her priority and relieves the amount of stress she had put on herself to create music. Zig hands Maya her guitar case after it almost falls out of the car and tells her that he is glad that she is feeling better.

In #Obsessed, Maya and Zig wake up cuddled together after studying together. After testing, Maya asks Zig to prom. Later, after getting ready for prom, she tells him that she had always pictured them together at prom. They get in a couple dances before Esme shows up.

IMG 0027

Maya advises Zig to get Esme help

In #KThxBye, Maya helps Zig up after he was pushed down the cliff during prom. Maya urges Zig to get help for Esme, but he is afraid to tell Maya that Esme has not been the same after they found her. On graduation day, Esme breaks down and tries to get Zig to leave with her. Despite Zig's wishes, Maya goes against his wishes and asks for help for Esme from Ms. Grell. Zig is ultimately relieved and thankful that she did it. At the post-graduation party, Zig offers to give Maya a ride to SoCal Arts. In the flash forward, they are seen spending time together.



  • Zig: "If you could save a life would you?"
    Maya: "Um, I think you have me confused with someone else"
    Zig: "Just pretend you're my girlfriend."
    Maya: "What?"
    Zig: "I'll explain in a minute."
    Maya: "Okay... I called you like ten times last night! You were with Bethany, weren't you? You scoundrel!"
  • Zig: "I'm Zig Novak."
    Maya: "Hi. Oh, I'm Maya... Matlin."
  • Zig: "I guess I didn't want to start high school with a girlfriend. I wanted to keep my options opened in case I met someone cool."
    Maya: "Well, that's good. That's really good."
  • Zig: "I've seen the talents at these things. Somersault, baton twirling... you'll slay those other girls."
  • Zig: "Look if the judges don't pick you, then they're dumb."
    Maya: "What part of falling on my ass did you miss?"
    Zig: "I mean it. You're the best, Maya."
    Maya: "Aw. I wish Cam felt that way."
    Zig: "Well if he doesn't then he's an idiot and you deserve better."
    Maya: "Too bad you're off the market."
  • Maya (to Tori): "I want a guy like Zig."
  • Zig: "Could it be? Miss Maya Matlin, Miss Millennia Canada finalist? I left my autograph book at home!"
  • Maya: "I'm gonna sing a song I wrote. Mo says I'm not sexy enough to pull it off but-"
    Zig: "You are."
  • Zig: "After exams and The Battle of the Bands, I'm gonna break up with Tori. You told me to be nice to Tori and it's not nice to be with her when I like you."
    Maya: "Zig, you can't do that to her."
    Zig: "I can't lie anymore."
  • Zig (To Maya): "You're a mean drunk."
  • Zig: "Maya, saying no to you was the hardest thing ever because... I really like you. I only want us when it's what you want to."
    Maya: "And I don't know when that will be."
    Zig: "I know... so I'll wait"   
  • Maya: "Full name?"
    Zig: "Brutus."
    Maya: "Zig Novak..."
    Zig: "Um, actually Maya that isn't what I said. This assignment is all about listening, you know?"
    Maya: "Fine. Brutus. What employable skills do you have?"
    Zig: "Stabbing people in the back."
  • Maya: "Why are you here? In the Rubber Room?"
    Zig: "Isn't it obvious? Stabbing is hard work. I've got carpal tunnel. Roman health care doesn't cover that."
    Maya: "Come on, Zig. Just work with me, okay? We can show Ms. Grell that we don't belong here."
    Zig: "Well, I'm never getting out of here. Or else the Romans will get me."
  • Zig: "Nice nose ring."
  • Maya: "I don't care about my laptop. I care about you."
  • Maya: "So what do you say? Housemates?"
    Zig: *smiles* "You better not hog the bathroom."
  • Zig: "Do you remember when I told you I'd wait for you?"
    Maya: "Of course."
    Zig: "I shouldn't have said that. I should have just kissed you."
  • Zig (To Miles about Maya): "I do care about her. A lot."
  • Zig: ( to Maya) "Believe it or not, it is possible to get over Maya Matlin"
  • Maya: "I need my best friend right now."
    Zig: "Since when am I your best friend?"
    Maya:" I don't know, but think about it, aren't I yours too?"
    Zig: "Yeah, I guess so."
  • Maya: "So you don't think I'm a total basket case?"
    Zig: "Well...I mean your definitely insane. But you mean well."
    Maya: "Thanks."
  • Maya: "I'm so anxious I haven't slept in days."
    Zig: "Well, uh, I could sing you a lullaby. oh, I'll do it. Don't think I won't. Twinkle, twinkle , little star, how I wonder where you are."
    Maya:"Okay! Thank you. Now I'm gonna have nightmares about that."
    Zig: "Well then my job here is done. But seriously Maya, you need help."
  • Zig."You know what...thank you."
    Maya: "For what?"
    Zig: "I don't know...everything! Housing me, keeping me out of trouble, not giving up on me..."
    Maya: "Never gonna happen.
    Zig: "I wish Tiny had a Maya. He'd have to get his own know what I mean."
    Maya." Yeah well, he has you, and you're not so bad..."
  • Maya: "Except what if I can't do that?"
    Zig: "What, what do you mean?"
    Maya: "I don't know, Zig. I think I might love you."
    Zig: "Damn it, Maya, that sucks.
    Maya: "Wait, why?"
    Zig: "Because I might love you too."
  • Zig (about Maya): "I don't want other fish! When I'm with Maya, other girls are just that, other girls. None of them are her; how don't you get that?!"
  • Zig: "Did you stop loving me?"
    Maya: "Of course I love you."


