The conflict between Zig Novak and Vince Bell began in season 14, when Zig began multiple attempts to leave and avoid Vince's gang. However, Vince still enforced the consequences of trying to get out, and Zig was given drugs to sell anyway.

Conflict History 

Season 13

Sometime in season 13, Zig and his friend Tiny joined Vince's gang.

In Believe (1), first it was shown that repeatedly Vince had been trying to contact Zig Novak by texting him on his cellphone. This was discovered when the phone said the caller was named Vince. Finally, he meets up with Zig Novak at the school. They go behind a bus so no one hears their conversation. Vince briefly mentions Maya, who he just saw Zig speaking with, pointing out that she seemed like a nice girl. Zig told him they were just friends. Then, Vince asked Zig where he had been lately, and he told Vince that he had been very busy with school, family, friends and his new job. Vince tells Zig that he has a "job" for him to do and gives Zig a bag of drugs. Zig tried to politely refuse the job by telling Vince that he can't do it anymore and that he is retired. Vince mockingly smiles to him and tells him that he can't retire and if wanted to retire he should have gone away to some place, such as Florida. Zig then asked him what would happen if he refused to do the job, and and Vince told him that he would know very well what the consequences would be if doesn't do what he is asked to do.

Season 14

In I Wanna Be Adored, Vince agrees to let Zig stay with him and Tiny at their house. Vince, Zig, and Tiny stay up that night drinking and playing video games, making Zig late to his rehearsal. Vince and Tiny want to go out for dinner the next night, but Zig says he has to stay in and work on the musical. He performs for Vince, and Vince respects his decision. One of Vince's friends bangs on the door pretending to be the police, but he was really coming in to work on a drug shipment with Vince and Tiny.

In Teen Age Riot, Vince gives Zig condoms. He and Tiny leave the house so that Zig can have some alone time with Maya. However, Vince shows up to the house with drugs and a group of people. Vince introduces himself to Maya and gives her a hug. He offers Zig and Maya molly, and Maya seems to want to take the drug, so Zig reluctantly goes along with it. Later, Zig is angry with Vince and yells at him. Vince tells him there are other fish in the sea, but Zig says that he only wants Maya. Vince tells Zig that he needs to fight for Maya, and offers to give him a ride to her house, though they have to make a stop before. Zig waits in the car and talks to Maya, but two gunshots are heard, and Vince and Tiny come running to the car. Zig drives the car away as the getaway driver.