  • They both had crushes on each other at different times, Maya in season 11.5 and Zig in season 12.
  • They were both members of WhisperHug.
  • They both play guitar.
  • Zig was the first person Maya befriended freshman year.
  • Zig's first line was spoken to Maya. ("If you could save a life, would you?"). This makes one of five different guys to say their first line to her (the other four being Campbell Saunders, Miles Hollingsworth, Winston Chu, and Harry). Ironically, four of the five guys have shown a romantic interest in her. 
  • They are both friends with Adam Torres (before his death), Mo Mashkour, and Imogen Moreno.
  • Zig had a conflict with Maya's late boyfriendCampbell Saunders. Maya also had a conflict with Zig's ex-girlfriendTori Santamaria, though the two became friends.
  • Zig was the last one to see and talk to Maya's boyfriend Campbell Saunders before he killed himself.
  • Both of them share the line "I hate you". Maya stated it to her mother in Summertime and #Woke, and Zig said it to Maya in Better Man.
  • They kissed while Zig was dating Tori Santamaria, Maya's best friend.
  • They were seen in the Season 12 opening credits together.
  • Zig encouraged Maya to do the pageant.
  • They both were in the Class of 2016.
  • They were former Rubber Room classmates.
  • Maya was the first one to know Zig was homeless.
  • Maya was the one who offered Zig, Katie's old room.
  • They lived together in Maya's house starting in What It's Like.
  • Maya often worries about Zig being in danger because of the gang.
  • Zig so far had a conflict with both Campbell Saunders and Miles Hollingsworth III while Maya was dating them.
  • Zig has liked Maya since the end of their freshman year.
  • Zig started liking Maya in Doll Parts (1), during the pageant.
  • All of Zig's love triangles have involved Maya.
  • They have been in four love triangles together.
  • They've kissed in Doll Parts (2), twice in You Are Not Alone, and once in Enjoy the Silence, and multiple other times throughout their romantic relationship.
  • Zig and Miles got into a fight over Maya in Sparks Will Fly (2), but only Zig stayed friends with her.
  • They both have referred to the other as their "sloppy seconds", while drunk.
  • As of the end of season 13, Maya thinks Zig has escaped the gang, but little does she know Vince has forced Zig back into drug dealing.
  • As of Thunderstruck, they are each other's best friend.
  • Ricardo Hoyos favours this couple.
  • Richard Walters favours this couple.
  • In Champagne Supernova, it was suggested by Miles that Zig is still chasing after Maya. Miles asked Zig, "If he could would he be with Maya?" Zig gave a vague answer saying, "Maya does not want me to be her boyfriend."
  • They both made their first appearances in Underneath It All (1).
  • They were both members of the French Club.
  • They confessed that they love each other.
  • As of I Want To Be Adored, Zig no longer lives with Maya.
  • They lost their virginities to each other while on 'Molly' in Teen Age Riot.
  • They share similarities with Eli and Clare as both couples had a knife held against them while together.
  • Zig cheated on Maya by having sex with Zoë in #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin.
  • Maya is the second girlfriend that he cheated on, the first girlfriend that he cheated on was Tori with Maya.
  • Maya found out Zig cheated in #SinceWeBeinHonest.
  • Zig helped Esme Song save Maya's life when she tried to kill herself in #ImSleep.
  • Maya is the second person that Zig has saved from successfully killing themselves. Zoë Rivas is the first.
  • Both have been nicknamed grasshopper. Zig was called this by Tiny and Maya was called this by Miles.
  • Both Zig's first and last lines were said to Maya.
    • Maya’s last line was said to Zig (“Life isn’t a race, you taught me that”).
  • They both appeared in over 100 episodes: Zig (105) and Maya (135).
  • They are tied with Drianca for having the most rival relationships out of all the couples in the Degrassi Franchise.

Rival Relationships